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Found 66 results

  1. So I went to the Doctor's today with Mum to get her blood results back that were taken on Tuesday and results came back with (after many years of being unwell) Hashimoto's Disease, after 42 years of nursing, Mum has never treated or even heard of Hashimoto's Disease, it has attacked Mum's thyroid which is now non existent and is the cause of why she has been so ill for years, the disease also shuts down organs in the body, so she is now on medication to help stop or even slow down the disease. So, as the thread says, "A quick trip to the Doctor's turns into..." Mum going into the local fish store to get some crickets for her two Green Tree Frogs and then walking out with 6 Blind Cave Tetras (Mexican Tetras/Astyanax mexicanus/A. mexicanus), after me shutting down the native tank in the lounge due to mainly funds and putting all plants and Desert Gobies in the pond outside in the garden, Mum get's in the car and tells me she wants the tank set up because she bought some fish, I ask what she got and tells me "Pretty pink fish", I have a look when we get home and see that she has gotten Blind Cave Tetras, she wanted them because they were pretty pink and also blind, so I have set the tank up again, which I have to admit I'm a bit pissed off about because I want native fish in the tank, not normal local fish store fish, haha, but I guess it's better than nothing. So she comes home with Blind Cave Tetras, bags of aqaurium gravel, tap water conditioner and tells me to set the tank up again, so now we have a tank back in the lounge with no natives, damn it! I want natives! haha.
  2. Redlands Pet Centre is now an official sponser of this forum. Thank you to Brad and the other moderators for allowing us to be a part of this forum. As our 1st official sponsership we have arranged for a day trip to Bayfish (Bay Tropical Fish Farm) to be held on Monday 07/07/08. I am currently arranging the itinery for the day, but it will be something like this: Meet at Redlands Pet Centre Tim from Aqua Blue will give a talk on the nexus filter systems. He is also a bit of a marine fish expert. (Tim is still to be confirmed) Leave by Bus from Redlands Pet Centre Arrive at Bayfish Tour of Bayfish Demo and talk on Eheim filters Have lunch at Bayfish (Probably a sausage sizzle) Return to Redlands Pet Centre by bus I am currently arranging with Bayfish for you to be allowed to purchase fish on the day. They are happy to do that, but they can't and won't sell direct to the public, so all purchases will have to be through Redlands Pet Centre. They cannot make their wholesale list available to the public, but we will hopefully have a good list of fish at great prices on the day. Also as they don't sell direct to the public they will only allow people in that arrive on the bus from Redlands Pet Centre. I know this will be a bit of a problem for some of you that already live on the Northside, but I can't see any other way around it. I am also trying to arrange for good prices on Eheim filters and Jager Heaters on the day. Maybe a few other things as well. There will also be prizes and giveaways on the day. When we return to Redlands Pet Centre, we will also have some great prices on stock that will be only for QLDAF members. Trust me there will be some bargains. Those who know me, will know how good these will be. So, as there is catering and a bus to be arranged I would really like to get an idea of how many of you would be interested. Please respond to this topic so I can get an idea of it's popularity. I will arrange final bookings and numbers closer to the day. Oh, and the cost. Redlands Pet Centre will be meeting the cost of the Bus Trip, Lunch and Drinks on the day. So it should be totally free. This trip is only available to QLDAF members. If you have friends that may want to come, please make sure they register on the forum. I look forward to hearing from you. Russ Redlands Pet Centre Ph. 3823 3733 Email redpets5@bigpond.com
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  4. Seven of us had a ball checking out the local marine life and took home one or two little lovelies and hecklers, the pipe fish came home as a photo only!!!!!, that was easy to read wasn't it? just in case there is any more crap from the mosh pit,lol. I took 2073 pics from the last time we hit the water and here a few of those pics. A false stone fish. A cute green toby. The very common harlequin ghost pipe fish. A 2 inch antennatta. An endemic pink heart urchin.
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  7. ..until we came home with a pair of convicts o.o They were protecting the tank's lava rock ornament rather enthusiastically.. We looked on the inside, and sure enough, there were eggs on the rock... Aw ^___^ We asked about buying the rock (20% off, for a pre washed, pre used, pre soaked piece of rock with fish sentimental value? .. yes please!), and the pair.. $30 for the lot.. I just couldn't leave them to be separated by another buyer I really need to stop looking at the fish in the shop tanks, hahaha
  8. Just to let the ANGFA members know, the field trip to the sunshine coast this Sunday (21st April 2013) is still on. We will be going to lower Martins Creek. THis is the creek the runs through Buderum Falls (see first photo of the falls i took last weekend) The second site is the South Maroochy River below the Wappa Falls (see otehr photos). Should be a good trip, finishing with a BYO picnic/BBQ at Wappa Dam at 1pm. Hope a few members can come along and see what we can find after the recent flooding. The creeks certainly look in good condition and there are plenty of regular suspects around (rainbows and gudgeons).
  9. Seeking expressions of interest from fellow hobbyists who might be interested in a possible field / collecting trip to Indonesia sometime towards the end of next year. There is no itinerary set at this stage but would be looking to include a visit to Sulawesi to hunt for shrimp and the endangered Celebes Rainbowfish that are endemic to the area. The Islands of Misool & Batanta to search for Melanotaenia misoolensis. A stay in Teminabuan for the Melanotaenia irianjaya. As well as some time spent searching for some Melanotaenia fredericki around Sorong province. Should time allow it an we can arrange some travel permits into the area we would be looking at spending 2+ days in the Ajamaru lakes region to search for some Melanotaenia boesemani and the legendary Melanotaenia ajamaruensis ! The trip will take 9-12 days return from Melbourne at an approximate cost at this stage of around $3000 p/person. This will include all flights, transfers and accommodation. Numbers will be restricted to 8 people at this stage but may be subject to change . Like I say, at this stage it is an EOI and there is a lot to organize so would be interested to hear from people who have a genuine interest in taking a position on this trip. Any Q's post them here as well.
  10. Hey guys I just came back from Mappins aquarium in Montague rd West End in Brisbane. They have got some awesome quality and rare Rainbows at the moment. I picked up 2 stunning male Orange form parkinsoni for $10 each to go with the school of females that I have already. They had some gorgeous Upper katherine river rainbows, Glossolepis multisquamata for $19 they are usually twice that in most shops !!! Melanotaenia papuae,Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi, Melanotaenia rubrostriata, Melanotaenia splendida tatei, heaps of different Splendida splendida populations, and the same with the Dubolayi. Also some nice other natives, Barra, Saratoga, and catfish. Well worth the visit. Phil
  11. I'm thinking of going on a trip to Africa in a few years and going to the lakes like Malawi and tanganika. Has anyone gone there before? If so was it good?
  12. I was just on the phone to Ad Konings' Australian Representative and he was telling me that Ad Konings returned from his trip to Tanganyika on Sunday and mentioned that the Tropheus in that location was considered in danger to the point where they may become extinct. Some of the reasons that this was due to over fishing and the collection sites. His recommendation was to collect them and breed them but do not cross the variants. If you have Tropheus - look after them.
  13. I need to move a 6ft tank 5 min down the road ... Marong St, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109 to Lacebark St, Stretton QLD 4116 - Google Maps Its heavier than your average 6ft ... If anyone can do it for me let me know a $ figure ... Need it moved asap. Thanks
  14. Gday all, Well I am in melborne and have already visited a great shop here so follow my trip on our FB page. Cheers john
  15. Hey just want to say how impressed i was by the guys at smiths aquarium at boondall today. They were 100% helpful and i can honestly say worth every minute of the drive from sunny coast there, they're display tanks are unreal, nothing like up here on the coast!!! The pricing was good, the fish there are very good quality too. If anyone is ever looking to get some good cichlids and also view the amazing display tanks they have, I definately suggest dropping in to see them!!!!:egrin:
  16. I went to NZ a couple of months ago and I decided to call into a couple of fish shops, and when I walked in I could not believe what I was seeing, in front of me would have been the biggest rays I had ever seen, so I went and saw what they were selling, and I was shocked. L190 Royal Panaque 7-8 cm $140 L081 Gold Nuggets 5-6cm $150 L128 Blue Phantom Plec 5-6cm $110 L046 Zebra Plec 4cm $500 L204 Flash Pleco 4-5cm $110 L014 Sunshine Pleco 6-7 cm $110 Stingrays 20-25cm disc $250 Chilli Red Arrowanas B grade chip and cert 20-25cm $1800 Red Tail Gold 8 grade with chip and cert 20-25cm $1400. They were just a few that I saw, it seems to me you could just about get what you want for a fraction of the price over there.
  17. Just a pic from our clubs threads copied over to you guys to promote the club. Just a comment for Sarah123,the collecting we do is via free diving(snorkelling). This link is where you can find all laws and information on anything collecting and our trip photos are kept in this section. http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree.com/t317-information-on-fish-and-invert-collectingfrom-regulations-to-how-to-collectinfo-updated-each-3-months One of the cute fish caught on our last trip, a young cleaner wrasse for one of our female members that had to work that day and couldn't come,she prefers to go on scuba while we collect normally anyway. As always, another great trip for the clubbies.
  18. Didn't take a whole lot of pics as the lights were starting to get hot and I was getting sweaty xD But here they are. Had to ditch a couple out of focus ones and ones where the fish were in weird positions.
  19. I returned home yesterday from Biology camp and thought I would share some photos of the unique and exquisite flora and fauna. The diversity in the flora and fauna were simply amazing. Beautiful clear first day. The rest of the trip experienced light to heavy raining. Sand/Mud flats Unknown crab - Mud/sand flats Purple shore crab -sand/mud flats
  20. Gday all. Well it is comming up auction time and as mentioned in the past I would like to work out some numbers of people that would be able to come up to the auctions on the 4 of next month. If you would like to go on a road trip to this action please PM me so as to organise transport. I am after the following... Numbers of people wanting to go. People who would like to offer to drive. ( I will be driving my car) A extra note that if you wish to go in someones car I would expect petrol money to be offered to the drivers/owners of vehicals. Look forward to hearing from all those who are interested. Cheers Johno
  21. The next ANGFA Qld meeting is Friday August 13 at 8:00 pm at 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield. The talks will be from: - Glynn Aland who is talking about the Chinchilla area of the Upper Murray Darling; - Joel Huey who will speak about catfish; and (time permitting) - Leo O'Reilly will give a species talk on desert gobies. The shop will be open and the auction will run after the talks for the bargain hunters. Membership has been dropped to $20 this year so it's a great opportunity to join up. Members are also invited to participate in field trips. The next one is on Sunday 21 August in the Gold Coast hinterland.
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