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Found 72 results

  1. Dedicated thread for full tank shots of your display aquariums. Always good for inspiration for those looking to rescape or even for those looking for ideas on what to keep in a display setup. My two Eartheater setups. Cheers, japes.
  2. photo thread only, no chat, photo of my old goldfish pond that i sadly had to sell,
  3. Hey guys, here are some recent snaps of new mod Daydream's breeding collection of apistogrammas so hope you enjoy. Note pictures are terrible no light in the garage so flash had to do, and the tanks have some dirty glass (dirty on the outside) but they are breeders not displays ; Also a big welcome to the new mod Daydream Apistogramma Cacatuoides
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Imagine your only tank is a one foot cube. How would you make it the ultimate display. Stick to fish available in Australia. If you have the ultimate one foot display please post pictures.
  6. Does any one know if the ISTA I-641 C02 regulator will fit a C02 bottle with a AS 2030 thread??
  7. Hi all, I've seen some great and some not so great shrimp around lately. So i thought I would start a thread where people can show off their shrimp. I will start with a red cherry, how they should be. Pair My boys One of the girls that bred my boys(daydreams reds)
  8. Sometimes I have thoughts about tanks I would like to do. Or nifty tricks that could eliminate the work. And I imagine others do to. Which means a thread like this could have some fun. So add 'em if ya got 'em. So... today right? Looking for a bit of driftwood to make a moss tree. Is not easy to find. I looked at my driftwood. All too big and clunky. And thought, I should just whittle one of them down! Why I have not thought of this before..... I do not know as I am a man who owns many mora. One nano moss tree trunk coming up. Perhaps not the best idea to start the thread with, but hopefully start it, it did.
  9. So I have got moving setting up my tanks for the apistogramma. This weekend I have resealed 6 tanks and once the silicon dry will set up with sand from Bunnings. I am going to set the tanks with Bolbitis, as it grows well and is undemanding. I want a complex tank so that I prevent aggression from over excited males, and once with fry dominant little women. I will make some breeding pots as I used to use. Once I get some sand and water in the tanks I will add some photos, and my pots. Also on the look out for good true German Rams.
  10. ...is not what this is (but maybe it could be )... but it is a spot where spuds(like me:dance:) can ask about all the fantastic things involved in using pallet racking as holding stands for tanks.....so join in fellow spuds So do you have to bolt in floor plates (on legs?!)?? I currently rent so a NO GO... Also the depth of racking seems to be a pain...none 600 or 900 deep??....seems to be 840 or some odd number ... how do you work around this or find the correct depth???? just some starters....sure I got more dumb questions I can ask..give it time...but hey never ask never know..
  11. Lets hope this is in the right section. Just decided I would make a growth thread for my freddys so I can have something to look back through. Hard to get shots of them all at the moment as I just rearranged the tanks but one decided to let me get a bearable iphone photo tonight so thought I would share. Would love to see any other Parachromis friedrichsthalii any of you have as well! He is only around 7cm and photo does not show the blues on all of his fins sadly. Really looking forward to how he turns out. Will try get some more photos of him and the others over the next week or two. Will do a similar thread for my Festae as well. Thanks for looking!
  12. With slight fear I put out the challenge, show me the thread of the year on QLDAF. Must have been made in the last 12 months by some other member. Please bump the thread with a tag "thread of the year" and quote thread here........
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. ok so today, I got a mouthful of Protomelas virgatus. About time too, she spat the last 4! got 28..... which is at least 1 more female. And thank crap for that, becuase I cant find any anywhere!
  15. Hello All How can i advertise my juvies on qldaf?
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. thread for members to give suggestions on what next for your tank. here is mine, what's missing aside from an extra two feet
  18. Hey guys just recently bought 10 peacock bass at around 5 cm and thought id do a thread on their growth rate, I have raised fry before so I know they grow quick but this time I'm doing it a little different. Different diet and bigger tank. I will update each month with some pics and just and update on their diet and behavior. Currently in an 8ft with water temp at 28 degrees , ph is 7.4 and I've added a nice big peice of drift wood with Anubis as I found last time it brought the green out more and just somewhere for them to hide Their current behavior is standard for bass this size and they just hide and sook until feeding time. I've also attached a photo of the father as he has beautiful colors Their diet for this first week has been brine shrimp and bloodworms , will be moving them onto new era very soon as it's a softer pellet for them to start with.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. The magical bling ingredient in fish foods. Expensive but oh so powerful. On one hand, hobbyists consider people who juice fish with it cheaters, but then on the other if you go look at the foods you feed, its likely in the ingredients! An interesting ingredient, that deserves to be discussed outside of whatever contraversial foods it may or may not be in! I am thinking of running an experiment with some and a few fry, if theres interest I shall put up a day by day picture.
  22. I'm planning on setting up a texas ( escondido ) x jack dempsey spawn and want to know what he outcome would be So share your jack dempsey x texas hybrids Or any jack dempsey hybrids
  23. Just thought I would share this is one of [MENTION=3737]kasman[/MENTION] bubs from the girl I now have it's name is bubbles for to reason it loves bubbles in the tank and it a unisex name I have just seperated it from the other couple now so I thought I would share I will put lots of new pics up excuse the bad phone pics it doesn't do the fish justice lol I'm hoping its a boy fingers crossed It's diet is : marine green cube Heart and prawn cube Mysis shrimp Bloodworm Food sticks hikari Hikari carnivore Cichlid bio gold Normal hikari My fish are spoilt hahaha
  24. OK lets get this thing to 30 pages! Your plans, questions, pictures, movies........... EVERYTHING clownfish!
  25. I'm about to embark on a rebuild of a 75cm X 45 X 36, approx 120L tank. Apart from one or two chips on the edge of a single pane, the glass looks to be in good condition and I think will clean up nicely with acetone. My wife has already cut down an old shelves/cupboard/hutch thing and she'll be customising it further to fit the tank. The questions I have below were asked in another thread about sealing, but I plan to embark on the project tomorrow and need to get a grip on how to proceed. It'll be a few weeks at least before this is completed due to kids birthdays, my own 40th and a stupid amount of work. 1) Structure In CichlidWife's build, the sides are the same depth as the base and go back on first, with the front and back panels being mounted on the three outer edges of the base and two sides. The tank I'm about to rebuild was built the other way around: the front and back panels went on first and then the sides were mounted to the outer edges of the base, front and back. Apart from the aesthetic of not seeing the sealant from the front of the tank, is there any good structural reason to do it Cichlidwife's way, rather than just rebuild the tank the way it was cut? 2) Cutting down to remove chips (and improve structure) There's a good non-structural reason for cutting down the sides - I could trim off the edge of the one page that's chipped. Because it'd be an 'internal' sealed edge, it wouldn't matter if my cut wasn't beveled, I assume. That said, it's a big long cut to get right and I'm a little wary of doing that as part of my first project. 3) Do I need a top front-to-back brace? It seems possible, likely even, that the reason the top blew out in the first place was due to inadequate bracing. Given the dimensions above and that I have a fair bit of glass to spare right now, should I add a brace? K
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