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  1. edit: This appeared to be a loose tooth that burst through his lip, and after perhaps 30 hours of not eating and not wanting to move, he fixed it himself. Have spent a while searching but cannot find anything quite like this, so posting here and hope someone can steer me in the right direction. Also, can anyone recommend a book or website for viewing fish health issues? Seems our sponsors have http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3207&catID=67 but nil in stock http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/tex%20growth_zpsoute7iqj.jpg Problem:- Growth on mouth Ph:- 7.4 Ammonia:- Nil Nitrate:- Less than 5ppm Nitrite:- Less than 2ppm Gh:- 5 or 6 degrees Kh:- Aprox 10 degrees Size of tank:- 6Ft 800L plus 200L sump Temperature °C:- 27 to 29 Been running for:- 2 months. Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- adequate media in Sump, low t/o of 1500L/H, plus two large air pump sponges for surface movement and mechanical. Fish in tank:- Juvenile clown loaches, venustus, electric yellow labs, and 2ea 13-14cm red parrots, 1ea 18cm common pleco, 1ea juvenile (7cm) oscar. Parrots get chased by SGTexas, no other dramas in tank, all fish cohabit well. Plants in Tank:- None Feeding:- What food and How often twice daily, all consumed in less than 3 minutes 'except' some of the algae wafer tablets. Recent Medication Treatments:- None. Last water change:- 24 hours ago, change aprox 15% of water every 2 days. slightly more on weekends when vacuuming.
  2. Hey guys how long does it usually take for holey rocks to stop clouding the water? I think they must have been brand new I bought them off a private seller. My tank is very cloudy lol to the point I can't see the back of it and it's only 2 foot wide. I have done 2× 50% water changes and added a bottle of clarity (which did absolutely nothing haha). Any other suggestions?
  3. Soooo come home from work today and noticed my super greens gut was hugggggeee. But it's still eating like a machine and is acting like its about to lay ( chasing away the others ). But Its the only Texas I have in the tank. WHAT IN THE HELL would it be trying to mate with ? If that's what it's even trying to do or is it some sort of diesease.
  4. Puts it in perspective Red Texas Cichlid 6" - Product View
  5. I don't know how to paste the link in here But someone is selling jaguars x blue Texas 2 for $5 or make an offer lol Ahhh don't you just love Gumtree and the bizarre things you can find
  6. Has anyone seen anything like the fish in the picture locally, if so where? Presumably its a relatively new texas (or red texas) x pearled flower horn hybrid? Seems to be a bit of a deviation to the breeding most have done here.
  7. My red Texas have spawned but were eating the eggs. They appear to be fertilised so I have removed the parents. Can the eggs hatch without them?
  8. any idea on sex and just if its a normal green or sgt can never tell
  9. red texas - with or without kok? What is the more desired trait.
  10. Thought i would put up some photos of my red texas for peoples viewing pleasure. BEFORE AND AFTER
  11. Hey I have a female sgt around 10 cm or so and two younger ones around 5-6 cm . This morning can only see one searched tank no where to be seen . Would the larger female have decided it was food ?
  12. Intorduced a male green texas and a female about 10 cm each . The male Is crazy he just chases her everywhere . Has anyone else had to deal with this and will she be fine ?
  13. This is what i want - And this is what i get - Sorry if i trolled anyone
  14. my 5 foot is in refurbish...so these 2 were put in a 3 ft..several weeks ago..man...thats alot of fry... .........they are very good parents tho'...good to watch..the fry started free swim late last nite eating brine shrimp hatch this arvo..dunno wot I'm gunna do with this lot tho'...LOL.. ...yes I do know the specific name of them...but is there actually a "super green texas" as the song goes..."gotta keep em seperated" .............and all you guys+girls like pics anyway............dave...........dots are good......... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us and is it past 4...it feels like it...
  15. Hi all, I'm moving my Texas cichlid into a 3x18x18 on the weekend. He reached a max of 15-20cm which he has stayed at for over a year. I am wondering what you guys would put in with him if it were your fish. He is 100% male and completely docile. The only tank mates I wouldn't put with him are large growing cichlids because he is a sook and has copped more than one flogging in his lifetime. Thanks guys any suggestions otherwise would be much appreciated
  16. Hi all, I just bought 3 super greens from my lfs but am starting to think maybe one is a jack Dempsey. They were all in the same tank at shop but one of them is about a cm smaller than the others and has different markings. Can someone post pics of each species as juvies so I can get a better idea of what I've got?? Thanks
  17. My Texas (and Flowerhorn )laid eggs around 15th Nov but someone ate them on the 2nd night. They have laid another load of eggs last night. What do I/ can I do to keep these. The eggs are on a flat surfaced stone which is constantly guarded by the Texas. Other fish in the tank - 2x clown loch 2 x bristle nose catfish 1 x Siamese algae eater 1 x gold Guarami
  18. Hi guys, This may have been a lesson learned the hard way, however I recently dosed my tank with a fungal multi cure (recommended dosage) and some of my Texas Holey Rock has turned green along with a few shells. As you can see the large piece has totally discolored and only a small amount on this small pieces. The large piece was never bright white, rather a dirty white, however green is really not a great look. Has anyone got some answers as to fix the problem or would it be a wait and see if it fades? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank-you in advance.
  19. Hi guys just thought I'd share a pic of my red texas. Has some promise in the colour so far but I am still hoping for more red. Diet consists of Hikari food sticks and carnivore. Currently sharing a tank with some blood parrots so will be interesting if they do pair up.
  20. is there such a thing as a super red texas??? or are they all the same??? or are they a hybrid thing??
  21. Yes they are a bit stressed just got em home they were in very poorly kept tank, but what are they crossed with?
  22. Hey guys, I am having trouble in my little 2 ft that i have a 6cm red texas in. He seems cold all the time he is literally sitting on the heater and i dont know why. I tested the temp in the tank and its 26 degrees, i also tested for ammonia, ph, nitrate and there all good. yesterday i came home to his tank mate a little clown pleco (4cm) dead on the bottom of the tank. I do about a 30% change on his tank every weekend. Any ideas?
  23. Hey guys i was reading a post on here earlier today and someone mentioned a white texas. So my question is is that a real hybrid? or a once of thing that someone has breed?
  24. Hi all, fairly new here.been a member for a while but havent posted much. just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the difference between blue and green texas.i know the reds are very different but just trying to find out as id like to breed some and have seen both kinds and to me they look very similar thanks in advance scott
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