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Found 22 results

  1. Hey everybody just wanting some advice and hints on this move, i have a black shark that is roughly 20+ inches, i am moving house from Brendale to Brighton about 20 mins travel, i moved her 6 months ago but i had a fresh tank already set up for her to go right into so all i did is put her in a 100L tub and trailer-ed her there as it was 2 mins travel down the road, but this time i am keeping her in the same tank which is a 6x2x3 and its a lot longer of a trip and am unsure of the right way to go about the whole move, the options i have thought of for transporting the fish are: 1, getting a giant fish bag to put her in and place that in the 100L tub with some padding but not sure how long she will survive in a fish bag? 2, possibly using silicone to attach kids floaties to the inside of the 100L tub to limit the amount of bruising she gets from trying to jump? that way i can use a portable air pump for travel? the other issue is moving the tank, it is a 1000L tank so it has a hell of a lot of bracing and very thick glass so it weighs far too much was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make the move easier? we had four people last time one on every corner but 2 of them were lacking arm strength and it almost didnt make it inside the house, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks dan.
  2. .Hi all, I need to transport some of my fish from Cairns to Bris and chasing the cheapest way which is not going to risk the health of my fish. I have a couple of large barra and a couple of adult Saratoga. I've noticed that I could use a FishPac bin and fly them down, but these bins are massive and transport cost would kill the idea. Does anyone have any good ideas?
  3. So I'm going to pick up 3 juvenile Hongis today from a friend who lives around 15 mins away.. They are going a 2 foot until they get a bit bigger then I'll be getting a 4foot+ for them! My question to you good members of QLDAF is "do I need any additives to transport them?" I.e a teaspoon of salt Or something like a stress guard water treatment with aloe? Or should I just be good in catching them and putting them in some ziplock bags then just the normal accumulation process? Just have never got fish from anyone before, just lfs and online.. Cheers guys Nate =]
  4. Hey guys, was just wondering if I could get some advice regarding transporting a 8 x 2 x 3 ft tank. The other weekend my brother and I moved a 6 x 2 x 2, cabinet, hood etc from carindale to my place, however it was exceedingly heavy and I can only imagine how much the bigger 8fter will weigh. Are they easy enough to transport on a car trailer if I conned some relatives into helping, or would I be better paying a company to shift it for me? if so, does anyone know of reasonably priced transport companies that do a tank this size? Thanks in advance Laura
  5. Hey All Until maybe the end of last year airfright for fish was not cheap but not too rediculous for decent orders. Living in Central Queensland Being able to sell my fry all over the country is pretty much vital to me actually moving stock, i do sell a small amount to other Central queenslanders, who drop in when comming to the coast, and I am gratefull for that.. I Also do a few trips to Brisbane, and depending on logistics I can usually drop off or pick up along the highway, or choose a set point in Brisbane for people to come and collect them. But now air freight seems to have had a massive jump in price, ( maybe since startrack and AAE are the same thing) Essentially it has killed sales, with prices like $200 for a 10kg box to melbourne, its cheaper for me to fly down!!! SOOOO has anyone got any other ideas of freighting fish, or know of a cheaper air option ( virgin /toll) I have considered buses , but extended times in a luggage hold and they might start to be effected by temps? What are others peoples experiences with airfreigh recently, and what other options have proven reliable?
  6. Hey Guys - These days I don't have need for oxygen in fish bags, however when I was sending fish all over Australia I was using medical oxygen... I am going to pack a number of boxes of fish shortly and can get oxy welding oxygen from my bro but whilst I have read on forums that's what they use... thought I would put it out here and see what you guys think, is this ok to use??? Thanks Karen
  7. hey guys just wanted to know what would be the easiest way to catch and transport my barra hes in a 6x3x2.5 and hes 65cm long, this is the second time ive had to move him, the last time i had to move him i ran into trouble trying to remove him from the tank safely, i tried using a towel last time but was to strong he started stressing out big time and in the end i had to use a landing net which wasnt the smartest idea.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Off to Cape York to do some fishing in a couple of weeks and was thinking of bringing home some rainbowfish. Was going to use 20l buckets with aerators and add salt and methylene blue. Has anyone here done this with a high success rate and how did you do it? Have plenty of places to go too as I used to live up there. Trip back home will take 3 days maybe 4 and have transported larger natives in 200l and 300l eskies before with no probs. Open to advice and what are your ideas?
  10. Hey all, Just wondering what ways people transport fish. I usually just grab the bucket and off i go, but it splashes and all that. Tried a 35L storage container and the waters too heavy and splashes around still. Does anyone have a good system of like a bucket with a lid, maybe running a portable air pump? or any other kind of system? Chuck up piccies if you have a "different" to the normal setup going for your fishy transportation.
  11. Evening all. I am moving a large fish on the weekend & I am looking for suggestions &/or ideas on transporting this badboy. Fish is just shy of 50cm. Trip home is 2.5hrs. My plan is to use a large esky, just your run of the mill blue largish esky, with hole drilled in lid & battery powered air pump running. will 3/4 fill with tank water, treat with prime, lid will be tapped or tied shut incase of jumping & be on our way. Is there any thing that I have overlooked, it seems a bit simple so far... Any ideas on a better way of transporting or how I could improve? Any suggestions are really welcomed, as this fish CANNOT cark it, or I will be living i the dog house FOREVER!! Thanks guys.
  12. hey guys, just wondering im picking up a 8ft tank on sat, and if the truck falls through, just wondering if the tank hangs a little over the tray of a ute will it be fine? cheers
  13. Whats the best way to do this please everyone? I'm selling a breeding pair of 25-30cm americans.
  14. Hi all, I am in Sydney and I will soon be transporting 4 x 15cm moba fronnies by car back to brizzy. I have a 60L bin from bunnings, and a dc air pump. I plan to put a hole in the top and feed the air hose into the water. I will have 20L of water in the bin, and will tape edges of bin in attempt to stop water spillage. The bin will also sit inside a styrofoam box to catch any spillage if it does occur. I have a back up pump and 10 spare batteries. If you can think of anything I could do to ensure my fish arrive healthy, please let me know...cheers.
  15. I want to go to Brisbane in the next few weeks to buy a few fish. I am new to all this, and this is probably in the eyes of many a silly question. What is the best way to transport fish? Is it in plastic bags or rigid sided containers... or something else? How do you ensure there is enough oxygen for them to last a 5 hour car trip alive? Assuming plastic bags are the preferred method, how do you determine how many fish per bag/container? How do others do it? Any tips. Thanks.
  16. hi does anyone know of any companies that will transport fish interstate ie american cichilds thanks dsp
  17. does anybody know how i whould go getn fish sent to newzealand, as im moving over there sumtime this year? just need a number for sumone who might be able to help with this, thanks guys.
  18. can anyone recommend a good tank removalist on the northside? Or any companies that I should steer clear of? Amazingly, the 6ft only needs to go to the next suburb. thanks
  19. hey whats a rough estimate of how long fish can last in transportation without oxygen put in the bag ? have a esky with two battery pumps on it with an airstone on each but what about in bags, i get it would depend on size and weather but just a rough guess thanks
  20. Hi I need some advice on transporting fish ,about a 10 hour drive . Ive got to move fry ,i gather a bucket with an air stone would be ok for the fry , But i also have to move a colony(10)off 7 bar frontosa that i am growing up at the moment the biggest is about 15cm and the smallest is about 8cm i would hate to loose any on the move ,would they have to be in separate buckets or bags or could they be put in an esky together ? ive also got 7 peppermints about 8 to 10cm and a colony(10) off demasoni around the 5 to 7cm ,these guys are bullies ,once again would hate loose any Any advice would be great cheers steve
  21. ok guys i am off to brisbane over easter and hoping to buy a few fish, it will take 2 days of driving before i get home was wondering the best way to transport the fish i buy, was thinking a drum with a portable air pump, any help would be great, thanks jamie
  22. With the growth of the forum, I have noticed lately that potential buyers are asking the question, “Are you willing to freight the fish”. It would be appreciated if somebody could outline the actual procedure they perform in sending fish within Queensland and interstate. Also what carriers they use, cost per box and any other useful information. Thanks DS
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