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Found 51 results

  1. All the best toys go to Marine. The test kits are cool, and also damn expensive. Can you get replacement chemicals for test kits. I believe my tests kits are too old, and not giving true readings. I just want chems for Redsea as I have all the cool toys that come in the box. Thanks, Steve
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  3. Been cycling my aquarium, and have been able to get the nitrite etc to 0 but the nitrate is really high, when I test it using the Red Sea kit it goes bright pink 50+ but when I do the 1ml to 4ml Ro test comes out about 5 and when you times it by 5 = 25. I have invertebrates etc in the tank and they are fine. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the Red Sea nitrate/nitrite kits, think I might grab a different brand today and see if it makes a difference. Sent from my iPad
  4. Sera is one of the most trusted brands and we have all of their products on special. Don't miss out and you may need to be quick at these prices. 10% Off plus 10% member discount = time to buy and load up !! Here is the link shopping starts now..... http://www.thetechden.com.au/10_OFF_SERA_SPECIALS_s/2117.htm
  5. Can anyone recommend a decent nitrate test kit? I have been using API, I'm on to my third nitrate kit and they all seem to stop working after a short period of time (maybe 3-6months?). I go from a steady 10-20ppm to 40-80 and no matter how many water changes I do, the result stays the same. Thanks in advance!
  6. wet dry sumped 8x2x2 african display tank. after around 5-6 months of doing no water changes, no gravel vaccing and only topping up evaporated water....
  7. It seems a lot of people don't own a test kit, I cant imagine not knowing whats going on with my water parameters. Unless I see a problem, I usually only test my nitrates every so often to make sure my water change routine is up to scratch. However, I still like to have the rest on standby. So, to the people who don't use them... How did you decide how much water to change? How do you know if your bio media is holding up to the amount of stock you have, especially if your fish are growing or your frequently rotating/adding new stock/having fry?
  8. Bought an Aquasonic Ammonia Testing Kit - comes with an acrylic cylinder of 30+ ml capacity with a push on cap. [see attached photo for comparison] But one only has to use a mere 5ml of tank water to complete the testing. So I have a large container with a small amount of coloured water in the very bottom. So how do I read the test results against the colour chart? Do I remove the cap and look downwards through the container, as you do in the Aquasonic pH test? OR do I look "sideways" through the container holding the test container against the white strip just above the colour squares? I see the API kit comes with test tubes which makes it easy to read holding against the colour chart. But the Aquasonic is a lot larger container and there is a difference in colour depth depending on which view is applicable.
  9. These are my test results ph - 8.4,nitrite 0, amonnia 0, nitrate 40 or 80, they are like this all the time, what does everyone think & it`s bore water.
  10. .I just replaced an old one and this kit useless the reading's are all 0! frustrating!
  11. Hey all To everyone that has helped me. I thank you. So my father went down to the LFS today for me (as I was on a date) and took a water sample for me. So here's the results. Ammonia- 0.12-0.25 Nitrate3 - .0 Nitrite2 - .0 PH- 6.6 From allboutthebass
  12. Hi All. Great Deal of the Day Today - Age of Aquariums - API Freshwater Master Test Kit Ben
  13. I have a 3ft cycled tank running off 2 air driven sponge filters. I added a brand new, uncycled/unseeded canister filter 2 weeks ago. How will I know when the canister has cycled enough to remove the sponge filters from the tank (and use elsewhere)? Thanks
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. So I was at AOA the other day & the I was talking to Ben about test kits & how most of them aren't designed for the low levels that we in the shrimp hobby have to keep our water partameters at, I mentioned that there's noting out there that does low range of calcium or in particular nitrates & without even flinching he said "Salifert does!". I was a bit apprehensive at first & asked if it will do as low as 5ppm(most test kits only go down to 10ppm) & he told me it would go as low as 0.2ppm, gob smacked I said I'll give one a try & see how it goes. When I got home I opened the box to check the contents, looks simple enough! I started to read the instructions & found there is a high range & low range reading, but what confused me was the fact that you don't have to do a different test for the two different ranges. I started to do the process, 1ml of tank water with the syringe provided, then add 4 drops of the liquid reagent Then you add a spoonful of the powdered reagent & swirl for 30sec(don't shake) You wait 3mins & then check against the chart from the top down, simple enough huh? Now this is where the test gets very cool indeed, if the test reads below 10ppm from above in the "high range" then to change to the "low range" you just look at the same test sample through the SIDE, that's right, same sample but looking through the side & then you divide the chart numbers by 10 to give you the "low range" reading values. i.e. 100ppm from the top becomes 10ppm from the side, 2ppm from the top becomes 0.2ppm from the side, etc, cool huh! All I can say is MIND BLOWN!!! I am a total Salifert convert now & have already ordered the calcium kit & will post up a review of that one as soon as I get it. I'm also keen to get the ammonia kit too. Apparently the guy who owns Salifert does one thing & that is design & refine test kits for aquarium use, which is why they are so good, he doesn't have a million different products in his range so he can concentrate on making his test kits the best there is. Anyway I thought I'd share this with you guys cause if you are having the same problem that I was & couldn't get a reading on any normal test kit then this is definitely the test kit for you.
  16. So a mate of mine having trouble keeping fish alive came to me for help, I told him to get some test kits and tell me what they read... So his nitrates are off the chart so I told him to do a 50% water change and another tomorrow evening. He has been going to a aquarium store that Isn't my first choice but might be second, but a few of the employees have told me a few furfies on occasion. Anyway I'll get to the point... They told him to use the saltwater test cards when testing his freshwater tank. Is this as much bull**** as it sounds or have I been using freshwater cards like a dill?
  17. Hello, When cycling an aquarium would spending extra money on Tropic Marin or Salifert compared to the API test kit be worth it? Regards Jacob
  18. All of the Mg test kits available seem to be exclusively for use in marine tanks. Does any one know how to test magnesium levels in fresh water?
  19. Just took the first pics of a tank. Shot in a darkened room with just the tank light on to check if the low noise/high iso is as good as reviews................I'm gobsmacked.................now I know why they left off the built in flash :-) Click on the image to see the lack of noise at full res First one at iso 3200 test shot by bidkev1, on Flickr This one at 6400 test shot by bidkev1, on Flickr
  20. My brother recently bought a small 25L tank and after scaping it and running the filter for a few days got a few small killifish to cycle it. 2 of them have since died (the first we put down to stress or just potentially bad luck) but the others seemed to be happy. However a second followed a few days later and now the third isn't looking very happy (luminent parts dulled, hiding up the back not moving a lot). I get the feeling this last one might be a lost cause, but before we try and add any more fish we obviously need to identify the issue so this doesn't continue. At this stage I don't think the tank is fully cycled, but would have thought 3 small (1cm tops) fish wouldn't have been overly taxing. Details below Problem:- Fish dying, sequentially a few days apart, seem fine until they lose colour, hide then eventually die (and we've not been able to find them yet) Ph:- 7.4 - 7.2 when testing Ammonia:- 0.25ppm Nitrate:- about 5 (according to kit, could be higher) Nitrite:- 10-20ppm Gh:- Not tested Kh:- Not tested Size of tank:-30cm cube, 25L Temperature °C:- 24 Been running for:- A week and a bit Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Hang on back Aqua clear 20 Fish in tank:- 3 (now 1) killifish Plants in Tank:- Some val, some rotala and some lileopsis (sorry spelling) - Fertilizer put in once a week. DIY CO2 (Note: Maybe this is a problem?) Feeding:- What food and How often: Micropellets, once a day. Visibly watching fish eat them, no more than a tiny pinch (5-10 granules) Recent Medication Treatments:- None Last water change:- 5 days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly: - Weekly so far, but an extra water change when the nitrite started to creep up. Any thoughts? Are these just the wrong fish (not enough in a school)? Should we test for more chemicals? Temp ok? Just too much bioload to start? Any other pollutants?
  21. Hey all, Had my tank going for probably 6 weeks now. I have 10 lecky yellows 2 blue dolphins and a red tp black shark. They are all doing fine and not being effected by the water (my daily or every 2nd day water changes are probably helping) but i cannot get 0's across the board. I get Ammonia basically 0, Nitrite 0-.25 and nitrate 10. Any tips to help me improve this? He is what my sump looks like except I dont have the bio balls anymore i have the coral in the first section (Since it is underwater) and I also have the water running through filter mat. Suggestions ?
  22. I have never bothered with a lot of water tests but am trying to do more with this tank and wanted to know if anyone uses any spread sheet or other software to keep the results.? Cheers KIM
  23. If you are thinking on getting a KH (Carbonate Hardness) or GH (General Hardness) test kit you might want to take a closer look at Aquasonic. It is an Australian Made test kit that does steps of 10ppm, which makes it almost twice as accurate as most will do steps of 17.9. The other good thing about 10ppm steps is that you can multiply them in your head and do not need to refer to the chart on the instructions or a calculator to work the multiples of 17.9ppm. The next time you need a Gh test kit or Kh test kit give the Aquasonic ones a try. Here are a couple of other reasons to get the Aquasonic test kits. Australian Made Laminated instructions - great around water. Plastic storage box - no soggy box. You can buy additional fluids without having to buy a whole new kit. The measuring tubes are wider and made of plastic so they are more stable and do not fall over and break like glass ones.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. After days of fighting and misbehaving, this pair have decided they want to mate! I'm excited to see whether or not the male is fertile. Haven't had babies around in a long time!
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