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Found 1 result

  1. I put this up another forum, thought I would share here ... As most of you know my love has always been for tangs, but I really had the urge to start up a nano planted tank ... I have a bad habit of limiting myself (Im sure you're all suffering the same problem). So I pulled out an old curved tank I had laying around ... This is my first official planted tank, It was going to be a test to see if I could keep plants alive, then buy a larger tank later ... I ended up buying a larger tank even before i got this one going Current Specs: Tank: 35cm x 25cm x 27cm ish (and very scratched) - Im really liking nanos atm, so i want to replace it soon. C02: Originally was DIY, but it now has a C02 Pro system Lighting: 2ft T5HO Substrate: ADA Amazonia Plants: Anubias Nana 'petite', HC, Xmas Moss, Erio Shiga & Parkeri & Eleocharis acicularis Fish: Endlers & Cherry Shrimp Now the story All the advice I got seemed to direct me towards LED Floodlights ... So to fleabay I went and bought a 10W LED Floodlight. Next stop bunnings to make a stand. This was the result. I need to add that I have a serious hatred for snails, So i bought some HC and a Anubias Nana Petite from a LFS, brought it home and soaked them in bleach fir 15 min (not diluted). Just to be sure i then rinsed and soaked in a potassium permanganate mix for further 15min. By the time this was up I was down to 30% of the HC (that didnt look healthy) and all the leaves on the Anubias were gone (looked like a yakka ). I persevered and planted the HC into the Dupla Ground (my original substrate). 1 stem at a time (PAINFUL) So the tank started out like this I ordered some Flame moss from a member thinking it was the way to go for the tree. In my infinite wisdom (or lack thereof) I repeated the snail killing procedure, but this time with diluted bleach. Needless to say it took a few weeks for the moss to recover and start sprouting again. As the weeks went by I grew impatient. I needed to see results so I changed a few things. LED floodlight was ditched to a dual T5 light I had laying around and the dupla substrate had to go. So in came the ADA Amazonia. Around this time I got some Xmas moss to replace the Flame and a small C02 system. You can see the dreadful looking anubias on the bottom of the tree. Its finally starting to grow some new leaves I added some endlers and Cherrys as well ... I now have dislike for endlers, they're constantly picking at the HC and uprooting anything thats not remotely stable. The ADA, light and C02 made a huge difference, it wasn't long before I was here: I took a few plants from my other tank to see what effect High lighting had, so I added some Rotala Macranda and Rotala 'sp' Goias along with some Erio Parkeri and a Shiga. The Macranda went nuts, awesome colour and a root system like a weed. I originally bought 1 or 2 Parkeri, but I now have 5 (they're doing really well and splitting too) ... I wasnt too happy with the way it was going so I did a small rescape this evening were i added the Eleocharis acicularis and moved the erios to the front ... The Macranda is back in the 3ft.
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