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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, Hope this finds you all well. Firstly, not sure if this is the right section to post this in as I am new to the forum. Sorry in advance if it is moderators... I have a ~3 year old, really healthy Red Tiger Oscar that's ~230mm long. He is really healthy, happy, has heaps of character, great colour patterns, no worms or diseases etc. He currently lives by himself in a 4ft 189 litre tank with a 20mm rocky pebble base that he likes to rearrange a fair bit. I'm wanting to sell him to a loving home if possible. I will not be letting him go into the wild either way! Even though some idiots have already done this in Townsvilles Ross river from what I have heard... So what are they roughly worth at this age, health and length/size? Thanks for the help, info and advice in advance! Kind regards Steve
  2. Picked him up last week he finally has come out and socializing. Thanks [MENTION=553]grokzy[/MENTION]
  3. Hi everyone very new to aquariums and been doing a lot of research on what to put in my new tank. 200L tank. I like tiger barbs and neon tetra but just wondering will the barbs just be too aggressive?
  4. Couple photos of my tiger Oscars. Phone quality pics They are in a 6x2x2.5 with 11 silver dollars, a 12cm jag, 12cm jack Dempsey, 4 clown loaches, Albno sailfin. I do 40-50% water changes bi weekly. Regardless still full of tannins. Cheers Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  5. Hello all! Am trying to figure out whether my tiger barb is pregnant or just a Fatty 😂
  6. .So still following the aftermath of a week away, the other juvie Albino oscar seems to be getting sick. He has began to lie on his side on top of the internal filter. The first juvie albino oscar I came home to nearly dead has been separated and in a separate tank and is recovering and thriving - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/help-fish-health-diseases-water-quality-12/injured-oscar-help-please-again-116394/ (while I was gonna the third little albino had jumped). Family was looking after them while I was gone. I got these three from the same store and had no problems for a couple of weeks by themselves. Then from the same store but two weeks after I got a normal tiger oscar of the same size. All four were fine all together for a few weeks, with the normal tiger asserting himself as leader but nothing overly aggressive. Then I left for a week and came home to what is described above ^ What happened?! Now the last healthy albino is looking sick, and I need help. What do I do? I put Melafix and aquarium salt in immediately when I saw his sores, which are on both sides.
  7. .So I was away for the week, with family looking after my fish. Four little oscars were in the quarantine tank. Midway through the week I got a message saying one had jumped out, as they mustn't have put the lid back on after feeding. Gutted but nothing I could do. Come home and see that one of the others seems to have gotten smaller (or the others bigger while he remained small), and had a concave belly. I did a water change and cleaned the filter before I left, but tested the water again, and got Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 20. So I am assuming injury to the little oscar? Thing is, I've seen no signs of aggression between them and I've been looking at them more than I care to admit, before I left and since I've come home. I've moved him into his own two foot quarantine tank now. What do you think happened? What can I do to make sure he recovers? P.S. What food is best used so he can grow and catch up in size to the slightly bigger oscars?
  8. These fish that we see quite often when free dive collecting or just taking photos are always around in estuaries and the non-swell side of islands and sometimes they are opportunistic, in that a fish will make a mistake when one of us swims past and they take advantage of that mistake!
  9. Red tiger motaguense Saw a few of these on YouTube, can we get them in Australia?
  10. Does anyone keep some of these ,??? Seem to be hard to find .....
  11. Hi I was wondering if there's a strain of guppy the looks like a tiger endler. I have had a look at yellow cobra guppys but is there anything closer to a tiger endler? I have a heap of tiger enlers but I would like a stain where the female has some colour as well. Thanks
  12. Just picked up a beautiful pair of these guys. Got them from a Chick that sells fish at Annerly.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hey, just wanted to know how do you tell the sex of tiger plecos as I'm looking to sort out males from females, thanks too anyone that helps
  15. Did a vid on some new bubs coming through.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Hey Guys Just wanting to know if these are commonly available or are they hard to get here in Aus. Both closely related to the Dovii and Jag but dont get as big from what Ive read. Has anyone seen these around or know of anyone with them? Reg Tiger - Parachromis motaguensis Species Profiles -- Cichlid-Forum Yellow Jacket - Parachromis friedrichsthalii Species Profiles -- Cichlid-Forum Thanks Matt.
  19. i have a 150l aquarium i just added 8 tiger barbs and they have become extremly aggresive to my other fish tearing fins i cant seem to catch them to quick even with 2 nets need them out urgently any advice thanx nick
  20. i have a 150l i just added 8 tiger barbs and they have become very aggresive to my other fish but i cant seem to catch them they are way to quick even with two nets i need to get them out any advice thanx nick
  21. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to keeptiger barbs and silver sharks in the same tank??? It is a 3 foot tank. Thanks Larry
  22. Just wondering if anyone can impart some wisdom ... Water Params are 0, 0, 5 Bought a 2nd hand 3' tank with fish a couple of weeks ago. Have lost 3 of the fish and I'm wondering if I need to treat the whole tank - until I get advice I've thrown Melafix & Pima fix in. Endler - dead, no apparent reason or visible signs of anything & it was fine when we left this morning. Molly - had been gasping since we got it home and a couple of daysw ago it's lips went white, but a hard white ... looked like a phosphorous burn from a match head if you know what I mean .... as in it wasn't furry like fungus. In the end, it wasn't gasping as such, it just kept its mouth open the whole time. Tiger Barb - had 1 really red gill and one totally clouded eye. Progressively its mouth looked ulcerated & white (again, not fluffy fungus) and went really red where it wasn't white. Any idea from the above what I should use? I'm hoping to get away without knocking the bio filter out because it's only just had a brand new cannister filter put on & has a few small seeded internal filters going until the cannister is fully seeded. Thanks so much for any advice you can give. Cheers Di
  23. Can some tell me what the going rate are for L015 tiger plecos? sizes are from 5cm and 7cm cheers
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