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Found 8 results

  1. My poor tanks suffered heaps this summer season, my chiller, after 14 years of use with only replacing the control panel and a new fan, it died, only 8 I think it was of tube worms that hung on in the tanks, most came out of their tubes because of the heat and were ripe for predation. Last week for some hours and this week were work on tank times! I got most into the tubs back then where there is no predators to these creatures and most survived. They quickly set up new tubes and today I stripped 5 of their tubes and in went 5, more another day. If yo can keep temps down and predators limited, the tube worms make a nice contrast to colours all ready in there plus they are my fav marine creature, closely followed by deco marine algae.
  2. This crispa anemone was just a cute speck mid last year, as with many others around here and at lots of sites each and every year and from it showing up, I would just have a glance from time to time watching it grow as it is in just 8 feet of water where I go to look at other things when swimming past when at this site. Then a month or so later on, a speck of a clown shows up in the juvenile anem via the most important function that governs all life in the ocean as with the anems in the first place, being planktonic dispersal. Then some months later at roughly two weeks before I took the first pic the area got a massive rain event after months of this anem slogging out a life bleaching the poor beggar, as with billions of other anems here in seq and most don’t survive this. From the the area getting a massive dose of killer rains, there was suffering and deaths for a lot of marine life from these all to common rain events these days. If its not CO2 and sediment its adverse salinity fluctuations killing billions of inshore life each time, this is all to obvious each year since 2011 at incredibly bad to just quite bad when all this became real common place killing a ton of marine life each year! Earlier last year Last month, aawww, some one has a new friend.
  3. Does anyone know of a tough red plant that can survive an onslaught of bristlenose.? Preferably something such as red lotus., however any tall red plant will do. Cheers Alex
  4. This is one of my purple morphs. These ones came from very shallow waters and high nutrients so they should do well with my high nutrient system. These and the two other colour variations from the same area are already splitting, it’s going to get crowded in there.
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  8. Hi All, I'm trying to find a suitable newbie for my 6ft American display tank. All of the occupants are bigger than 15 - 20cm and on trying to add anything into the tank they are getting nailed and die within a few days. The Texas' that I have in there as well as the large Festae and Green Sevs smash anything I put in the tank - even a yuk looking Red Forest Jewell I have in there is taking a dig at any new fish introduced? (its quite near flushing material haha!). I have always liked Jags but all the read ups note these as way aggresive and tank killers... What are your experiences with this fish? Funny thing is I have around 11 Humpheads and 9 Clown Loaches + 2 baby Tropheus Ikola and they dont get touched at all? I have a largeish Cuban in my 6ft too - very similar to a Jag but that has also been nailed - he is currently in a recovery tank and will be ready to go in for round 2 by Monday... Last victim I bought last Wed - the biggest meanest Brasillensis I could find - he was the ruler of the tank at the LFS and a bargain and $15 - put him in and today I dug him out, smashed, eyes missing etc etc... Thanks for any help, Todd
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