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Found 32 results

  1. I remember someone on here asking where to buy these and thought I'd share the ones I just picked up (3 off). The place I got them from has a few left if anyone wants to PM me. I'll tell whoever asks first. They're beautiful fish full of character and not afraid to boss around the other occupants of the tanks. I can't wait until they mature and colour up. FYI I've read everything on the net about the true festae and I'm 99% certain these are the real deal! Hope everyone agrees!
  2. I plan to get some in the near future. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good blood lines in Australia?
  3. Hey guys just after some advice. Im wanting to put two red terrors in my 4ft tank they will be in there by themselves will they be right in there so awhile? Everything ive read on them is saying how aggressive they are etc..? They will only be 5-6cms when I first get them. any advice would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Hi All, I've just found this site and am new to keeping fish. I have a Green terror about 12cm long by himself in the tank at the moment but I am looking at getting him a tank mate. I was looking for some suggestions on some suitable mates for him? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, After a bit of expertise here! I bought 2 small Green terrors from Livefish. One of them has been going great and holds his own well, the other one has been sulking about and not eating well. I have noticed he has red patches on his gill plates which from my research seems to indicate a bacterial infection. Couple of pics below. I have just moved him into another tank where he wont get picked on, but should I put him in a hospital tank and dose him with something? What products are good for this kind of thing? Is it just maybe stress or is something wrong? Any help greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has past experience in breeding GTs and how long it takes them to go from an egg to been coloured up and saleable? Thanks
  7. Hi All, I have about 1.5 month green terror fry. About 5 - 10 are dying each day. Some will flip rapidly around the tank (flip upside down, flash around the tank etc) and then sink head first and flap around for a bit. Some seem to lean aimlessly to one side before dying. I have started to notice their little gills seem wide open after they have died. I have treated with Tetra Parasite Guard twice. Ammonia, Nitrites etc are zero. Any thoughts? Thanks Tejay
  8. can anybody tell me the main differences between these 2 fish in terms of size and temperament?
  9. Hey guys i live on the Gold Coast looking for a Female Festae about 8-12cm for my male. willing to travel to Brisbane if need be.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. my terror is acting different lately she stays high in my 6 ft tank near the bubbler from my pump and when shes not there she is laying under a rock not moving i have a community tank with 12 random american cichlids she is female and i do have a male in the tank she is around 13cm and the male is around 12 cm thanks
  12. Hi. This is my first post as a new member . I've had fish tanks for years housing goldfish or small tropicals, but I recently purchased a 92 US gallon tank with a green terror and a clown loach in there. The terror is about 6inches and I believe it requires 55 US gsllons. The loach is about 4inches (I don't know what its requirements are yet (although I will find out). I would like to add another fish (maybe 2-3 smaller ones) What can I add (if any) Cheers Di
  13. A few new pics of my terror with attitude.
  14. Hi all, I am wanting to get a mate for my GT but would like to know if the one I have now is male or female. He/she is approximately 14cm now and appeRs to be forming a slight hump. Anyhow please look at the images (sorry, only iphone images) below and let me know your thoughts. Cheers!
  15. Hello everyone! im new to cichlid's and fairly new to fish. my girlfriend has experience in fish and is teaching me the basics. I have 2 Green Terror (Gold Saum) Rivulatus 1 male 1 female what i want to know is: 1. What is the best food for green terrors? 2. Getting them to breed is it hard? 3. Raising the fry is it hard? what do i do when the time comes? 4. My male keeps chasing the female and kind of attacking her is this normal? 5. What are the best Tankmates for them? and i thank you in advance for your help with my new GT's ! Will post pics in a day or 2 Sean
  16. this is a pic of my stunning green terror have had him since he was a little baby so he would be hitting around two years now and him and hisgirl breed for me all the time hence the water quality in the pic as there is lots of fry.
  17. heyhey everyone does anyone know about red terrors like size etc need help
  18. hi was looking to purchase some festae. i'm on the goldcoast but will travel say 100km to collect. would like to breed them so i guess if i got pair that would be great otherwise i don't mind buying 10-15 little ones and grow them up. would also like some blue rams. if you know anyone or you have some let me know. text me on 0405666548
  19. Hey guys I just got me some nice fat little Gold Saum juvies. Biggest is maybe 7/8cm head to tail. Is it too early to get an idea of the sex of these?? They all have rounded dorsal fins, all have a slight orange edging, a couple have extra blue freckling on gill plates (which doesnt show up on photos) Iv only had them a few days so not expecting much colour from them yet. heres a couple of them. Whatya all think??
  20. hey what would be better for a 3 foot tank, a pair of green terrors or a pair of firemouths cause i just want to have a pair of americans with a tank on there own and i cant decide what one to get so im going by what would fit better in a 3ft and which babies i can sell if they breed thanks alot need help oh and i have aficans for sale if any one is interesred male blue peacock and 4 female little females call or text me Riley: 0415971843
  21. Hey guys Aequidens Rivulatus Aequidens sp 'goldsaum' Aequidens sp 'silversaum' Which one of the above is commonly referred to as "Green Terror"? (or are they all?? I hate common names!!) Thanks.
  22. wondering if someone could maybe help me with a question. i got some GT's a while ago and when i got them they had this stunning fluro orange around there fins. but now they are white. I thought that orange fins were a different breed to white finned ones. so how did mine change colour am i missing something here. please help leeroy and rosie
  23. hi all i just have a question my gts have layed eggs and fry has hached in my community tank and i wish to take them out. What would be the best time to do so now or when they are free swinin, as they only hached on saterday (17-7-2010) info would be great thanks john
  24. Ok, so my male terror has gotten a bit jiggy with my female blue acara. There is about 100 fry swimming at the moment they started swimming yesterday morning. How long before I can move them into another tank. They are in a community tank at the moment. Also do I have to move the male and the female or can I leave them in the community tank. I didnt plan for this to happen, but I think they will be a pretty cool looking fish. Is there a way to get them to stop breeding with out getting rid either of them? Thanks.
  25. !!!read green terror experts topic first!!! OK.. what do you reckon about moving the parents and the eggs while they are on the driftwood in to my other 100lt tank that is empty if i syphon the water from the tank that they are in now to the other one then move the two across, or should i try to move the rest of my fish into the 100lt tank(about8 fish and shrimp too) or should i wait till they are free swimming and move them over? i just dont want to stress them out any more then they already are from the matting process? ANY ideas or tips or help would be much appreciated.. cheers willy
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