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Found 35 results

  1. hello..so with a lot of trepidation i will start a thread...ive sat back n read wat other people r doin...n thought i should give sumpthin back to this exellent site... SO...wat im doin.... prelude...I've had at the least a community tank in my house for the last 25 years... or so.....so..in the house i now live....about 3 years ago....my missus cracked the poo ...told me the lot is to go down stairs ..into the garage...so there was my little 4foot tank sittin on a work bench...hmmm...i have me mates around...mmm... beer...saying ...err ...want a tank ??? nothing like a coupla freebies... freebies...cant say no ??? i was given a few free tanks..ect. then it was it was turning into a mess ..a stand built for this n that..power cords n double adapters every where.timers hangin out..just a mess in my safe place....big sump i built leakin .!!.i actually searched n read a lot ..just could not see anything that would suit my thinking...rough as guts but does the job...thats me....then sit back n look n enjoy...anyway..every one enjoys pics...this is the starting point... to me this is another hobby...ive got a few ...its fun....better than watching a square electrical box all day... ...i couldnt find an earlier pic...but u can see the mess...no...no plan...its in me head ...sorta...look at me avatar..see where i am... ...also i need a good pic hosting site... so im not using up my 2nd best site's storage ...sorry 3rd best site...LOL...all will be done on the extreme budget...as hobbies in my household come an extreme last... ...thanks for anything..dave any way ..lalala...dots...dave...
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  4. Hello All How can i advertise my juvies on qldaf?
  5. .The Tech Den store at Caboolture is looking for a casual staff member to join their growing team. If you are able to work at designated times on weekends and through the week, have retail experience, and a strong knowledge of fish and aquarium products, then we would like to hear from you. Formal qualifications or studying in the field would be highly regarded. Applicants will need to be customer focused, friendly and respectful at all times. Duties will include general maintenance at the store, processing and packing of orders. Use of the POS system and computer skills for operation of dispatching and packing of orders will also be necessary. You will be required to follow company policies and guidelines. You will need to be reliable. We are looking for someone that has the initiative to work unsupervised, and has the enthusiasm to be an integral part of our existing team. Please forward written applications to accounts@thetechden.com.au Due to the current growing workload we are unable to accept applications or questions by phone.
  6. Just caught a pair of Electric blue balloon rams in the act, then noticed the male was also fertilising with poo at the same time, I don't think my wife would like it if I did this PS These 2 flew up from melbourne with me last week, in my luggage, can be too unhappy about the flight.
  7. We have decided to get in the Laguna Pumps and also Airlabs Hi Flow Air pumps - The AirLabs are great value and getting some really good feed back on them - they come from the same people that bought you Miracle Lights and Shogun Heaters. The AirLabs range from 30-120 lpm and are very energy efficient which is important with the current power costs. AirLab Hi Flow Air Pumps Laguna Pumps
  8. After being pretty impressed by the 3watt Cree LED's and members asking about LED's for nano's, we had a opportunity to check out, well a play really, with a single 9 watt Cree LED in a nano light. I feel we are still in the infantry stage of LED's and how hard they can be driven. Looking back 10 years we had "Super Bright LEDs" with a MCD rating of 3200 which were handy for finding keyhole in a door at night but no where near as bright as the ones that we are seeing today and the way they are being developed are showing they are really gaining momentum and look forward to what they will have in future. Our rep mentioned that they had a new nano light with a single 9 watt Cree LED and I could not help myself but to get a couple in and see what they are like. Here is quick little youtube I did today.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Ok, let’s clear up a few things about lighting in the aquarium. Note: being that i am a self confessed plant nut this information is more specifically biased towards planted tanks however no doubt there will be information that may be useful to others. KELVIN: Firstly, the most common thing people are told to look for in a “good plant light” is the Kelvin rating (that’s the “K” you always see after a number, eg 6500k). This is a bit misleading to be honest although it is partially true. The Kelvin rating of a light refers to its colour temperature. Although it’s true that a higher Kelvin rating will have more blue light and a lower Kelvin rating will have more red light it is not actually an indication of what wavelengths of light may be present, more an indication of how the light will appear to us (humans). You can have two different lights with the same Kelvin rating but the wavelengths of light actually produced can be completely different. So what do you need? Well, for optimum leaf development you want light in the blue spectrum, for stem elongation light in the red spectrum and for it to look “nice” to us light in the green spectrum. If you’re tank looks really bright and your plants seem really green it just means that your light is producing strongly in the green spectrum. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this bright light means you’re plants are going to grow like crazy though because plants don't use light in the green spectrum for photosynthesis so for them it’s not much use. A “full spectrum” plant light is commonly referring to a light that has a colour temperature between 5000-6500k but this does not indicate what wavelength in nanometers the light is actually emitting and this is what really matters. So what you need is light that peaks at the correct wavelengths for photosynthesis and carotenoid production. Those wavelengths are: Chlorophyll-a: 430nm/662nm Chlorophyll-b: 453nm/642nm Carotenoids: 449nm/475nm The lower numbers are in the blue spectrum, the higher ones in the red spectrum. Red pigmented plants use more light in the blue area of the spectrum. The point of all this is that you don’t need to get carried away with what colour spectrum to look for in a light, more what wavelength peaks the light produces. Use the colour spectrum to decide how you want the tank to look to YOU. So a red colored light will enhance red fish and plants, a blue light will enhance blue fish and a green light will make the tank look bright and the plants look green. LUMENS & LUX: These are both very similar as Lux is just lumens per square metre. They are both also pretty useless as far as determining how good a light will be for plant growth. Lumens are just a measure of how much light energy is produced as perceived by the human eye. After reading the above you can already see that most of this light is going to be in the green spectrum so it means little to plants and in fact as a result good plant lights are often not particularly bright. If you look at two lights of the same wattage and one has a much higher lumen rating then you know it’s producing alot of light in the green spectrum. So in a nutshell the lumen rating for a plant light is of little importance. PAR: This is another often misunderstood area of lighting. PAR stands for "Photosynthetic Active Radiation". People who understand the irrelevance of lumens often look to this as a more accurate sign of a lights brightness and suitability to a planted tank. PAR measures all light output between 400nm and 700nm so it actually encompasses the wavelengths that are useful to plants and not just light in the green spectrum as lumens does. This will give you a more accurate idea of how much useful (to plants) energy is being produced. Again though this is not entirely accurate as there is still alot of light energy being produced that is of no use to plants. The only real rating that will provide you with JUST information on the wavelengths that matter to plants is PUR (Photosynthetic Usable Radiation) which measures only the energy produced in the red and blue spectrums. If you have read this far, firstly congratulations :humble:There is plenty more that can be said on this subject and others alot smarter than me may wish to do so. However, hopefully all of this has given you a better understanding of what really matters and what to look for as far as lighting goes and cleared up alot of the misinformation that gets floated about. Thanks for reading.
  11. I saw these things in the pet shop the other day and want to know what they are, the guy working there wasn't real knowledgeable about anything aquatic to the point of not even knowing the fish they stock, he said they were baby yabbies which they clearly where not, they looked like a langoustine with their body like a shrimp and long thin nippers that i doubt would be any good at holding prey, and they were kinda a brown colour. does anyone know what they could be, they were being sold as feeders Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  12. I've cared for African cichlids for 20+ years now and have religiously followed what's been recommended to me by my LFS and what made sense to me. My friend has also kept African cichlids for about as long but without adding anything to his water. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nadda. We have both been blessed without having to deal with any major problems to speak of over the past decades. So what's better.. adding what you've been told is required or suggested "for the better"? or.. adding nothing and dealing with issues as they arise? NOTE.. here's what I add whenever making a water change: aquarium salt (for gill function) water conditioner (helps with the fish' slimy coat) stress zyme (adds millions of beneficial bacteria) african cichlid trace minerals (helps with overall health and coloration) Not that I would stop the above mentioned program as it has worked well for me to this point and I wouldn't change what my fish have been accustomed to but am I getting ripped? My buddy's tank looks just as good as mine?!?! any tip, suggestion, story, advice or comment is welcome. thanks!
  13. Hello my fellow betta lovers (and other fish fanatics!), For the last few weeks I have been cursed with my mould growing in new microworm cultures. Anyone have any hints on how to help fix this? So far I've used Farex and wheatbix and both giving me the same result. Unfortunately, I have a brand new spawn that hatched this morning so really trying to sort this out as soon as I can considering I used the last of my old culture to make ANOTHER one just then. Thanks, Hachi
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  15. Its not bout being a greenie more being mindful. What images have you found
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  17. Have had an out break of these flat white worm things crawling in my cherry tank does any one know what they are
  18. hey guys jusy looked at my unstocked tank (has java fern in) and the glass was looking a bit cloudy (just recently) i looked closer and small white things almost microscopic things were moving everywhere! they moved in a jerky motion, what is this! thanks
  19. Convict hybrid Salvini x - Pets, other pets - Gumtree Brisbane Region FJ
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  21. G'day everyone. I have been using my hospital tank to grow algae and put the odd batch of royals and alf bn fry in to get started. I was just doin a water change and noticed some tiny little bugs running (not swimming) around in the corners. Makes me kinda nervous. Can anyone tell me what they might be? Are they bad? And how can I KILL the little buggers? Thanks in advance. Jono
  22. i was watching my convicts swim and everything then i think it was the female dropped some white thing with black specs on it does anyone have any idea on what it could be? thanks
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  25. when cleaning out my filter i saw whitish worm looking things about an inch long in the bottom sponge of the canister filter. is this good or bad?
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