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Found 20 results

  1. .can the temp control on an lp 60 be repaired as mine has **** itself,or is it a bin job ????
  2. So wondering would there be any issues with having a tank 4x15x15 with 9-10 elec blue breeders sitting at 30 degrees same with our yellow tank same size and approx same amount of fish. We run 3x sponge filters in each tank and they seem fine swimming happily but just wondering if it will do them any harm as we are having issues with our heater and need to re calibrate and can't figure out how with the stupid instructions so until we can get to AOA then it is sitting at 30. Thanks for the help Karen
  3. How cold do ppl let their fronnys get to?
  4. hi all i came home yesterday to find the temp in my 60lt tank higher due to the hot weather we are having and its not summer yet, what can i do to keep it down to the right temp,ive only got endlers and 2 corys in the tank thanks mick
  5. Can anyone recommend a temp controller for my discus tank, I recently realised both my heaters and my old thermometer were off by about 3-4 degrees causing an outbreak of hex. Im looking for one that can control the heaters and if possible monitor ph levels. A brief description of the current tank setup that I need this for is a 2 foot cube display tank with a 70 ltr sump (280 Ltr), drip water changer, 2 x 150 watt aqua one heaters, aqua one 3600 ltr p/h sump pump, bio balls, jap map, sponge, ceramic rings. I also run a Kamoer KSP-F03 dosing pump that feeds excel, prime and flourish. Tank is also fully planted with heaps of wood. As you can see I dont mind spending the money for relatively good quality, but would prefer limit the spending. Options would be great and something local if possible. Cheers
  6. Just wondering what's the lowest temperature can fancy guppies tolerate??
  7. Hi All, My tanks are meant to be at about 24 to 27 degrees, but with all this heat they are up at and just over 30 degrees. Is this normal for tanks during summer? Will it cause issues for my fish? I turned the heaters off to make sure that they're not faulty and over heating the tanks but it is still staying high. I don't have lights on 2 tanks and haven't been turning the other tank lights on where possible to try to stop any more over heating but that is not helping much either. What do i do... Also in a few of my newer tanks, more so in the ones that have live plants, I am getting cloudy gooey stuff on airline tubing and everything else that is rubbery. Is it a new tank thing? Most of my tanks are a little less then a few months post cycled, but i know it takes a lot longer to be free of the New Tank Syndrome. Is it dangerous to my fish? I have also noticed that i have some very tiny snails that must of hitched a ride in on the latest plant additions to the tanks. But could something so tiny be causing or making this worse, i'm pretty sure the gooey stuff was around before the snails. especially on the airline tubing in particular, but now its spreading and becoming quite thicker and more noticeable, even in the tanks that have no plants and no snails. It's hard to know the exact cause when all my tanks that have it are set up and maintained differently depending on the needs of the fish and plants. I have been trying to get rid of it by rubbing it off the surfaces then vacuuming out as much as i can when doing my now more frequent water changes, but within a day or two its back. What the hell is it and how do i stop it from happening, permanently if thats even possible. Is anyone else having this problem PLEASE HELP.... IT IS GROSS!!!! All and Any advice welcome Nic
  8. Hey Guys, I have my L066's in a tank with heaps of filtration and a water temp of 28. Is 28 too high? PH is 7.2 Wulf
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking for some help !! I've just set up a 6 foot tank, I've put in 60kgs of crushed coral I've aged the water got a big bloody external filter. I'm hoping to put in some cichlids this weekend but I need to know what temperature to run my tank at as well as what ph they like. Any help you can offer is appreciated !!! Thank you in advance.
  10. I run my tanks at 25°c and as the weather has cooled I have noticed the heaters on more and more. I would like to know whether anyone lowers their tank temp over winter to save on power usage? Would lowering the temp on my tanks to 22-23°c have any real adverse affects on my fish?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi, as the title suggests, has anyone used a Digital InfraRed Thermometer for testing temps of their tanks? If you have, did it seem to be accurate? This seems like an easy way to check temp of a lot of tanks without having to have lots of little thermometers. Ta for any assistance Bruce
  13. I am just about to do some changing around of tanks and need to store my plants out of a tank for a week. Is it best If i get a large container and put them out in the open to get some sun, submersed of course. Help on this is sorta urgent as I have pulled them out of the tank today and need to sort it out as I dont want to lose them all.
  14. Hey Guys, In the process of setting up my 6ft marine tank. I have not had a chance to buy a chiller yet. Just wondering if live rock needs to be kept below a certain temp in order to survive? The water wont be reaching over 30c. Cheers, Trent
  15. just wondering water temp for b/n tank 3ftr shane.
  16. Hey, One of my small clown loaches has developed white spot due to some stress recently (long story). I have decided to try the high temp and salt method to cure it. 24/07/09.Day 1: Raise temperature to 29-30 deg (had to put extra little heater in), add 20 teaspoons of salt (bout 10g per teaspoon~200g). 25/07/09.Day 2: Add more salt (500g) To bring the tank to the recommended 2g per L (400L tank) total of 700g now Fish seem to be handling the salt fine an are as active as normal, white spot seems to be fading a bit on the clown loach, still no other fish infected
  17. hey was just wondering whats the hottest safest temp that a marine tank can get to all thats in the system is fish and live rock its also a 6 by 2 by 2 tank with a 3 by 18 by 18 sump and was going to go out in my fish room (africans) which the hottest air temp that i have seen in there so far is 27 thanks dean
  18. I need to silicon a fake rock into place (i hate the fact that the fish hide behind it) ... Problem: It has a heap of juv fish in it ... Where can i put them for a few days while the silicon cures? Will a big tubby thing from bunnings with an internal filter work? How long will it take the silicon to cure and be safe to fill with water? I will use the same filters (uncleaned) and the same substrate, and alot of the same water too ... Thanks in advance Hamza
  19. Hello all, I've got an e yellow, tangerine peacock and blue dolphin in with small pleco, b/nose and albino cat fish. My question is what would be the perfect temp to keep my tank at, at the moment it sits on 27 night and 28 day. Is this normal and ok? Cheers Terae
  20. hi i just wanted to no what sort of water temp electric yellow's should have for breeding....cheers mark
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