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Found 12 results

  1. Yeah sorry to be a pest, can anyone in Townsville help me out with a few grindle worms. I have micro worms and vinegar-eels. I got some white worms in with them before i'd done my research lol .... it's too hot here ..... my woman let me use the fridge, but that was too cold. So yeah I'm looking to source grindle worms asap. The smallest start you could spare would be appreciated.
  2. Gday got a mate in townsville wanting to get into marine aquari... lookin 4 local tank/sump builder in FNQ or anyone in townsville who can help out with info / shops up there would be great, cheers jono
  3. I have been doing a fair bit of reading and heard of a large auction in Brisbane taking place on the 19th and wondering if anyone from NQLD is going to attend the auction and interested in buying for others in the area. This is just out of interest as i cant make it down myself but i really want to source some new rare BN adults. From talk with the LFS these arrangements can be a great way to strengthen ties between hobbyists up north and in the south. I realise there are expenses with heading down and would be all to happy to add to these and add a little in as a thankyou. P.s Are there people in brisbane who already buy fish from the auctions to send north for their friends on here? would be very interested to get in contact if this is the case. Kind regards clipper.
  4. are there many people from townsville on here? I have noticed townsville has no aquarium clubs and think an enthusiast network could really help the local hobbyists and breeders. I have started a facebook page for those who are interested in meeting others who are mad keen on their tanks, it could also prove useful as a place to palm of unwanted equipment and fish without the need to send them abroad. the group is called "Townsville aquarium enthusiasts"
  5. Hi Guys&Gals, New user here Been lurking for a few weeks but seen too many interesting things to continue the lurk mode. About myself? I started keeping fish at about 27 years ago with a 2 ft Guppy tank.... Ober the next 10 years I kept Community, Americans, Planted and African tanks, finally exiting the hobby with a 6ft*2 1/2 * 2 1/2 African display tank taking pride of place in my lounge room. Moved town, had kids bought a house etc for the next 10 years. No fish. Then I got divorced and bought a 2ft tank and started breeding angel fish Now have a 5ft tank with Americans (Oscars for the kids) and trying to fill the tank with interesting catfish. I mainly wanted to get back into the hobby to pass onto the kids the itch of breeding and keeping fish. Although I am not an "arty" person I have always enjoyed the "display" side of tanks and spend more money on interesting logs and rocks than the fish Anyways hi
  6. Not to sure how or why, but my account was deleted. I dont remember offending anyone but emails werent replied to. So im back, would prefer someone emailed me when they wish to ban me from a forum in future =D anyway i love fish too much to hold a grudge.. had too much of a great week, pep's on eggs and striped 6 yellows from my colony all babies so far are doing great =D clipper. hope to stick around this time
  7. HI there, I'm pretty new to fish keeping, I've been at it a few months now. I have a 5 ft planted tank with tetras (neons, black, rummy nose, glolite, black emporia (sp?)), 2 BN and 4 pepper corys. I also have a planted 3 ft, but I am thinking of changing it to a cichlid tank. I like the bright colours of the electric yellows and such. Am thinking of adding a few discus into my 5ft over time. Have had one issue with white spot and lost 2 clown loaches to it. Am loving my tanks and wish I could get more. Bit disappointed with the range available here in Tville compaired to Bris. Think I have now visited all the aquarium and pet shops in town. Lizzi
  8. hi all, Ive been playing with freshwater aquariums for about 2 1/2 years now and have just decided to upgrade from my 1220x365x460mm tank to a 1205x510x500. I have a 10" sailfin pleco, 2 6cm clown loach, 1 angel fish, 1 sunset mollie and plenty of guppies. we just finished setting up the new (secondhand) tank yesterday on it's supplied stand, but I have just noticed one of the supports is starting to fall out so tomorrow I'm ordering 16 meters of 75x50x3mm rhs to make a new stand. I'm currently using a fluval 305 canister for my filtration but seeing as the tank is 300l it's right on the limit of what the unit can handle, so I'v taken a punt on a cheap 1400lph unit from ebay, will be interesting to see how it goes.
  9. So... Hi, I'm Jess Just moved to Townsville from WA and am slowly getting back into fishkeeping. Was wondering if anyone could recommend any good fishkeeping stores around the place? Many thanks in advance!
  10. G,day all, Have been looking through the forum for a month or so now, great place to get info and see what is going on. I see all type of fish for sale but none in my area, is there anyone on this forum from around this area. Would really like to catch up and have a chat. At the momment i have a few tanks 1 has electric yellows, 1 with angles growing out and a guppy tank. Have an empty 6' x 18' and am seting up a bank of 2 footer for breeding. Brad
  11. hey guys anyone looking to get some fish sent up here? keen to get some fish from dfishkeeper sent up if i can get others in to save on the postage. so send us a pm if your interested his list can be found on the breeders register. cheers mick
  12. Hi All I'm in Townsville for the Footy, and have Saturday morning to kill. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any Aquariums up here worth looking at? Thanks Matt
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