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Found 10 results

  1. <BR><BR>Big shout out to the people they gave up a couple of hours after work this afternoon to help me relocate the 8x2.5x2.5, massive thankyou to [MENTION=10961]M&J Fabulously Fish[/MENTION] [MENTION=11301]Lictoga[/MENTION] [MENTION=5820]N13det[/MENTION] anyone else i've missed as i don't know your username, thanks so much to you guys really appreciate it could not have done it with out you. Once again calling for help on QLDAF has been a success. The tank is all setup now and the pbass, red devil and his little yabbie friend have been relocated into it... Time to find more tank mates hmmmm maybe a ray finally
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. ..allthough we didnt meet..lilly1958 has been a pleasure to deal with all items were well wrapped ..and in top working order no hesitaition in dealing with this person again ty
  4. hey it was good to meet you and a great book i won via auction recently nice person ..worth dealing with again
  5. thankyou for the great plants .yet again ..and for kindly showing me your fish room! great planted out tanks by the way ..! cheers ..jfancygolds
  6. today i went to pick up a blue dolphin colony from mick74 and trk18(ive been waiting ages for mick to sell them)all was good got them in a bucket at trk18s house,and realized i forgot my air pump.i was stressing bad,i got to mick74s house and one was already dead,mick came back and said merry Christmas mate just go grab some batteries from the servo.whoo im saved cheers mick,so then i had to pickup a couple Ls from fish_fulu (only 2 minutes arround the corner)so when i got there i said can i bring my bucket in with the blue dolphins in it and put a airstone in there while we catch the Ls,he said yer yer sweet all good,so i brought them in and put a airstone in there.when i went to leave the big male (nearly 20cm) was belly up:(.i was devastated,fish_ fulu said here put him in here(a 4ft tank),he said i will hold him and if he comes good come grab him(WITH MY AIR PUMP).i didnt really have much hope for him and was gutted all the way home,couple hours later fish_fulu txt me and said he is fine mate come grab him tomorrow with the royal whiptail trio you left here in a bucket when you were stressing ahahah.so in the end it was a good day TRK18 gave me a few extra aswell and so did mick74 and fish_fulu saved my life and gave me and awesome deal.cheers guys.
  7. we would like to say a very big thankyou to Tim72 Matchu Wickky cycindahead for there help with getting our 6x3x700 tank in the house without you guys it would not of happend Also a very big thankyou to Micheal from Aquarium petland for making the tank your services is very outstanding we love the tank and are very happy. Also thank you Luke for your help delivering and helping with the tank Another thankyou to Matchu for taking photos of the tank being brought in the house hopefully he will put some pics up soon Cheers Neville and Paula
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to give a huge thankyou to everyone who helped me out, listened to me freak out and sent PM's. You guys are awesome and it really really helps to have people around that know just how hard it can be losing members of your 'fishy' family. Apologies to craigo who came into redlands today and had to deal with me almost start crying when he mentioned his natives. Woo! Thinking happy thoughts! Butterflies, puppies! As for updates, I did lose the last of the baby bristlenose, but the adults seem fine, water is testing perfect. Thank god! I've had my big breeder boy since he was less than 3cm long so it'd be another devastating loss if he went. His girls seem happy and he's fanning in the tunnel so here's hoping that they give me some new babies to fill the holes soon. And the best part! No more deaths in the big tank! Hoorah! My tandanus is eating and finally came out of hiding and he looks perfect. My bass is the same hidey pansy thing he's always been (when will he realise he's bigger than the rainbows???) but he ate a massivore pellet this afternoon and the snakeheads are perking up. The male has a spot of fungus but I'll be upping the salt again in the tank when everything is looking better so he'll be fine. And the water on the big tank tested prettymuch perfect this afternoon. *GIANT sigh of relief* I'm hoping this means my filter isn't as dead as I thought. I'll still be waiting two weeks and testing prettymuch everyday to keep an eye on things and if all is still good I'll move my little bass and JP's over to help the tank not look so empty. So huge thankyous again to everyone for you help and well wishes, it means more than you know. :grin:
  9. This was my first auction ive attended and i was quite impressed. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped make this auction happen, to all the volunteers who spent all night walking and talking. Im sure there are alot of ppl with sore throats and feet today lol. But cheers to all,i had a fun night and got some great bargains, looking forward 2 the next 1. matt
  10. This one is in a mates tank that I helped redo, I am thinking some type of zebra? mysteryfish.JPG[/attachment:28oto1iz] Will post the before and after they are great. Thanks, Cichlidae
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