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Found 3 results

  1. Hey not sure if i just got the worst luck last night but i did a water change in 2 of my tanks last night and now have lost 95% of the fish in there i havent got to testing the water but just jumping on here to see if this has happened to anyone else i have had african cichlids for over 4yrs now and not lost any during a water change i have been using Supa chlor and always use a tiny bit more than necessary. Anyway the tanks smell of chlorine not strong but there is a whiff of it Not happy jan after having to leave work to find hundreds of dollars of display fish and peacocks and electric yellows breeding colonies dead
  2. Im really happy with my fish atm! I got my first tang (niggripinnis) fry today , My Ellioti are growing amazingly fast thanks to a food ive got my mits on and my success with BBS as of late . My peppermints are FINALLY looking like spawning AND im finally happy with my Oscar tank after adding a Salvini and plants! Life is good in fishy town!! Moments like these you need minitys....nah jks but it is good to get a UP, gets you through the DOWNS
  3. I have been trying to get a nitrite spike down for 3 days now and I just tested the tap water. Its nitrite levels are running at around 0.4 Does anyone else have this problem at the moment and what can be done to try and fix the problem. My filtration is out at the moment as I am trying to re cycle a large system so I cannot rely on the filter to remove the nitrites. Thanks guys.
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