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Found 8 results

  1. The easiest way, to make a trees day, is to tip a bucket of aquarium water that has had a filter squeezed out in it, all around the trees base. Its the best fertilizer on the market. Destroying a filters bacteria colony by cleaning filter media in straight tap water results in 2 weeks of ammonia and nitrite smashing your fish. Best case scenario you get stuck doing epic water changes every few days and wasting hours testing water. That is the best thing that can happen. The worst is you lose your fish and just give up. The tiny mistake of cleaning filter media in tap water is something we see every day at AOA. And.... every day we help people go into damage control, and get themselves back to the point where they can be lazy again. Its not even like its a big mistake, its just a little one with big consequences. Long ago, someone pulled me up on cleaning filters in tap water. Gave me a lecture. And that marked the beginning for me of keeping fish long term, rather than just buying them. When I stopped treating my filter like something I had to get clean.... and instead realised that gunk growing in the filter was the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU NEEDED TO HAVE TO ACHIEVE AN AWESOME AQUARIUM. All filters are just homes for bacteria. Cleaning a filter means pruning back the bacteria culture so that water can flow through the media. It does not mean killing it all and making the place sparkle. The most reliable way to maintain good bio filtration, is to clean filters in a bucket of aquarium water taken from the aquarium the filter was running on. Its a small thing, but it decides the fate of the little underwater world you have created
  2. His name is Jerry and I believe he is a common pleco? Please correct me if I am wrong. He hides mostly, but today he made a rare front and center appearance after a water change. I noticed his tail was red at the tip. Is he getting chewed on? Or is he somehow rubbing it against a mostly smooth piece of driftwood? He's easily 7cm bigger than anything else in the tank. Any help is greatly appreciated, Richard.
  3. Just wondering how often should I feed my bubble tip ??? At the moment just giving it brine shrimp
  4. Firstly be careful of taking your wife to Pet City, as she may decide that you need to buy her the Juwel bay front aquarium they have on display. Secondly you may then start reading this thread here and thinking, "Hmmm never done marine, live rock, lion fish are cool, lots of good advice on how to do it right and different ideas." http://www.qldaf.com/forums/marine-brackish-10/cycling-my-tank-when-can-i-add-fish-77481/ Cause the outcome is you buy a lotto ticket thinking yeah, I'm gonna add to this article first thing I gonna do is buy a big ass Juwel aquarium....... How lotto millionaires spent their jackpots | News.com.au True story!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Which some may already be aware of. If you are running a multi-diaphragm/outlet air pump and have 2 sponge filters in your tanks (which I recommend in case of diaphragm failure or airline slipping off), do not run both filters from one split airline. If a diaphragm goes, then you'll have a tank with no filtration and if it goes just after lights out and you don't discover it till the morning, you may have a disaster on your hands. Running a split airline to the filter in one tank and a filter in another, throughout your system, ensures that if a diaphragm goes, you will at least have one sponge working in two tanks as opposed to none working in one. kev
  7. hey guys i got a green bubble tip anemone 10 days ago, i placed it on a level brightly lit spot in the tank, but it moved to a live rock cave and has stayed there since. Any idea when it should come out of the cave, it is eating and looks ok. but im a bit worried it wont get enough light and die.
  8. ok heres what happens when you try to take short cuts I striped some demasoni and white knights from the one tank, because i beleive once im in a tank ill strip everything I got some free swimmers some eggs with heads and tails and some slightly oblong eggs I put the free swimmers into a fry saver and the rest removed to a container with some meth blue and a stone Normally a small seive over the stone is what i use but seeing how they were almost free swimming and the fact that there was some gravel in amoungst them i decided to opt for a stone just going in the container Sigh to those who know (myself included) the eggs with head have about 100 percent hatched while the oblong eggs are about 50% if that the lesson here I should not have been lazy, i shouldve picked out the gravel and tumbled em properly well thats the lesson for today peter
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