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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, just wondering what temperature does a South American flower horn Cichlid like?
  2. Hi The temperature in my tank changes by 2 degrees from morning to the afternoon I have two aquaone heaters 200 watt each in there, are they all like that I was going to buy eheim heaters but my local fish shop told me not too he had a lot of returns lately I don't know if it was true or not but not too happy with what I got is there a better brand that I could buy to be more accurate. Thanks .
  3. what temperature should my tank be using the dry start method? right now its 28c
  4. Hey guys, Was hoping someone could shed some light on a problem I'm having. Before I hit the sack last night, I saw all my heated tanks sitting at 30. I thought this was a bit odd, so I moved the thermometers to one tank to make sure. All showed around 30. The ambient temperature was 24. Heaters are set to 26-27. I uncovered 50% of the lids/top of my tank overnight. I woke up this morning to find that they still were at 30 degrees. I performed a quick water change before I had to leave for work, dropping my tank temp to 29. How can my tanks be defying physics and maintaining a constant temp of 30 first thing in the morning, with the only heat source set to 26-27?
  5. Just wondering what types of temperature monitors everyone uses and which works best for them?
  6. After reading many many threads about heaters failing and people loosing expensive fish we got in some of the Lifegard Aquatics Temperature Alert. The units can be set with not only a low temperature but also high temperature alarm to help stop your fish freezing or frying with excessive temperatures. In summer time you will soon know when your tanks get too high and in winter is your heater is up to the task as we mainly check temperatures through the day but that is not when it is the coldest - do you check your temp just prior to the sun rising when it is the coolest time of day? Is your heater up to keeping the temperature your fish require? Should your heater fail it will give you the indication by an audible alarm or by the unit flashing if your heater looses heat or starts cooking. It is a relatively cheap option compared to replacing fish and recycling your tank It has a large 7.5 X 6cm display and the unit itself is 10cm x 10cm. Lifegard Aquatics Large Display Temp Alert for Aquariums, Reptiles and Greenhouses
  7. Whilst wondering how important it is to get the water change water the same temperature the tank after an accident spraying water everywhere in the laundry.. (For straight cold water I can just clip it to the tap, hot I can't) So I dug up some uni work and made an equation to calculate the final temperate after water change. From a quick read I found that less than 0.5 degree change is alright (correct me if I'm wrong) I just thought i'd share it in case anybody is interested or ever wondered how much of an effect.
  8. Who has some thoughts or tips on this? Obviously we need to heat tanks with cichlids if they are going to drop to a temperature that will kill our fish. But understanding the ecosystem the fish comes from, and knowing the temps it can live safely between..... can help you save on your heating. That saving on powerbills combined with not risking livestock, are 2 good reasons to look at temperature a bit closer. Fish from the ocean and large lakes are usually not fans of sudden temp change, as they come from very stable environments. Through out the year wild fish are exposed to a cycle of seasonal temp change. Some times its very subtle, sometimes drastic like killies. Knowing what fish experience through the year is also handy in triggering spawns. Slowly raising the temp with fish like goldfish can often trigger them to spawn. Goldfish usually spawn as the weather gets warmer. But fish from warmer climates often spawn in the cooler rainy season. Theres also the question of fish growth. Fry grow slower in cold water. Fish have less appetite and are more prone to digestion problems. On the other hand lower temps often reduce cichlid aggression, at the cost of also reducing breeding attempts. If all your fish are from the same area this is effective. If they are not, then its usually best to compromise on a temp all are happy with, then try to keep it stable. Any input on this subject is appreciated as it all helps us put together a better idea on cichlid temps. How highs everyone running their tanks? My malawi tank is running at 25degC, trying to get some good growth on the smaller fish in there.
  9. Just wondering if anyone else has purchased one of these or if you have something similar. Got this one from Hong Kong to run a heater and a chiller. eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d
  10. What is the minimum recommended temperature for keeping guppies?
  11. I know we are coming into winter and this is not really an issue at the moment, but during the summer months the temp of my water can rise well into the 30's. I was putting frozen bottles of water in my tank to keep it as cool as possible (not sure if that was the right thing to do) but does anyone else have a better way of dealing with this problem??
  12. Well due to a Stupid :hothead: :hothead: Mother :hothead: :hothead: Heater I have just lost 20+ B/N fry 4-6 cm and a nice jouvi male and a new trio Of Albino's So I wanted to know is there anything anyone has/or knows of that is a type of Alarm to tell you that your tank is over heating?? I have heard a few stories of peoples heaters not switching off but never thought that it would happen to me because i reg check all tanks and temps usually twice a day and I also do a monthly check with amp reading and wire check (a good once over) so I was majorly peaved and upset to see my babies bobing along the bottom of my tank and even more so seeing my new trio of albino's lifeless.. So if anyone knows of something please let me know because i never want to loose so many beautiful fish again. Regards johno
  13. Hi All, Bought my first heater a month or so ago, never really needed one up here in Nth QLD but i bought one to assist with treating a whitespot outbreak. (successfully) Now ive got, im gonna use it. My question is, what is the prefered temp for a American community tank ? and should i have seperate summer temps and winter temps? Thanks Brendan
  14. hi, was just wondering if the texas cichlid arnd 18-20 cm can handle 17-22c temperature, i got a cold water tank with other native aussie fish and cichild that i want to try put him in, only in the morning its around 17-19c than after 3-4hourds it warms up, was just wondering if it can handle the temperature, i know it might be winter but my tank has survived thru last winter without a heater, also how many tapajos should i get, this will be in my geo tank, currently i have 9 rio brancos (3-4cm) and am planing to get some tapajos tomoro, their 4-5cm big, can you tell the differnece between the sexes? my rio brancos had a mouth locking comp last night, now one leads the group, out of the 9, 4 had mouth lock fight, so hoperfully the rest are females thanks
  15. hey guys.. I am considering taking the heater out of my 2ft tank that contains pepps and o/spots, as i need it for another tank.. the tank is insidethe house,not out in a garage.. so my questions are.. 1. will they be ok without a heater? 2. how many of u dont use one with bristlnose?
  16. hi steven here can anyone tell me the ideal temperature for discus when breeding
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