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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm a new shrimp keeper and loving it so far, and really enjoyed looking through some of the photos on this forum I came across Thai micro crabs on some articles from overseas and they seem so adorable. But sadly AFAIK not available in Australia. Seems we have a native crab that's very similar: http://www.aabio.com.au/research-continues-on-the-false-spider-crab-amarinus-lacustris/ Anyone happen to have had any luck finding them or buying them? When I lived in remote NSW as a little kid I used to find them (or something that looked like them) but I can't really travel 700km to the old spots to go looking haha.
  2. Just a few macro shots from today. First off, a tiny jumping spider;) The common fly. I thought this was an interesting image. I managed to capture every part of their life cycle within the one shot from the small eggs to the larvae, the larvae to the pupa, the pupa to the sub-adults and last of all the adults. A tiny mosquito. A little lacking in fine detail but this guy was ultra tiny! Also, I can't say I have seen them this colour before? It's amazing what can be found within your average lawn.
  3. My Alto Comp Sumbu pair bred & I'm so happy I just had to share. Thanks to [MENTION=2023]shon982[/MENTION] for the brilliant lil cherry shrimp hunters :). Zap (male) & Zip (female) had 14 (possibly more) lil green hoppers bouncin round the bottom. I was bout to do a snail cull & water change on my Nigripinnis, Alto Comp Sumbu tank last night bout 10ish. I cleared most of the plants & ornaments out, was about to start suckin snails off the bottom & I saw a tiny 3mm long green thing. Staring at it trying to figure out what it was, thought it was a bit of plant or something then it hopped off the bottom & I nearly bloody fell over! I was up til 3 in the morn building a fry saver & very carefully catching 14 of the tiny lil critters just in case the Nigripinnis wanted a chew. Barely avoided tragedy & I wouldn't of even known! Thank you eyeballs lol. Only had em bout a month maybe a lil more & really wasn't expecting fry yet but I'm not whingin [ATTACH=CONFIG]34509[/ATTACH]
  4. The other day I noticed a heap of tiny white parasite looking things in my cherry shrimp tank. They are alive and move a fair bit. And they are eating the algae on the glass. They are multiplying too Can anyone tell me what they are and how to get rid of them? I have attached a pic. Thanks
  5. I have a pair of discus that have been laying pretty much weekly and then eating the eggs within a day or so. While I am not yet worried about them eating the eggs (the pair are a little young) I did notice last time that there were very small 1mm+ "bugs" crawling around the eggs which may mean the eggs are being "accidently" eaten as the parents try to get the bugs. So what can I use to remove the bugs? Do I need to? The fish are very happy and display absolutly no negative or affected behaviour. I feed them a rotation of dry food, frozen blood worm or live black worm twice a day. The bugs aren't baby fish or worms although they do seem to have a head and tail. I can't see the bugs now nor have I ever noticed them before. Tank is bare bottomed with a couple of plastic plants, a breeding cone and a power head filter. Water changes a minimum of 3 x a week and all numbers are stable and in acceptible ranges. Thnx
  6. i have a tank with BN and fry in it and have only just noticed tiny, maybe 1 cm max hair sorta thickness worms, in there tank. they are on the glass and is a fair few of them. will these hurt the BN or fry or will the eat them?
  7. G'day everyone. I have been using my hospital tank to grow algae and put the odd batch of royals and alf bn fry in to get started. I was just doin a water change and noticed some tiny little bugs running (not swimming) around in the corners. Makes me kinda nervous. Can anyone tell me what they might be? Are they bad? And how can I KILL the little buggers? Thanks in advance. Jono
  8. I've recently started keeping dwarf cichlids, in particular Blue Rams. They breed and I pulled my first batch of fry out about a week ago but have had trouble with feeding routines. Because they are so small, I have trouble cleaning out left over food without sucking out fry too. This leads to me having to find them and put them back in the tank one by one which takes about 30 mins 4 times a day! That's 2 hours per day just with fry feeding routines. Now they have layed eggs again! So I've come up with a plan and wanted to find out if anyone else feeds the way I plan too. The plan is to suck them out of thier tank into a "feeding container" so that the home tank stays clean and I dont have to worry about sucking out fry when cleaning. So I would put tank water in an ice cream container, suck them into it, feed them and then put them back into the home tank. At the end of each day I would refill the 15L that I've taken out during feedings so that takes care of water changes too. Has anyone else done this? Would love some advice, like: Does it stress the fry out moving them around so much? Any advice really would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. Hi guys, just doing usual checks on tank and saw some tiny little white hair like worms swimming in the tank?? I usualy have a internal filter on it with the air injection so it creats alot of bubbles, just disconeccted it for a short while and i saw all those little worms, about 5 -8 or so . I have just done about 10% change, im on town water so i was wondering if they could have coume in from that or do u think they may have been in the tank? They are in a 4x2x2. havent checked water parameters yet just wanted to hear some feed back. There is some fish in there, electric blue/snooks and they are doing fine. I dont have a pic because they are to small it probably would not show up. They look like an eyelash but white and they wriggle....like an eel, the first one i saw i thought it was a cat hair but then it started to swim. I just want to know if anyone knows what they are? if they are anything to worry about? and how do i get rid of them? Should i just try worming medication to see what happens? And if i had (not that i do but wanted reason to get) UV sterilizer do u think they would be killed...im not sure on the actual ability of the UV's but i thought they were for like microscopic bacteria... Thanks
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