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Found 40 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently just acquired a tank of tetras and they had a break out of NTS. I only had 12 tetras and they all had the white scaly spots so I decided to euthanise them. Now the question i have is what next? I have about 50 cherry shrimp in that tank still. I was planning on breeding them but Im not sure if the disease can be transferred to them? Should I just get rid of all of them just to be save? I don't want a fish in an other tank to eat one then get infected as well. Also how do I clean the tank to get rid of the disease? It can be passed onto other species of fish and I want to make sure the tank is completely clean. I am willing to tear it all down and throw away the substrate and get some new stuff. Any help would be great as I am a total newbie to the hobby The tank is an Aquanano 40.
  2. I am chasing green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulates), anyone know where I can get some from a LFS ? Thanks, Phil
  3. Hi Everyone, I've recently been given 4 black skirt tetras from a lady getting rid of her tank. They are currently in quarantine while I work out where to put them. I have three options: 1. A 2ft 60Ltr tank, current inhabitants are: a male & female albino bristlenose pleco plus their babies (1cm). 2. A 2ft 75ltr tall tank, current inhabitants are: 1 serpae tetra, 1 juvenile molly, 3 albino bristlenose plecos, 6 khuli loaches and dozens of RCS. I call this my rescue tank - it has the fish in it that others don't want... 3. A 4ft tank, current inhabitants are: 3 blind cave tetras, 2 standard bristlenose plecos, 4 clown loaches. My original plan was to put them in the 4ft tank but I'm unsure how they'll go with the blind cave tetras. Any ideas? Or, if I put them in with the bristlenose babies will they eat them? My fish stock is down at the moment as I was planning on culling the number of tanks I have running 😩 (5 at last count). So I haven't replaced any fish that have passed in the last year or so. But I can't seem to bear the idea of getting rid of them. 😋 Any tips or suggestions welcome.
  4. Hi, one of my rummy nose tetras seems to have developed a swollen stomach over the past day, any thoughts on what it could be? It is in a shoal of about 6. I attached a picture but its not great quality, they move so fast!
  5. Hi everyone very new to aquariums and been doing a lot of research on what to put in my new tank. 200L tank. I like tiger barbs and neon tetra but just wondering will the barbs just be too aggressive?
  6. Hey all... I have a 180G 60 x 24 x 30 tall...drilled tank ....I was thinking about putting african cichlids in it..but when doing gravel cleaning and water change today on my 75G african cichlid tank there was so much poop around the rocks (of which there are a lot) I realised that doing this with a 30" tall would be problematic....I also have south and central american cichlids for which I will be purchasing a 6x2x2 for...they were going to go into 180G but I think they need more horizontal swimming room... My brother is trying to get me to turn the 180G into a discus and tetra and corydora playground...an amazonian biotope ..plants only on surface - water sprite, black water,almond leaves, driftwood, sand, rocks...I have another tank which I was planning on using as a sump refugium under this one which is around 60G.. I am guessing that a 30 tall would be difficult to light sufficiently to have as a low maintenance planted tank...unless you could raise up the floor/substrate??....and so for water health thought a refugium might be the way to go... I know that discus require a bit more care than other cichlids..and I would not be getting them (around 6-8 discus) until tank was well and truly established and running for at least 4 months...and I was confidant that I have learnt enough about discus....but before I make a commitment to go in this direction can I have your ideas or thoughts. ...what would really rock your boat if my 180G was yours? What would you put in it and why? Thanx all.
  7. Has any one experienced this? Is it common? I am not sure I am over feeding or under feeding my Gourami's. I have 8 Gourami's On Sunday I have 15 Neon tetra's now down to 10 tetra's. Came home and found a Flame Gourami nosing and sucking a dead tetra around the tank.
  8. Tetra Colour Tropical Granules 30gm. Normally $9.95. Today only $2.20 !!!. We are overstocked on this size so we are selling way below cost to make room for several containers of stock arriving in the next few weeks. The ever popular 300gm size sells for $23.95 so why not buy ten tins @ $22.00 and save a few dollars while enjoying the benefit of individual 30gm tins to retain freshness !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour Tropical Granules 30gm Ben :dance:
  9. Tetra Ammonia Safe Tabs use a fast-acting formula to detoxify hazardous ammonia in your aquarium water. Each fizzing tab treats 40 litres of fresh water. Works in seconds and provides long-lasting protection. Detoxifies dangerous ammonia Long-lasting protection Easy-to-use fizzing tabs work in seconds Suitable for all freshwater aquariums Great to keep on hand in case of emergency Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Ammonia Safe - 8 Tablets
  10. Hey guys, I just came vac from a week away where my fish were on an automatic feeder (housemates were about to keep an eye on things) and I did a water change the day I left. Now have a few problems with the tank. The algae I had issues with has take over again, its like a brown beard algae. My largest discus who had not eaten since I got him a month back died - no injuries or obvious illness. I was expecting this somewhat as he just refused to eat anything I tried feeding. Now I seem to have lost 3 of my 5 cories (knowhere to be seen so have no idea what happened) And my school of 20 neons appear ill. Almost all have white to slightly yellow fluffy patches - worse on fins but also on the body and 2 or 3 of them also have growths of the mouth. One is so large I doubt he can eat properly. The remaining 5 discus look ok, but obviously I am very worried I now have a big problem with this tank. Water parameters are still normal. I am obviously going to have to start big frequent water changes - how much do you suggest daily? I dont have another cycled tank to move anything at the moment. Do I need to medicate? I have tried to get photos but they are not that good, the tetras are hard to catch!
  11. This picture is taken from the interweb, but looks to be exactly what my Tetras have. Can anyone identify it and tell me how to treat it?? None of my other fish have it and I am currently cycling a quarantine tank to fix 'em. Cheers
  12. .Hi, hope I've posted in the right place (don't post on these forums often). One of my black neon tetras is extremely bloated for over 2 weeks. Sorry for camera quality. I've also linked a Youtube video of her. - I change their water with rain-water twice a week - Feed the tank once every 2-3 days - Last week the meals have only been peas, no improvement - She is still schooling - She still has a strong appetite - Not gasping at the surface nor is she sinking (however today she started having trouble swimming, as seen in the video) This problem did occur a month back, however after a week it disappeared (for this duration I fed the tank peas). Not sure what conditions had changed. The rest of the fish are all healthy and she is the only affected fish. Is there any suggestions for treatment and what is wrong? Thanks in advance. I don't want to lose her, she's only 2-3 years old.
  13. I have a tetra/shrimp planted nano tank going with Cardinals, neons and Embers and feeding a tropical mix which has daphnia,bloodworm and mysis shrimp in it(frozen) the tank gets gradual light during the day and sits on about 26 degrees. I have identified a few female neons due to being fatter looking from the top and a couple are looking fatter in the belly region looking from the side, is it posible they are pregnant and is there another way to tell for sure. Thanks
  14. Hello QLDAF, just seeing if anyone on the website has any experience with the breeding of these magnificent fish, the Mexican Blind Cave Tetra? I currently have a school of eleven, and it looks like an even amount of males to females, which I assume is a good thing. I already have a breeding tank set-up ready to go, so could anyone please get back to me Thanks in advance
  15. Hi All. Great price on the ever popular Tetra Colour Bits 300gm. Today only $19.95. Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour bits 300gm Ben
  16. Problem:- In the last few days, we've noticed that the fish in question had what looked like a sore on his belly where it's swollen. To me it almost looks like a skin ulcer. Thing is, I've been googling around and any of the skin diseases supposed to affect tetras or cause similar lesions cause other symptoms like behavioural ones, clumping of fins, swimming issues etc, of which this fish has none. Apart from the lesion, the fish is behaving, swimming, eating and interacting normally. The fish in question has always had a slightly swollen belly, we just figured that he's just a funny shape. We've recently (1 a week ago, 1 a couple of months before that) lost 2 tetras, but nothing seemed to be happening to the others, so we put it down to the female cichlid being a feisty little *****, as she has been laying recently. None of the other tetras seem to be affected. Ph:- 7ish, maybe slightly above. Little higher than I usually try to run it (trying to keep around 6.6 ish) Ammonia:-unknown Nitrate:- unknown Nitrite:- unknown Gh:- unknown Kh:- unknown Size of tank:- 58L Temperature °C:- 26C Been running for:- 6ish months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Internal filter with sponge and ceramic noodles Fish in tank:- Apistogramma Cacatuoides M & F pair, Longfin Albino Bristlenose, 4 X Cardinal Tetras Plants in Tank:- Val, crypts, anubia, chain swords Feeding:- Algae wafer (1/w), Spectrum Betta Pellets (to get rid of them - very small pinch daily), Cichlid flake (small pinch daily) Recent Medication Treatments:- None Last water change:- 1 week ago Water change: weekly to fortnightly
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Hi there, I am looking for some cardinal tetras to put in my new discus tank, that will also be home to a ghostknife. Anybody know anyone who breeds them/sells them? Also does anyone have any suggestions of fish to put in this tank? Cheers, Nic
  19. I recently moved 8 Pristella Tetra into their own tank and BAM .. they spawned for the first time ever. Would have been great if they hadn't killed a female in the process! I found her dead the next morning and I can only assume they exhausted her? Would this be right? Turns out there were 6 males to 2 females (I can't tell them apart until they are spawning). Last week they started on the last female, so I've moved her to another tank until I can work out what to do. a) first thought was to do a WTB ad for more females but what if they still target one at a time and exhaust them to death also? then thought of re-homing the 6 males, buying 6-7 new ones (all too young to sex at pet shop) in the hope of getting a lower male mix, to add with the adult female I still have... not easy though when I've had them over a year and they were my first fish. c) This is my preference unless anyone can see a problem with it: keep the 6 males in their 3ft with NO females and leave the single female in the 4ft with the guppies, neons and sterbai (they all grew up together). I know this isn't great for a tetra but right now she seems happy.. she's eating well, being very interactive and showing no real signs of stress. From Day 1 of getting them she has always done her own thing, whereas the other 7 stuck together. Could she possibly be ok long term as a solo tetra? Anyone had experience with that? All thoughts appreciated.. Cheers.
  20. Deal of the Day - Tetra Colour Bits 300gm. Today only $18.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour bits 300gm Tetra Color Bits offers complete and balanced nutrition along with special color enhancers to bring out the vibrant colors of large tropical fish. Grains sink slowly to allow mid-feeders plenty of time to feed. Feed your fish only as much as they will consume in several minutes, 2 to 3 times per day. ( renamed Tetra Color Tropical Granules )
  21. Hi All. Deal of the Day Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour bits 300gm Ben
  22. Hi Guys, I have a 4ft South American themed planted tank I am stocking at the moment. It has a pair of Angels, 30 cardinal tetras and some corys. I recently bought some lemon tetras so as to add some yellow colour to the tank but they aren't as yellow I was hoping. I think I am going to add some gold rams and albino long fin bristlenose to the mix to get some yellow/gold colours happening. So I am thinking I will get rid of the lemon tetras but want to replace with some other tetra for a bit of variety in the mid section of the tank. What tetra do you think would compliment cardinal tetras (and the tank in general) well? Thanks, Beau.
  23. Hi All. Here is the link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Whisper In tank Filter 40i Ben
  24. Hi guys, anyone got info or experience with tetra VX300 canister filters, example performance, reliability, capability etc. Would appreciate any info at all. Thanks
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