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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm contemplating a sea change in one of my 5ft outdoor display tank. Currently housing various cichlids that I'm board with. Looking at changing over to a planted set up with fish such as the title suggests. I've never owned these fish before and have some questions. will they coexist? Do they share the same water parameters? Will they be suitable in a heated outdoor tank? Suitable substrate for plants? Suitable plants for these types of fish? Suitable lighting considering the tank gets morning sun From about 7am to 11am year round. There will be a few bn's in there to control algae but what damage will they do to the plants? Are these fish on par with cichlids as far as care demands or are they more temperamental and finicky? (I don't have a good track record with sensitive, delicate types of fish lol) and what are the main points to be aware of with these guys? Are they aggressive? Do they do better in large groups? If you were going to put these fish together what would be the ratios and how many of each type? What else would you put in there with them/in stead of them that are brightly coloured, active and do well in a community tank? the tank currently runs a 2000l canister, two large sponge filters and a 1200l internal filter that provides a decent flow that the cichlids love but will that be too strong for these types of fish? Im not completely stuck on the above types of fish but something along those lines, loads of color and activity is what I'm really aiming for. Any suggestions would be great! If you have a similar set up and can possibly share some photos for inspiration that would be AWSOME! Cheers
  2. Hello! My name is Krista Located in South Brisbane and I have recently bought a fish tank... ahha. I like looking at photo's, so I will put as many in this post as I can! My partner and I decided that our 6ft tank would be freshwater. We picked it up second hand with some good quality gear included which was great! (tank before we bought it) About 4 weeks ago a bunch of mates help us pick it up and put it in our house. We filled it up a bit! and I put some of the things that came with the tank in there to fill space as it cycled for a bout 2 weeks. The Kitties have a great view ! After we completely filled the tank up and the cycle was complete we added the new additions to the tank! Some Serpae Tetra's. We later on then added more plants and more fish! Lemon Tetra's and Glass Catfish! Also I haven't seen anyone sell Glass catfish on here, are they not likely to breed in captivity? All these photo's were taken on my phone. Sorry about some of the quality. Atm we have 2x 2217 Eheim filters with 2 medium sponge filters running as well!. We also bought a Titan 600w Heater, to replace the ones that came with the tank as they were quite old, and Fluval aqualife and plant LED light to run in conjunction with the standard light. This is our first tank and we are still learning lots of useful information as we go. Otherwise the fish seem happy which is what matters most! We hope to add more fish and plants in the near future Thank you for taking the time to read !
  3. Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows were to find African tetras. Im looking at setting up a Malebo pool/N'sele river biotope and want something other then congo tetras. Thanks Michael.
  4. Hi I recently started adding fish to my tank 3ft 140L and I thought to keep the water at good levels I will slowly add everything and work it up. So I added 5 small tetras (neon) they seem happy and healthy. And usually swim as a group. But there is one tetra that is often found swimming by itself. Not sure why this is or if he is sick? I've been keeping a close eye on it. But just wondering I'd this is normal and if im just overreacting or not?
  5. Lepidarchus Adonis anyone ever seen these Tetras in Australia, been looking for these for ages.
  6. Hi, Around a year ago I bought 3 congo tetras, 2 females and one male. The male died quite a while ago and since then the females just haven't been happy. They seem stressed and do not look well. I keep them with much smaller peaceful tetras and the water is fine and all that stuff I just know they aren't happy as they are now. I don't know what to do with them, I don't think I am providing a happy environment for them I would happily sell them to someone but I do not want to sell fish that I do not think are well.... What should I do? I don't have another tank to put them in to rehabilitate them and make them more happy. I don't have the room to buy more of them so they have friends to school with. I feel like a bad person... what should I do?
  7. Hey guys, Im after for some cardinal or neon (preferably cardinals) tetras to put in my discus tank. Does anyone know any breeders near my area who sells them. Looking to buy at least 20. Cheers, Aravind
  8. Hello everyone, First of all, I’d like to apologise for not being very active on this forum apart from the buying & selling section and mostly being a CD-ROM on here. Basically, I’m looking after a friend’s aquarium while he’s away. When I had a closer look at his fishes (after vaguely recall his partner mentioned a recent yet consistent drop in fish numbers), I’ve noticed a few irregular characteristic (Photo 1 to 7) on some of his fishes (Neon/Cardinal Tetras mostly). Photo 1. Possible fin rot or fungus growth. Photo 2. Taken with flashes on possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal. Photo 3. Irregular fin and head shape on another Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 4. Relatively healthy looking Neon/Cardinal Tetra within his tank. Photo 5. Possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 6. More possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 7. More possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. 3 weeks ago, I’ve transferred a small patch of Java Moss & a few shrimp from his tank to my own. The mosses appeared to be growing healthily, but the three shrimp had disappeared overnight and one was found beside the tank the next morning. Nothing suspicious could be recalled and related to today's suspicion. Today, I’ve noticed that fins on my neon tetras are shredding, I’m suspecting I might have brought over some sort of diseases or bacteria from his tank to mine. Photo 8. The most severely damaged Neon among my tank. I’m just trying to identify what’s wrong with them and hopefully treat them. On another note, prior to this, I’ve also lost a colored widow from unconfirmed causes with signs possibly suggesting a bacteria related disease or aggressive territorial behaviours Water parameter had comes back perfect from 2 different shops with small amount of Nitrite found in both testes. Water change prior to the water tests was 2 months ago, the person who ran the testes had indicated an impression on the readings from the test and the frequency of water changes. Ph:- 6.8 Ammonia:- close to nil, <0.02ppm Nitrate:- close to nil, <0.02ppm Nitrite:- acceptable range of nitrite present but will be absorbed by plants. Gh:- N/A Kh:- 161.1ppm Size of tank:- 18” x 9” x 11” Approx. 26L Temperature °C:- 27oC Been running for:- 4 months Filtration:- Internal Filter Fish in tank:- Colored widows x 5, Neon Tetras x 11, feeder fishes x 11 and Kuhli loaches x 3 Plants in Tank:- Water cress (Nasturtium microphyllum), Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatic), Java Moss Feeding:- Flakes, once a day Last water change:- 3 days ago Water change every Monthly or longer
  9. Hi there, I am looking for some cardinal tetras to put in my new discus tank, that will also be home to a ghostknife. Anybody know anyone who breeds them/sells them? Also does anyone have any suggestions of fish to put in this tank? Cheers, Nic
  10. Can anyone recomend some large sth american tetras 5cm+ that are readily available?? Dont care what they look like just after some topswimmers that wont cost an arm and a leg. Thanks.
  11. Today I bought 5 Diamond Tetras from a VERY nice store, I previously hadn't seen them before. Bit of an impulse buy I guess, but I think they'll look very nice in the Paludarium once it's complete. They are schooling with some White Clouds at the moment, you really have to see them to appreciate them. Does anyone else own any or have experience with them? I was told by the store owner they were a Cardinal varient, but my research tells me they are Neons. They look a lot like a Neon but instead of the blue stripe, they only have a blue head, but it's like an iridescent blue, looks like diamond. Not great pics, you really do need to see them top view, for yourself.
  12. Hi all, I'm fairly new to fishkeeping, I currently have one Veiltail Betta (male) and ten Neon Tetras. Over the last week the Neon Tetras have been spawning like crazy! There are clusters of eggs everywhere, I'm not sure what I need to do. The Betta just looks at the eggs and swims away, he's not quite sure what he's looking at... LOL. Any tips on what I can do about these babies? I only have the one 20L tank, and have nowhere to put them, I don't really want to move the eggs.
  13. Hi Guys, I have a 4ft South American themed planted tank I am stocking at the moment. It has a pair of Angels, 30 cardinal tetras and some corys. I recently bought some lemon tetras so as to add some yellow colour to the tank but they aren't as yellow I was hoping. I think I am going to add some gold rams and albino long fin bristlenose to the mix to get some yellow/gold colours happening. So I am thinking I will get rid of the lemon tetras but want to replace with some other tetra for a bit of variety in the mid section of the tank. What tetra do you think would compliment cardinal tetras (and the tank in general) well? Thanks, Beau.
  14. I want to keep them together but i'm afraid the gouramis might get territorial and aggressive, like iv'e been told a few times. Also, none of my tetras are fin nippers so don't worry about that.
  15. i notice one of my tetras had some sort of swollen nose it looked like a tiny pimple on the tetras nose/face area that was about 3 days ago and i cleaned it yesterday and noticed now about 3-4 of them have little pimple things on there nose/face are any idea on what it could be?
  16. I have a 550 litre planted community tank with 10 medium size discus. I have recently increased the amount of food that I have been giving them and they have responded in kind. (They have had increased feeds of dozen bloodworm and freeze-dried blackworms.) They seem quite healthy and are very hungry. However, I have really never seen them pass any excretement. On this basis, I am presuming that I need to worm them. While I have had most of these fish for almost 2 years, I have not wormed them for quite some time. I have the product AQUAWORM (from Science Products, prazi being the active constituent) which I would like to use. However it cautions on the use of this medication on tetra species. Unfortunately, I have 12 harlequin tetras in the community tank. It is not really practical removing either species for the purpose of worming. 1. Would you agree that worming is a good thing to do, particularly if the discus don't seem to be passing solids? 2. Has anyone had any experience using this worming product in a tank with tetras? Thanks for your advice. Steve Williams
  17. Hey all, Just bought some cardinals for the tank a few days ago and upon observation, it seems I may have bought two species of cardinal tetras? Some of them have clear fins whilst some exhibit a white line on the dorsal and anal fin which was quite weird. Some pictures: What I would call a 'normal' cardinal The 'weird' cardinals with white line on dorsal and anal. With flash (note: red colour is full, the flash has distorted the colour) Has anyone noticed anything similar with their cardinals? Or are these tetras not cardinals? Cheers, John
  18. Hi guys, I posted in the Apisto section a site that is dedicated to Apistos, however it is also dedicated to many other fish. It is in another nationality (Japanese? I am unsure) Anyways the aim of the game is to click on the navigation bar on the left hand side to load up a new page that allows you to click in the page that loads to various links of images of fish. Sometimes there are multiple names of the same fish however they are all different pictures so do not be shy and click all of them. You will be at this site for ages. Sometimes there is no navigation on the left hand side and is in one of the links on the page so click anywhere haha! WHY CANT WE HAVE THE TETRAS LIKE THEY DO ON THIS SITE Here is the Pleco one; ƒvƒŒƒR ƒvƒŒƒRƒXƒgƒ€ƒX‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Corydoras one; ”M‘Ñ‹› ƒRƒŠƒhƒ‰ƒX ‰æ‘œƒMƒƒƒ‰ƒŠ[yƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Tetra one; ( A MUST FOR ANYONE THESE TETRAS SHIT ON ANY IN AUST) ƒJƒ‰ƒVƒ“ iŒ´ŽíƒJƒ‰ƒVƒ“j‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Rasbora, Microrasbora, Dario Dario, Boraras, etc etc; ¬Œ^”M‘Ñ‹› ¬Œ^”ü‹›‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Betta; ƒxƒ^ ƒŠƒRƒŠƒXƒOƒ‰ƒ~[ ƒ‰ƒrƒŠƒ“ƒXƒtƒBƒbƒVƒ…‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Shrimp; ƒVƒ…ƒŠƒ“ƒvEŠL‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Unusual fish haha; ’†Œ^‹› ‘åŒ^‹› ŒÃ‘ã‹›‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Discus; ƒfƒBƒXƒJƒX DiscusyƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Apistogramma ƒAƒsƒXƒgƒOƒ‰ƒ}‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz All I can say is WOW I am speechless. The shit thing is we will never see half the gorgeous beauties on this site Adam
  19. I have a 50L tank and have 2 angel fish and 10 tetras and how many electric yellows whould you bee able to put in with my fish??
  20. Would tetras and Orange heads go together .. orange heads about 13-15cm ?
  21. My school of tetras are starting to get tumor-like growths on their mouths. It started off with only 1 tetra and now several have the weird growth. It is only on their mouth and it is not affecting any of my other fish, including my ornate tetras. Does anyone know what this is? the lumps are gradually getting bigger and its probably going to kill the whole school of tetra eventually.. even though none have died yet. tank is regularly cleaned. Should I be worried about my other fish? I'd be pretty torn if one of my L's got sick. Cheers guys
  22. trying to locate some info about tetras that inhabit the rio Ucayali in peru. Im not looking for wild caught and i presume that some species that live in this river possibly inhabit other rivers around it. I'm thinking neons might as they inhabit other systems in brazil ie rio tigre any info is much appreciated.
  23. How easy is it to breed these....I had 20+ in my discus tank and slowly the numbers went down from the sole angel in there. He'll migrate soon to the American tank and I want to restock. However I find all fish seem to find them tasty and wouldn't mind a continual supply amongst the tanks...ie if a few go missing I don't feel ripped off at $1.50 each LFS. So if I buy a dozen....and keep separate....will they breed like guppies or is there more to it ?
  24. Does anybody breed tetras or does anybody know wot they r worth on this forum???
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