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Found 24 results

  1. Hi Guys and gals, I have been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when a fella i know has to move on his fishy friends very quickly. So of course i will oblige by helping him out and taking his pair of convicts and their tank of his hands for next to nicks. Not to take advantage of anyone but it works for him I will be picking them up this afternoon as he needs them gone asap.(and i mean asap) one issue is that the convicts have just had fry , he had moved them to a 2 ft tank over the last few of weeks (due to his issue) and they have since breed So i have a two ft tank with a pair of convicts and god knows how many fry. My plan is to leave them in the tank and transport the tank and inhabitants 1/3 full. Any reason this may not be a good idea ? Also i have googled a bit about convicts as i have not had them before but any comments about care, food etc would also be handy. Cheers Edit: I should add the travel time will only be 5 to 10 mins max
  2. Evening all. I'm looking for some advice from the forum elders. I have been lucky enough to have had a colony of African Haps sold me to me this week & the were transported via fastaways and arrived today. The owner of these fish has been in the game a long time & transported many fish over the years & they were double bagged correctly males separate, largest female separate & 2 bags with 2 females each with black plastic bits in the bag as well, so he has done an excellent job of packaging them for me. However, some have traveled better than others. Males which were transported separately are in excelent form, striking fish. The large girl by herself looks great. But I have 2 out if the 4 smaller girls who traveled in pairs have extremely swollen bellies, I haven't seen anything like it before. Yes I am aware & am read up on Malawi bloat. So, because I had planned to quarantine them in 1 tank as a colony I decided to split the group, the boys are in separate tanks & all 5 girls are in together. The fish are all swimming fine together no real lethargy in any of the fish. I gave them some deshelled peas just to see if the would eat & they were taken with no complaints from all fish. I inspected the underside of the larger of the 2 fish with the swollen belly & the anus appears normal & vent seems a bit stretched but deffinatly not protruding. They are in a single tank with 2 sponge filters, I have used prime & double dose of tech dens easy start cichlid salt (I use double in my system all day everyday, works for me) as this was the only 'salt' available to me after work this arvo. No food will be offered in the morning. I have just checked the fish, after lights out & they are fine, breathing fine, staying upright, just have massive beer guts. Any advice on where to go now with treatment would be appreciated. Is it worth isolating the 2 fish with the issue from the others? Has anybody encountered this happening after transport? Thanks for your help, Craigo.
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  4. Hi I have a 9 inch Oscar and 5 5-6inch silver dollars and I was wondering what the best way to transport them is? I need to sell or hand over my fish and tank but am unsure of how to transport them. Also if anyone is interested in them and/or the tank let me know but I will need to ask for some $$ for the setup as I have only just purchased new filters. I have them up on gumtree but would prefer to let them go to someone who has experience with fish. I have had a few ridicules phone calls from people wanting to put the silver dollars in a gold fish tank of witch I said definitely NO to as they need a 4ft+ tank now hence the reason for sadly letting them go because of financial situation I cant get a bigger tank for a while. these particular 5 will eat any fish that can fit in there mouth and will try to eat you medium tetras as well (I found this out the hard way ). we are located 20mins from Cooroy qld.
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  6. Hey guys my partner is moving to Brisbane From Bendigo Vic around the 23/9/12 she has a 8x5 cage trailer that is approx ¾ full so we have a little room there as well as in the car, and are offering to help transport your items at a fair price, could fit a Engine or gearbox or multiple smaller items. I will be flying to Melbourne and travelling with her back to Brisbane I’ll be staying one night in Bendigo and the next morning will be leaving and be driving straight threw, only stopping for fuel so will be in Brisbane early hours the next morning approx 20 hours travel time can pick items up in some areas of Melbourne when I fly in. Together we have good experience and knowledge of car parts, Snakes (have current reptile license)and Fish (ill be bringing some up for myself) we are happy to transport any of these items at a good price to help us cover cost of the trip. We will be looking to travel the coastal root but may detour if it’s worth our while to do so we would prefer items are dropped to her address in Bendigo and picked up from our home address in Brisbane, but can how ever make some other arrangements if the price is right or we are happy to pick something up along the root travelled no detours will be taken unless adequately compensated to do so, also we will not be waiting extended periods for someone to meet up. We are happy for you to pay when you pick your item/animal up from us but will do it a little cheaper if you pre pay we will not store your item for any extended time we would expect them to be picked up within a few days, if it’s a animal pickup will be the day of us reaching Brisbane we will text you to update expected arrival time but as was said it’s expected to be early hours the following morning from leaving Bendigo. I understand some people may be concerned with trusting a un known person with their item or animal I am happy for anyone to visit me at my home address and view my licence to verify who I am and where I live, If items are been dropped to Bendigo address we would prefer it to be a few days prior to this date so it can be loaded on the trailer when her other items are as well to help workout optimum loading. You can pm me your questions or for a faster response you are welcome to call me on 0432 712 253 Prefer cash however may barter
  7. Hello everybody, I'm in need of help moving 2 tanks from the gold coast to Goodna does anybody have a truck/car trailer or something that can move 2x 8 ft tanks and stand? Compensation is a givin, tolls, lunch, fuel, I'll pay for
  8. I have just bought a big 6ft fish tank, i comes with a breeding trio of oscars, 2 x 30cm flowerhorns, 2x 30cm plecos, a 25cm BGK and 4 large silver dollars. What is the best way to transport them? They will be in the car for an hour or so.
  9. I need to move a 6ft tank 5 min down the road ... Marong St, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109 to Lacebark St, Stretton QLD 4116 - Google Maps Its heavier than your average 6ft ... If anyone can do it for me let me know a $ figure ... Need it moved asap. Thanks
  10. I have no idea where to put this topic in......so I guess this is as good as any. Transport companies.......who can I use to transport fish? I rang Toll and enquired and yes they do take live fish if your are prepared to spend $140 for 1 Kg. Geez how ridiculous is that! Surely there is a company that can offer a service that is far more cheaper. Do any of you send fish away and could recommend a courier that is reasonable in price? Please help.
  11. Title sums it up.... Ive got a styro box, one of those sealed one's with the lid. Seen them at the auctions. Is it safe to transport fish? I'm aware that I'll still have to ensure the fish's environment stays comfortable (space, temp, handling etc) but in terms of contamination from the polyurethane? I know its terrible for our lungs but is it ok for them? Cheers Henzo
  12. hey all, i am picking up 15 fish from the gold coast next weekend. all fish are around 80 - 100mm long and was wondering if i should get a portable air pump for transport back to bris. cheers hornz
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  14. Hey guys, I got a boat running trips upto the islands, now I have a 3000 litre tank on-board, which we stock with about 200-300 crays in individual baskets. Now I have a heat exchanger running with ocean water to keep the tank at around 24 degrees, and a large pump just turning over the sea water and running it through abit of sponge to take out some of the waste. I cannot change the water, as where they are caught differs from bay to bay on the way back (I could not teach one of these guys to test the water, so not an option really). My question is do you think running the water through a filter just packed with purigen would take alot of the bad guys out, and how much would I need. its a 3 day trip, and we lost the last lot due to I think heat, but also the water was pretty foul, (Could be decaying bodies in the heat that made it worse aswell. So purigen safe to use on crays for humans to eat? and how much to work as a filter for 3 days on 300 live crays? Cheers, Grum.
  15. hey guys, jus wondering if anyone is able 2 bag large fish with oxygen 2 transport on aae???? any help would be much appreciated cheers jeremy
  16. hey guys im going to the sunshine coast tomorrow for work if anyone needs something from there feel free to call me on 0432712253 i live on the south side of brisbane im up late so if you need some thing transported to or from feel free to text me or call up till 11 tonight ill be leaving early morning and be back around 2-3 in the arvo no charge unless its going to take up my whole back seat or if i have to go a little off my track or if you just wanna be kind hahaha just a offer to help good people out if something has to be paid for i would advise you to organise that on your own as i wont be paying with my own money on the basis that you will pay me when i get back if you bank with suncorp you can direct deposit my account and ill pay with your cash when i pick something up but thats it
  17. See what everyone thinks of this, just picked it up while I was cruzing through youtube, So aparently this company in Manila has developed a way to transport live fish without the need for water, through Hibernation, Have a gander, let me kno ur thoughts Real/Bullshit??
  18. Does anyone know of a relatively cheap and safe method to transport an 8ft tank. Its so big and heaavy! Mini movers charge $150 and hour, its expensive but they ensure no damages and will compensate if there is any. The bloke I'm buying it from thinks hiring a trailer from a servo would be alright but i think it might be too bouncy and damaging for the tank... am i being over protective? Any thoughts or suggestions??
  19. im moving to darwin in july and am trying to find a transport company to move my fish. they will have to hold them for a week or two untill i get there and get my tanks setup but im wondering if anyone know a good transporter. they have to have an abn and be in either pets or transport industry otherwise i wont get reimbursed. any help appreciated, cheers ryan
  20. Hi Was just wondering if anyone would have any information on transporting large fish, as this weekend i'm taking a jack from Gayndah to Brisie which is about 4 hours. I was thinking maybe the jack in a styrofoam box with an airateor, obviously he wont be put near anything hot or fed 24hours before the trip. The jack is about 20cm by the way. any help would be most appreciated. Cheers Deeg
  21. i am looking at transporting a 6ft tank, what is the best way to go about this with a trailer.
  22. Hi guys, Looking for someone who has a ute or trailer big enough to move a 6 foot setup this weekend, most likely sunday. Will pay $40, need it moved from redbank plains to woolloongabba. If anyone is willing to offer a hand for an hour or 2 on sunday, I would REALLY appreciate it. Cheers. Ryan
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  24. Can anyone tell me where I can get a small bottle of oxygen suitable for shipping fish? Does it need to be a medical grade, or will oxygen from a acetylene torch suffice? thanks, Jason
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