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Found 11 results

  1. So I am getting into more finnichy fish and would like to ensure the hardness of the water is spot on. I haven't done this before so thought I would ask the experts. How do you test your waters hardness and what kits/equipment do you use? Thanks - Mick
  2. Many years ago a microbiologist friend who was working for the CSIRO, you might say he was well credentialed, commented to me that in a fish tank the little buggers are everywhere and not confined to the filter. I did not have the means or the inclination to investigate further, but that was 30 or more years ago. So with all the filter claims I am reading in adds and in this forum I was wondering if anyone has actually taken water samples and literally put them under the microscope to find out what the real state of the microbiological nation is. I know some filters are not sieves and the so called activated carbon is a misnomer and now we have some other ball things and some foam sieve filters. And we have UV for disinfecting the discharge. I also know from my experience as an environmental inspector that carbon filters totally contaminate very quickly if there is a contaminant and I also know the big problem with UV light disinfecting is any build up on the glass reduces the UV to do the job. So is there anyone out there with the capability of testing with a microscope.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Unpacked a brand new Aquasonic ammonia testing kit. Did a test last night. Followed instructions precisely for 5ml sample. Results after 10 minute wait showed darkest green = 10ppm or more !!! Looked at the fish very closely. Swimming about. Looked at gills. No redness no inflammation. Cories and bristlenoses all down below. Fish ate when I fed them. Gave the kit the benefit of the doubt. Did another test to instructions at 6.30am this morning (Wednesday). Results after the 10 minutes process time - black/green ?? Did a 25% water change with Supachlor. Came back home from work checked out fish (tropicals; gouramies and Danio, cories & b/noses). I can not see any signs of stress, or gasping, or inflammation, or fish all at the surface. Observation does not indicate ammonia poisoning. Which am I to believe my fish, or my Aquasonic ammonia testing kit ?? A week ago when there was a real ammonia spike the fish were obviously distressed and all at the surface. The water went cloudy. None of these indicators this time round. Yet the test results show 10ppm ???
  5. Hello all Everyone know I breed Demasoni before but recently I got rid of my breeding colony and only have some fry left from the the last mouth fully. Through out the years I never came across with one that went nuts everytime the bubbles is on which very funny and weird, he can do this for hours so check it out the video. Cheers:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P3uDQXp0dc PS: Can anyone show me how to do the direct link? Got it!!!!!
  6. [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] I did a Kh and Gh test of the setup tonight and this is what my results are, i am not sure how accurate they are as this was my first test with this kit etc. + the Gh i kinda split on myself while mixing it lol. Tech how dark are the colours meant to go? like with the Gh test it went blue pretty quickly and it got to around 50-70ppm (stopped at 70 cause i split it lol) does it go like a dark blue or lightish? and with the Kh i got it to around 30ppm but after 2 drops it went yellow and then it said to add one more drop to turn it green. it kinda went greenish but not like the sample paper ph=6.8-7 Kh = 30ppm Gh = 50-70ppm do they sound right for the ph? this is tank water btw. and on the test kit it did say that when u have a low Kh it is bad to add tap water to the system? that doesn't really sound right but maybe i read it wrong.... i do want the ph to be around 6.8 - 7 and soft water to breed peps and L types. but i also want stableish PH as well. i also know that a stable ph is better than what the books say for peps or L types but i wanted to get it closer to really see these fish happy.
  7. First time without divider under constant supervision, divider on stand by. Eventully will be seperate tanks in pairs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGbPXOliS2g&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  8. Just Fishjunkie returning to school
  9. is there anything available to the home aquarist to be able to test for TDS, heavy metals and other compounds etc etc? Or is it a case of it being sent to a lab and tested for a specific element.... Just curious to see what my water really is like....
  10. hi guys I just read a post about "rose is done", ...... I am at the very beginning of starting a tank and it sounds like I should have paid more attention during chemistry at school. I knew I would need to get a kit, but what testing kit do you buy upfront and be done with it (rather than buying cheap) and try not to incur losses like rose. (I know losses happen but "fish are family") Thanks in advance for info Garry
  11. trying to get settings right on this very very complicated camera testing new camera 002.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]testing new camera 001.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]testing new camera 007.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]testing new camera 009.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]will put more up soon it takes a long time atm
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