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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys am thinking about going fishing one day to go catch some toga, just catch and release. Was wondering where would be some good spots and what gear to use. Thanks Russ
  2. Just showing off my new toga that I got today. Not the best pic, it's about 15cm. What do youse think?
  3. Just wondering what would be a good tank mate for my toga li, he's 20-25cm on pellets and blood worm. Keeping clear of lives, currently in pretty empty 4x2x2 with one gold spot pleco around 25 cm. got good sump filtration setup, will be upgrading tanks as he/she grows and don't want a over crowded tank
  4. I have a 1000lt foodgrade plastic bin, I was planning to plant out in the patio,maybe with some papyrus etc ,would a toga and the large variety of archer fish,namely T Chatareus get along ok together if I introduced as small fish and let grow out together,or is this a no no
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. His eating bloodworms and crushed hikari food sticks
  7. I got a 12cm S.Leichardti a few days ago and he wont eat. I've tried bloodworms, aquamunch, hikari cichlid gold (already had these 3) beef hearts and now hikari carnisticks. He chewed on the carnistick but still spat it out. API TEST RESULTS: PH 7.2 - AMMONIA 0.25ppm - NITRITES 0 - NITRATES 0 (after a 30% water change) Temp 25C. Any ideas? He hasn't eaten at all in about 4 days. Any help on what the problem is would be much appreciated.
  8. I am planning a new tank and wondered what size a Saratoga Jardini would require as a mature fish? Our "Sardini" (coughs, husbands) is currently in my 6x2x2 but is starting to increase the size of his snacks. I want to get him his own kingdom where he stops eyeing off all his tankmates (my fish) who either get eaten or aliens are making regular trips to our house of a night. Thank you
  9. Hey everyone I am thinking of adding a toga to my tank but I don't want to upset the balance too much. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they keep theirs with or opinions on adding one to mine. tank mates are: 3 35cm Pbass 1 oscar 30cm 1 Polleni 25cm 1 Salmontail cat 60cm 3 clown loaches 20cm + 1 Pleco The GG possibly may go back in this tank and he is around 45cm Thoughts? Thanks in advance Deeg
  10. sarratoga 60cm will throw in spaangled pearch or ealtail catfish.0412267411 txt me for details or pm
  11. so i went to bed at 11 lastnight and all my fish were fine woke up smorning at about 8 and my toga was belly up! did a 25% wc on saturday on saturday ph7.0 ammonia 0ppm nitrate 0-5ppm(between the 2 colours on the test kit) nitrite 0ppm today when i woke up ph7.1 ammonia 0ppm nitrate0-5ppm(still the same) and nitrite 0ppm i DID dechlorine thewater after the waterchange i did saturday there was no visable marks on my saratoga he ate bloodworms at 8 lastnight and was fine swimming healthy and happily temp in tank is 29C he lived with americans and clown loaches and swordtails so if it had of been adisease why didnt the loaches or swordtails go belly up first? any help with what may have caused thisproblem is greatly appreciated!
  12. my toga wont eat live fish? hes about 15-20cm hes got some feeders in with him aswell as americans(3 gold sevs 1 oscar and a pearl cichlid) aswell as a red claw cray and a goldspot pleco should be getting some small swordtails as feeders this weekend(i hope) toga eats pellets and frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms any idea on how i can get him onto live fish? cheers ash
  13. i have a complete 6 foot tank, aqua one 1000 external filter and another hang on filter. with a roughly 35 centermetre saratoga jadini. the stand is a proper cabinet looks realy good. need to money for a car. would anyone know how much roughly i could get for this set up, comments would be great.. thanks
  14. Will a toga and a barra go alright together? Will a toga out grow a barra?
  15. G'day everyone my name is Josh I have a few questions for you about setting up a 6ft tank Id like to put a saratoga (leichardti) in there and im just wondering if i can also get a mangrove jack? iv never kept a jack before so if anyone with some experience with them could give me some advice it would be great cheers
  16. So I found out today I can finally get a toga jardi. Its going in a 4ft tank till it out grows it then it will be moved into a larger tank. I have been hunting a small toga for 6 months. What will be some good tank mates for him. Will he kill my eel tail catfish or my gold spot sailfin plec(both 8cm approx)?
  17. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has experience keeping a Peacock bass and a jardini in the same tank? cheers.
  18. Evening everybody, just though I would finaly post some piccies up since I am on here every night Reading, researching, admiring everybodies tanks and fishies & seeing what is being sold, but I hardly ever post. My father introduced me to keeping fish at a really young age by buying me my first fish ( a black moore, hehe). Since then I have kept African chiclids, different discus variations for years, then disscovered Aussie natives and this has been my interest since. I kept Aussie rainbows for about 4 years, breed them a few times. Since buying our first house and having our first child, i only have 1 tank running. Which is home to my 30cm Toga, a few little catties and a lovely snakehead gudgeon, which I bought from Ronnie off here last week. My 4ft setup at the moment has a AquaOne 1200ltph canister filter with filter wool, zeo pad, sponges, seachem matrix and purigen. A Fluval Plus3 with filter wool, charcoal pad and zeo pad & a 150W Jager heater. Its nothing special but it is my hobbie & I spend alot of my time making sure it is spot on and all my fish are happy. I pick up their new, bigger tank next week. I plan to 'scape their next tank to make it a realy natural Aussie environment.
  19. Thougt I'd put a couple pics up of some of my Tanks 1st One is My 6x2x2 Frontosa tank with 13 Burundi ranging from 6cm-14cm and a couple of random Peacocks (Pity about the dirty Glass) 2nd one is My 4ft Saratoga Tank Last one is my 4x2x2 With a colony of Chewere (2M,9F) and a Colony of 6 Electric Yellows. Let me know what you all think
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