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Found 38 results

  1. My lfs just ordered in 5cm EBJD for sale. I have read and seen pics of the bread, but never seen one in person, or know of anyone that has kept them. Would like to know peoples thoughts as I am tempted to buy one.
  2. Female was recently purchased as a golden monkey ?
  3. Has anyone ever grown it before in a tank or pond. Does it grow quickly or need any special ferts. Thought about buying it on eBay. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  4. The auction section hasn't been used for a long time. Should it be brought back to life? Would you use it?
  5. So looking for people's thoughts on a canister filter for 80L thinking of a midikani, but thought I'd ask if anyone else some good suggestions? Cheers
  6. I have two tanks nowadays and I'm trying to set them up as nice display tanks. Can anyone suggest any tips for better aqua scaping? The two tanks are filled with tropheus ( Moliro, duboisi, illangi, orange Bemba) I really like the look of the stacked holey Rock. Let me know what you guys thinks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. its public knowledge that they are already here. This is just formalising it as they can't control backdoor entry now. 3. It is noted this species is currently traded within Australia as juveniles. The applicant considers that the currently traded juvenile fish are illegally imported and intends to reduce the risk of this illegal activity by providing an avenue for enthusiasts to access the species legally in a controlled and low risk manner. More on damage control. The more you legalise the importation, the more "breeders" will take advantage of this as they have lesser risk now of being identified as the market now have a legal source. Valuewise, it will still be lucrative for "breeders" to continue the backdoor entry method.
  8. Hey guys! I've decided it's time to get into the breeding game! Been tinkering around on google sketch-up a bit and sussing a few different designs by people and came up with this... Stand sits at 1610 high (top of timber), 1380 wide and 610 deep. Made from 70x35 pine. I've looked on Bunnings but there's a number of varieties of pine they have... which one would be recommended? Currently planning on bolting/hex screwing it together. Ideally I would like to have 4x2x1.5 tanks (potentially hard to get?), but I have allowed 250mm clear from top of the tanks to the underside of the frames above to allow for 4x2x2 tanks with some clearance. I would like to make the stand bigger to allow for 4x2x2 with 200-250mm clearance above, but I'm worried the extra 300mm or so will make it a bit too tall with the tank on top and I fear it might topple over... Also, I'm planning on adding a plywood base that will sit underneath the tanks to spread the load a bit (as well as a layer of polystyrene for insulation etc). Anyone have any thoughts on a more efficient design or would this suffice? I just feel a little nervous about whether it's going to hold as each tank would weigh a fair amount. Thanks a lot in advance
  9. Thought I'd share my experience on the Seneye home monitor. Well so far it's like AHHHHH you piece of sh*t. 1. So i install the software and the installer freezes on the welcome screen. 2. I wait hours for there return email to patch the error. 3. Problem was there software had files missing. So i had to manually add them in. 4. Got the installer to work and now the Seneye won't sync with the server or talk to the internet. 5. Waiting and still waiting 12hours later for Seneye to advise on the errors that are appearing. 6. I HOPE ALL OF THIS IS WORTH THE STUFFING AROUND BECAUSE SO FAR I'M NOT IMPRESSED. Anyone else had these problems or any other issues with the Seneye? Cheers
  10. Hey guys i have a backing stupid me misread the sizing and instead of being 60cm tall is 45x 60cm long has anyone had setups with the backing not reaching the top and putting a color backing to cover the top part and still looked good? or better off selling and buying the proper size?
  11. Always used diaphram pumps myself just looking at a small modal 18watts are these anygood for pushing air down into ibcs ?? Cheers luke
  12. Hi guys i would like to know what you think lf my tank. It has: 1 large male red devil 3 female convicts and 2 male 1 male and 1 female electric yellow 3 silver dollars 1 rainbow fish 2 salmon tail catfish 1 large male peacock 1 large gold spot pleco Apple snails And a feeder goldfish that never got eaten They have all been togeather for a coupple of years now so i was very suprised by how there is no deaths or even fighting.
  13. Thinking of copying this design as a sump for my 8ft display tank which is currently on order. Interested in comments good/bad. main purpose would be to have a heap of mechanical / biological filtration with polishing done via canister stacked with chemi-pure / macropore.
  14. Hi all, Has anyone had any experience with HW-404B canister filters (AoA). I'm looking for an external canister for a 150g and was wondering if anyone had tried one before (will have 2 powerheads(one filtered, one with just the prop) running with it). Cheers, Adam
  15. Hey does anyone own/breed Cynotilapia Afra Cobwes and whats your thoughts on them?, like are they easy to look after and breed?
  16. Hi all Hybrid Cichlid Jaguar x Super green texas freshwater | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South East - Capalaba Whadya reckon, should I get one or avoid them like the plague? Interested to hear viewpoints Richard
  17. Hi, I have a 150 litre tank which has four goldfish in it - a fair sized Oranda (10 cm with fins), two small black moores (5 cm with fins) and a titchy ranchu. The tank has been set up for two months, although it has a sponge filter in it that was running in a smaller tank for longer. The main filter is an eheim cannister 2217, and this filter has been up and running for 4 weeks. I do two water changers per week of 20-25 % and ammonia is 0, nitrite 0 and nitrate 10 ppm. The substrate is river rocks of about 1.5 cm in diameter and it is planted with elodea. The fish are fed twice a day on a mixture of Hikari pellets, some flake food (for the little one) and a mixture of greens (peas, blanched spinach). I alternate the pellets and greens. I started the tank with the two black moores. Originally I had them in a smaller tank but within about 6 weeks realised it was too small and bought the 150 litre tank. I moved them and the sponge filter over and added an internal filter. After about another 4 weeks I purchased 3 more fish - the Oranda, a black ranchu and the small titchy ranchu. I kept monitoring water parameters and when the internal filter turned out to be making the water too warm, I swapped it for the eheim and did more frequent water changes while the eheim cycled. Three weeks after I added the new fish (they all came from the same LFS) I came home to find that the black ranchu had developed dropsy (it had showed no signs of lethargy prior to this). I quarantined it in a large tub, but it died a few days later. It is now two weeks later and one of the black moores has developed dropsy and the other looks a little suspicious to me. I think the ultimate cause of the dropsy must be bacterial, as my water parameters have remained good throughout this tank's lifespan and the ranchu died so soon after I purchased it. And the fact that another fish has now developed dropsy suggests it is contagious. My real fear is for my oranda, Brain, whom I am very attached too. He is a lovely fish and I will be heartbroken if I lose him. He is very active and still seems very healthy but I feel like it may only be a matter of time. So my question - should I try and treat him before it's too late? If I can get some metronidazole tablets how would you make them in to gel food and what dose would you need and for how long? Any input would be appreciated. I don't know whether to hope for the best or try to treat now. In my opinion once a fish has pineconed it is too late. Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Hi again everyone, sadly I'm back here in the fish health section. Just yesterday I noticed that two of my Blue Rams had white spots all over their bodies and through their fins; straight away I knew it was Ich, a disease I haven't encountered before but have done plenty of research on. Now I'm the kind of person that would rather treat a problem without meds if possible, but the rate it has spread throughout my tank has me concerned.So far I've been raising the temperature to what is apparently the point where the parasite can no longer reproduce, and I am planning to slowly bring it up to 32°C which is supposedly the point at which the parasite dies; I've also added several tablespoons of Aquarium Salt which my catfish seem to be tolerating well, but I'm not noticing any changes in the spots on my fish. I come to this forum to ask any of you who have encountered this before: what method of treatment worked best for you, was the temp + salt increase effective if you tried it, and what meds are effective yet still gentle enough for my scaleless fish?Thanks.
  19. Hi All, Looking to try and finalise the new display Tanganyikan setup (48L x 14W x 18H) I'm going to filter it with an Eheim 2217 with the following planned stocking which I understand may be on the heavy side. Please let me know your thoughts. I do also understand I run the risk of having 2 lamprologus species but I do plan to split them at each end of the tank and monitor them to ensure no pairs form between the 2 species. I may also look to split all the inhabitants into another tank or expand into a larger tank long term. Plenty of rock while still leaving open sandy area for the sifters and shellies. 10 Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta 4 Lamprologus ocellatus (Gold) (to reduce to a pair) 4 Lamprologus Meleagris (1m/3f or reduce to 1m/2f or even 1m/1f) 10 Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis 3-4 Tanganicodus Irsacae Moba 2 xenotilapia papilio sunflower Msalaba 5 callochromis macrops ndole red 2 Bristlenose (purely for cleaning but only if needed) Thanks in advance Trav
  20. Ok so I have a mate who builds tanks and he may be able to get me toughened glass at a realy great price now question is is it safe to use for tanks? this tank will be big 10x4x2.5 it will be built by a guy who has built many a big tank and no's what hes doing braced wel etc etc he even said he would want to put wide alloy corners on all 4 corners for extra protection, but said to do some research into toughened first I have read it can explode if hit hard:shock: sounds worrying lol what are your thoughts guys? mods can close thread that idea is over with! lol Thanks
  21. <Rant> A few weeks ago I was having a chat to a mate of mine about starting up a nano planted tank for some shrimp. He told me a trip to "Shop X" was a must, so we arranged a time and I went in with him. I loved the little shop, everything from the fish, plants to DW it was all there. I looked for an hour or so and left with the intention of going back after my tank was setup to spend some $. A week later I had the tank setup so I went in and bought some stuff; HC, Anubias, DW, etc. This is were my "issue" arises. The lady helping me (not the store owner) was DAMN rude. I explained how I was new to plants and was worried i would kill the HC. Not once did she give me any advice or even smile. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she had a bad day / woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Stupid me has been into the store 3 times and spent $50 each time, not once was this lady remotely pleasant. But the last trip took the cake. Once again I expressed my concern in keep the moss alive (that i was buying), she offered no advice and didnt even respond. Here is a transcript of the conversation: Her: How much would you like? Me: Not too much, its my first time keeping moss, I dont want too much incase I kill it. Her: <silence> Me: I really have no idea when it comes to plants. Her <silence> ... Anything else? Me: No thank thats it for now Her: <Silence> putting things through on the register Me: I've never seen it this quiet Her: <silence> Me: Its usually really busy everytime i come in Her: Thats $XX.XX Me: Just on the card please Her: <Silence> Putting through payment and hands me the bag Me: Thanks, have a good day Her: <Silence> didnt even look at me or acknowledge me I have sent 3 people to the store in the last month who have all spent $ there. I now regret it and Ill be doing the exact opposite (Im not naming the store because i dont want this thread deleted) ... BTW - I dont believe the Shop X is a forum sponsor. The funny part is I have spoke to 3 people about this incident and they all say that im not the first person to complain about this Lady (I believe she is the problem, not the store/owner itself). One even told me that they told the store owner that they need to get rid of her she was that bad. </Rant> Now your thoughts ... I was all for supporting my LFS, but now I ask myself WHY? In the case of Shop X above im A) Paying more Inconvenienced because I need to drive there (not ordering online) C) Treated like crap (rude) D) Not given any advice (im not going to beg for it) Would you go back?
  22. Just thought i would throw it out there ,,seems a few ppl insist on selling a colony of fish (which have not bred?),imo a colony of fish is one that has bred otherwise they are just a group of fish,nothing more.would like to know what you guys think
  23. i have a 3ft tank, water is natural 8.45, as pic below, just want a few real nice fush to go in it, its a lot clearer than pic shows, next to TV, let me know what u all have in mind, running a 1800lt/h external cheers pete
  24. there is 4 of them....1 pic of all 4, 1 pic of 2 and 1 pic of the other 2... if it means anything, 2 of them grunted when i picked them up to put back in... any feedback greatly appreciated.
  25. I have a 4ft 1.5ft 2ft tank it has been running for 3mths now and havent had a problem yet till now. I do 25% water changers once a week. Ph is about 7, ammonia 0 nitrate 0 I have got one of my spray bars pumping oxygen into the tank and it's sitting at around 26 degrees. I have about 4500lph total of canister filtering it which was cleaned about 4weeks ago. Lighting is 4x4ft t5 for 8hrs. Stock 6 ellioti 3 firmouth 6 blue eye cichlids 4 red tailed goodieds 1 bristlenose 3 Hokaki carfish. I have noticed as these fish are getting bigger they are getting more and more aggressive. At the moment I think I have a pair of blue eyes and firemouths trying to breed and are bossing everything around. The ellioti are now chasing each other quite offen and I have one which has been breathing heavily for the last 2 days. To date I've lost on goodied and a catfish and don't want to loss more any suggestions??
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