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  1. Hi everybody, i would love as much advice on Bettas as possible; I've recently returned to collecting what i consider beautiful specimens( of coarse beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and attempting to do some "experimental breeding" As a young child in Buenos Aires i use to have breeding specimens that would constantly breed with little to no effort on my part. After many years, a shift to a new continent and growing older(arrrrrg) i have found the fighters in Australia to be almost impossible to breed, my girls are totally into it and can hardly swim they're so full of eggs and the males seem to be more interested in just plain out attacking the girls to the point of death and then vein total jerks about it!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions, tips useful stories would be great!!!! also i am currently looking for half moon albino males, mustard gas males and females( I'm not sure if thats what u call them in this country) let me know your thoughts. Gracias por ayuda! Alejandro(Ash)
  2. Hey Guys, lately i've notice my 2 peacock bass cleaning one of the flat rocks in the tank and I thought they might be breeding. A couple days later and ive noticed about 200 little eggs on the rock. please help I need to know what to do. Do I take them out of the tank? Will the parents eat them? What to feed them,how when etc?
  3. We are wanting to do a planted tank with maybe Chinese algae suckers or small catfish types, and a couple of shrimp or smaller fish. We haven't done one before, any tips/suggestions? Will be in a 30Lish tank. Obviously not one with everything listed. What is the best type of plant for beginners? Any hints or tips you have would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hey would like any pointers you guys can give in regards to keeping breeding frontosa eg..... Tank size how many in a colony how many in a tank pretty much anything your willing to share about keeping them thanks!!!
  5. Just looking for advice on setting up a new tank for my young oscars. Im picking up a 4 and a half ft tank monday and just wanted advice on what colour gravel and tank backing etc to promote the colour. They are only dirty old tiger oscars but I got given them as fry and have grown on me are around 15cm now. I have some really big driftwood pieces to go in. This is the first tank the missus is letting me put in the lounge room and I want it to really pop. Any advice or ideas will be great. Cheers Ryan
  6. Hi everyone, If you're like me i.e. a Tanganyika addict you've no doubt had trouble sexing Altolamprologus species, here is a brilliantly simple guide to help! Female on the left
  7. Im sure a few people on here have stumbled upon a few magic tricks...not topic specific......what little tricks have you come across? I have one. Newspaper is probably one of the best glass cleaning cloths of all time. takes a bit of elbow grease but brings it up clean as.(learnt it from the old man) Also that you can create a syphon very easily with the garden hose by turning it on clearing the air and then disconnecting! makes a 250l water change very easy!
  8. Hey guys, hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Years! Just a few questions.. What is the best way to keep the bacteria alive in my canister filters and the best way to remove sand from the tank so I can transport it to the other house? Anything other tips or tricks would be much appreciated thanks.
  9. .Hey guys, any tips on how i can get my fuelleborni to grow faster? I have the males and females seperate. I do twice weekly water changes and feed twice a day. Any way i can make it even faster wud be awesome. Just they are around the 4-5cm mark and have only put on 1cm in like 3 months?
  10. .Not exactly a treasure trove of info............. but perhaps an excuse to start a thread and gather peoples tips! Feng Shui Tips for Location of the Fish Tank At Home | My Decorative
  11. Hey guy, anyone have any tips on catching natives in locals creeks? I'm basicly looking for mostly feeders, but also wouldnt mind setting up a native display tank after i lost all my 60 strong school of tetras due to too much co2 :/ i have a trap from ebay, and its ****house this is the trap I've been using, I've used bread with Vegemite and garlic and this is the one i just bought three of. now, my question is: where in a creek is best for the second type of trap, what time of the day is best for trapping fish and what bait should i be using? thank you in advance to everyone Nate
  12. I have a small shoal of Buenos Aires Tetras. When I bought them they were 2cm each, and I foolishly assumed they would be like cardinals and stay small. But these are the most greedy and aggressive fish I've ever had, and they are FAST!! I have decided I really don't want them in my tank, as they aren't my kinda fish so I am planning to take them to the lfs, but I can't catch the buggers!!! They are so fast and agile. I've tried 2 nets, putting food in the nets, etc, but only bagged one so far. I need some tips:help: Cheers
  13. Hi I'm new to tropheus and Africans in general, just setting up a tank before I add a colony, and am after any advice on water conditions and what not
  14. Hi all, I'm building a rack to go in the lounge room that will run 8 1x18x15 tanks on a 3x18 sump. I've had sumps before on systems in a fish room so noise wasn't an issue, but now it will be. So a shout out to all the sump gurus on how to keep it quiet. I don't want a cannister, just a quiet sump. I want to run the start into a drip tray with Dacron then the rest of the goodies. Thanks in advance, mick
  15. Hi all! I've had a browse around and unless my eyes deceive me, which they do sometimes, there's bugger all info on here to help an eager fish keeper to build their own tank stand! Surely there's plenty of you out there that have done this, I've seen some nice stands being built, particularly [MENTION=2664]cichlidwife[/MENTION] but there's no one thread that gives you all the important tips to read through if you want a go at it yourself. So maybe we could all post a few points here and make it a sticky thread?! So it's easy to find?? Tips like pros and cons to wood and steel and do's and dont's. I myself am about to embark on a 10ft stand in timber to hold three separate tanks. I'm good at building and over engineering but suck at documenting my processes. I've build plenty of stuff from my daily job of building pumps/ motors to my spare time building new extensions on house so I should be okay building a stand for a fish tank but it's be nice to get some tips from the pros before I start! Last thing I want to do is put my tanks on a pile of matchsticks!! So have at it, and give me your thoughts. I intend on putting a 4x2x2 on each end of my 10ft stand with a nano shrimp tank in the space between. Cupboards underneath to house filters etc and one big arse common hood to cover them all!!
  16. Hey guys, so a friend of mine has an 8x2x2 he dosnt have room for and has asked if i can pick it up tomorrow i can have it otherwise hes gotta break it down (the missus law) so with the very little time i have i was wondering if anyone had previous experience shifting a bad boy like this ? are there any precautions i need to take ? so far the plan is race around to every nearby kennards and coates til i find at least 3 sets of suction cups (6 cups total) and 6 pretty strong blokes with a ute as transport... will this work or am i looking at failure ? i also own a trailer but it falls just short of 7ft however i think my mates ute has an extra long tray which should accommodate the 8ft. any advice is greatly appreciated thanks in advance Pondy. adventure time graff ftw !
  17. Ha there I've had a colony of cobolts now for about 4 month, 2 males 5 female, their the only one that I haven't had a mouth full out of yet. Any tips. There in a three foot tank with a gravel bottom and a few river rocks for hidey holes. Just wish I could get them to breed. Cheers Dave
  18. So..... Our pair keeps eating they're bubs what is the best method of removing them? This is our current process: Eggs laid, babies hatch we leave them in with the parents till they "hover". Once hovering we take them out into new tank via siphon hose with water from the parents tank. Add methylene blue 1/2 dose with an air stone adding 1cup of water every day or two The question I have is once we move them into bigger tank even using the same water from small tank they are all dying! They are usually 3 weeks old when trying to move into bigger tank. How can I stop them from dying? We have some fry from previous batch and they are split gene parents as we have gotten EBJDs fom them from one successful batch but now we can't repeat the effort. So frustrating!! Anyway thank you in advance for any advice given. Cheers Karen & Mick
  19. Get guys anyone got a good way of cleaning Tanks up, removing the calcium build up or Is elbow grease the best way, some one suggested small steam cleaner? Thx in advance
  20. I need to move in the next few months, all are right, except the tank. Any tips to move as it is 6x2x70 full of plants, around diy substrate: 80kg bunnings sand, dino dung, etc... Fish looks fine except some small peppermint BNs and shrimps, not sure how to find them, but plants and substrate are my most concern as I may need a few weekend to take out plants, move, and set it back ;( I have a 2ft guppy, which i can try to select some best plants to move first just to be sure. A 200l drum to store the big fish.... Anyone done before has some tips for me or notes to beware? Thanks...
  21. Hi I'm after any tips anyone has for breeding L202 plecs. I've aquired a reverse trio and am just wondering the best way to go about it. Would I be better separating one of the males and keeping 1 male and female in there own tank? Any tips anyone has in regards to peeping them to breed would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  22. i have got 2 pairs of bn and trying to get them to breed got a slate cave for them and they are in a divided 4ft tank with some africans was wondering if i should put them in a spare 2 ft tank but do they need a heater ???? they have breed before from one of the guys off here i got some of their previous spawn so growing them out in a spare tank to the parents
  23. My fenestratum and coatzacoalcos did the business. I’ve moved the eggs into a small tank, they’ve hatched a few weeks ago and there are now 15 around the 6mm mark. Tank is about 30 litres, has a light, bubbler, small stone substrate, and heater set at 28 degrees. No filter. I’ve been feeding them a pre-packaged food recommended by Exotic Fish (will have to check name tonight) plus some very fine guppy food. The tank is growing lots of brown algae including some tendril type stuff as it gets the sun through garage door window. I haven’t done any water changes as I’m afraid of sucking them out. Any tips on what I’m missing/doing wrong or what I should do next greatly appreciated. I plan to transfer of few of these to my main American tank if they get to a reasonable size. Any thoughts on what to do with the rest of them? PS - I've only been keeping fish 6months so be gentle
  24. Just wondering what tips people had to breeding bristle nose I have a male and 2 female in a 2ft tank and added 2 breeding logs about 3 weeks ago and have noticed the females going in and out a couple of times but not much else I read some where that if you do regular water changes it will trigger them to breed any advise would be great cheers Yellows
  25. Hey all. Joined the forum recently when pressured by my 7 year old to upgrade the 2 footer. To cut a long story short, it looks like I'll be acquiring lawsocietiy's nice 6 footer from the dry goods section (http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-trader-13/getting-out-fish-6x2x2-everything-88946/). I've never had to move a tank bigger than 4x15x18, which I can do with the wife at the other end, so I'm not 100% what I'm getting myself into. I'll be moving the tank 100km, from northern nsw to Brisbane. I do have a big trailer to do the job. Any tips people would like to give me I'd very much appreciate. What to put under it. How to strap it down. In short, how to do the job without breaking/weakening the tank. Regards Jono. Ps if anyone's interested in any of the fish, feel free to pm me. I'll probably be bringing then to Brisbane this Sunday.
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