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Found 14 results

  1. Some great days have been had by us all on aandtsociety club trips over the last couple of months and these are a few selected pics from our club threads for you to enjoy, hopefully. This was a calm day for free diving then rock pool collecting,both in one day. We have been lucky with some clear waters at some sites. All club collecting trips are here. http://southeastqueenslandm.aforumfree.com/f18-marine-fish-and-invert-collecting
  2. The last month or so has seen some top trips by aandtsociety guys and gals to collect our own reef aquarium species, maybe spear a fish or two or just observe the wonderful life forms we seek out for our tanks in the wild to get a real understanding of how they live their lives. This is where all our field trips are. Marine fish and invert collecting. These days I don’t catch much at all,unless one of the clubbies ask for something, but then again we all do that for each other. It has been cold at times and for the next month or so there won’t be many trips, the cold air is the issue, the actual ocean temp these days has risen by a degree each five years on average starting from just over the last 15 years back it became obvious. From 16c down to 14c in winter, to what we have now. On a dive two weekends back, in the past in this area now would be 17c at this time of year, it was 22c,we have certainly got problems with the ocean. One good thing I suppose, the whales will settle around Moreton bay for their holidays,lol, here more now and the white pointers that were in the hundreds here in the eighties and their numbers all over are exploding, are not getting up here as much. Of late from last years breeding season the most abundant types of fish have been the pyroferus mimic tangs,and many other acanthutrus species,not the hepatus,this years season with them failed,then there’s the femininus wrasse,quite a few of those around, both very popular fish for marine aquariums. Each year there are varied types of reef tank species that are featured in abnormal abundance from the diverse planktonic dispersal, which is the way most ocean life move from being born near cairns as an example to Victoria and populate a reef, wreck or anything that is stationary in the ocean. Of course that far south they always die as the temps drop below 16c,that’s the death temp zone for tropical species. From Byron bay south, not much survives the winter that came from up here and a billion times billions times billions of tropical life go south from Q in the currents and near all die!! These tiny transparent cod,crayfish,wrasse,chaetodons,corals,most marine life are amongst the plankton at their first part of life and they are plankton at this stage waiting to sense the sounds of reefs, like the clicking of crabs and the sounds of the waves powerful energy and head for the bottom or accidentally find it,99 percent don’t get a life and that’s natures culling number before any human interference. We used to talk of a things like this in the eighties once we knew what was happening as the year of wrasse or pomacanthus angelfish, it really depends on what types of life that are going past under the cloak of transparentness at planktonic size feeding on the plankton around them as they grow. If a strong wind comes into play at the time there is abundant dwarf angelfish in the east Auzy currents plankton out off us, then from February the next year as they start to become big enough to show them selves, that is a year of abundant dwarf angels. On average wrasse are first coming past, then chaetodons, then pomacanthus and centropyge and many others amongst these have their time of anubundance going past us out to sea in the east auzy currents, we used to call them etties. That’s how the ocean places life at sites originally void of life or had suffered a severe environmental disaster, all over the world, this is how reefs get life and the closer to the equator; this goes on all year round! But now we have ocean temps getting a bit high for phytoplankton to exist in these zones and import our CO2 and convert by the sun to its silica based shell, that’s what the diatom algae need in our aquariums to make their silicon, this is from discarded shells as the plankton grow or die in your aquarium or there was heaps of silica in your new substrate from the beginning, weird algae the diatoms,lol. These incredibly important life forms, phytoplankton and their past relatives gave us life and have been keeping us all alive, as with the life forms before us and the oceans alive for hundreds of millions of years!! So acidity from the most valuable life form whittled down by a third in numbers now from our infestation will wipe out the more delicate corals and that includes anemones,morphs,etc, at reefs close to the equator over some time and that’s a shame for future generations. One good part of this global certainty is the south east of Q will get the barrier reef life down here over time,lol. We are seeing this already!! That’s enough about what I can’t do anything about and society are not seeing quick enough for most to realise its coming and what I wont see that much of in my time,so here are some collected species. One of the guys got this lovely lineatus, he had been trying them for months till this one made a mistake and home it went. Because of the warmer ocean temps the peps are breeding all year round now, this is a juvenile and an adult female with ovaries in the ready for egg production and passing to its tail,that’s the green you can see in its carapace. These are the dwarf lemon peel flavissimus angel fish and its mimic, the mimic is a little faded, they have been in together for a few weeks and the mimic has faded while living that close to the actual angelfish it would mimic in the wild, for it’s own safety. The mimic is to young to have its substantial fighting tool as it would at adult hood at either side of its peduncle and the dwarf/centropyge has a nice sharp fighting spike on each gill from birth. One of the guys has a nice latezonatus pair now,in these two the male is bigger then the female, his last partner must have been eaten and this one is his new chicky babe that would have arrived at the anemone ready to take on what sex was needed as a near transparent very tiny fish.
  3. Might have to move, the drive is like 10 hours and I'm planning to take some fish with me. Will they survive the long drive? If anyone has done this before, it would be great to hear what u did and how u did it. Any thoughts, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
  4. As usual this thread is to keep a little club promotion happening as to the slightly special side of the club beyond just marine aquarium keeping. The following photos are of a reef that we are part of the few that know of it’s existence and some general free dive collecting from other areas in the south east of Queensland carried out over the last month by clubbies,some mates and club trips. Most of the collected species this month are for a swap with the club member Kitiaras and my new aquariums. She was wanting certain species and also develop a school of the pink and orange anthias for her aquarium, the ones for me are for conditioning to aquarium life as my new tanks are around three weeks off yet as I have only just finished making the tanks and started on building the denitrateing sections, dry sections and algae scrubber. Also,we are waiting on an order from a wholesaler in China for some cree LED based light fittings suitable for growing corals. It’s been cold in the water as winter comes on and not great vis as well, but as usual it’s all good fun and always productive. These are some collected species from recent rips. A few adult coris seen,to big for our tanks,but plenty of juveniles around as well. One of a few for Kit so far. Chris wanted a couple of these,the chiller died last summer and so did the other latz. There are 5 spots we know of where there are always some lysmata in 15 to 45 feet,seven were seen at one shallow spot in the behind long spine sea urchins,two were all i wanted for my new tank,now i have to wait for the spins to come out,ouch! This is where all collecting trip threads are,any one can ad anything collecting. Marine fish and invert collecting. Separate scuba trip threads are in here,any one can ad water sport or sea life stuff. Scuba diving,free diving,any water sports and sea life.
  5. There hasn’t been much in the way of free diving or scuba trips for the club over recent months due to our pres moving home and the main trip organiser having to deal with serious family issues,plus there were some pretty ordinary weather and water conditions over the last 6 to 8 months as well. The last month or so things have picked up quite a bit and 25 plus metres vis and warm water will be enjoyed amongst heaps of trips to just look or collect for sure over the next few months,now that things are much better. These are just a few pics of a few collected species and the areas within two spots the club made do with while conditions were not so good. Finaly some nice weather to enjoy. The vis on the last two trips. Some underwater pics of the two spots from Ian and Danny,much better ones from now on with a bit of luck due to ocean conditions becoming very nice. more in the next reply.
  6. This month the aandtsociety have been on several trips to collect our own marine aquarium species, but two were outstanding club trips to catch for our marine aquariums and than is our general appreciation of the magnificent areas we frequent in Queenslands south east. One was a boat trip and three others were shore dive days out. A couple of the guys while collecting got some pics of the life below as we swim along looking for that special something for our aquariums. Heaps of what we get has been shared around other members as usual when there are so many different levels of experience and desired species for their tanks. There was a trip to the spot where it is most likely we are the only ones that collect there because the huge latezonatus pairs at such a shallow reef come right up to you and show no fear and disappear like most latz a part from the other teeming life there. There have been lots of tasty fish from combined spear fishing by a couple of us free divers and a scuba dive or two swim off while others do some free dive chasing. Over all we achieve good times from our roughly two trips a month, also high levels of knowledge on the marine mechanisms and save heaps on the hobby as well. There have been manta rays, leopard sharks, lots of turtles to help make these trips we have been having since the late 1920s absolutely excellent. These are a couple of the many under water and over all trip pics for this month from our trip threads. The trip home on one of the trips,lovely clear water. A couple of the collected species. Two of the club members chasing a fish.
  7. Hi all,i have grabbed some pics from SEQASF threads on our club outings that we have had so far,three saltwater three low tide walks and two freshwater trips. These are just a fraction of the info on our trips,but its enough to get the gist of one of our activities with in the club which is collectin trips/picnic trips. There have been 5 trips i think so far this month gone. A nice sized clown trigger,one of the 30 to 40 seen this past season. A couple of the latz out of the ones gotten on one our recent trips,this were the smallest couple and was the only pair collected out of quite a few pairs in this particular spot. One pair,both male and female were over 6 inchs each in size,they were huge,we never take them at or very near full size like that,plus they hadnt seen a net before and were suprisingly friendly and interested in what was going on,we couldnt even if we wanted take them. Some tasty fish that were speared in these January trips. This female anemone shrimp was on the edge of a large radianthus anemone,heaps seen again. A couple of Chaoti wrasse that were hanging around the wreck near the brocken up floor. These are one the most harmless wrasse to put in a reef tank and they only grow to around 4inches,oh plus they are an Ausy indemic as well. These are a couple of pics from the two January freshwater trip threads,two trips this January were had. This february we are going to combine some water skiing on our freshwater late feb trip. A couple of clubbies resting between dives. One the many caught of the old faithfull Leandrites cyrtorhynchus,no shrimp works harder in your aquarium at cleaning fish than these little beauties,they literaly swim into the open water and start working on the fish as they swim. A nice Halichoeres Marginatus wrasse for dannys tank,a juvenile was caught for his tank as well. This is one of heaps of eagle rays seen on our trips. A box crab from a low tide walk. One of the many plate corals we see.
  8. Trip one. The weather was spot on,the vis was great,the current was as dangerous as you could possibly get!! The ever (rare,lol ) wobby,damn things are like flies around here,flies that put holes in you. This one was near the blue tangs and ate one before getting down to them again. You can interact with a 16 foot tiger,fight off an 8 foot hammer head that wants your speared fish and lots of other shark encounters,but these carpet paterned nut cases,one out of ten are serious phychopaths,the things are everywhere and when they start on you they do not like to give in or scare off like you can with an actual man eater. This is one creature that taking it to the brink of extinction would be such a loss? Rather than get surgeons out of tanks,two more were collected for the show.Most are gone from commercial collection now from the massive amounts that were there,next year may bring in heaps,as usual! A nice linkia for the show,there was one there cream in colour over a metre across,to big for the show,heaps of linkias out there! Shane has got the yellow one at the moment.It will go well with this one at the show. These apogon cyanosoma cardinals were for mark,but we will use them in the show and than he can have them. Always a space for a bicuit star for the tanks.
  9. There has been 3 trips by some of us not all trips were for collecting, a couple of boats went out and i am not sure exactly how many were on one of the other trips, i will just put on a nice pic from each trip. The first pic is of some marine species collected on a trip to by Daves and kens boats and another in just kens boat,i think? While on the first trip both boat loads had a three hour snorkel for some fish and inverts for our tanks. The water was nice and clear and this pic is one of the 10 pics of the day including the area as well(it looked like a perfect day),over all a very nice day out collecting and just general ocean water activities. This is an underwater pic of a clown trigger from a trip to frazer island and the day was very calm and the water very clear,this is one of nine photos from the day and it was a boat trip to a reef off frazer very few have been to because of it's extreme openness as it is 2 hours of open ocean off frazer isl,it is one metre deep on top and a hundred and thirty plus feet deep around it. This place has far more life than even flinders reef,you put your fin or hand on this reef and a clam will most likely close on it(no it won't)there are just so many life forms on this reef there is no room to stand on it. There was one group of snorkellers chasing and spearing(you should see the fish they got,nice fillets) and one group on scuba with a good camera,not like mine,sad! The reef in this photo is flinders reef and has one of the most concentrated amounts of corals and reef life in queensland and is just over an hours trip in the boat from home.The life here is rediculasly spectacular.There were nineteen pics from that day and the conditions that day were like being in bath tub with the barrier reef in there with you and a couple of nice fish to be chased as well.There were a few blue tangs,some coral beauties,anthias,all the best coloured chaetodons,you get the idea! The collecting here is limited so check in our (snorkelling,boating----forum section) if you want exact info on what not to do. Basicly the northern third of the reef is open to all activities(conservation zone,in yellow),but limited to 5 creatures per person and 10 per boat per 28 days and as with anywhere(no coral creatures to be taken)that includes anemones. This is the point at moreton,than towards yellow patch. This area has some amazing snorkelling in certain spots,from 8 feet to 25 feet deep,some spots have all wrasse,blue angels and others,all tangs,oh and of course a cray ot two,very few places rival a couple of spots here for beautiful snorkelling,one spot in particular has the bath tub calm feel to it with barrier reef life in with you and you just swim off the shore to it if you want.There is a rock there that i have looked at several times over the last 20 plus years (last time a month ago)and it always has hundreds of tube worms in and on it,if you counted them it would most likely be more and we found a cluster of black tube worms once there,no not sea apples,actual black headed feather duster worms.
  10. Two trips in one day at the start of June! One of our clubbies went with a mate down the coast to practise some deeper snorkelling collecting and a couple others went out by boat to find a plane wreck from 1947. The coast was awsome that was the wording on the coast, sounds great for some experience; clear water to by the sounds of it,better than we had out wide. The trip out in the boat was very fruitful as well, the main part of the plane was hopefully found, but in a dive at around 80 feet,we had a bronz whaler and a white pointer make it a little to interesting to dive on tank that day so a nice easy snorkel at the rufus king wreck on the way back found no crays this time but a couple of nice fish to chase and a anemone crab from a lone bubble anemone with a lat in it as well. Hopefully it will have something else nice in it next time we go there. The gps marks for the part of the planes main body we found were kept so that we can park straight over it next time and hopefully get a video of it,the camera used is not safe to that depth so,it might work? The fish life there was rediculas,a lot of banner fish on the well known wheel and wing,more than i have seen before,even what you would see on diving specials on tv. The video is only safe to 3 metres but it works at 40 feet so we will put a line to a float and start filming at 40 feet and just go down, hopefully it will work. These are what was got all up for the aquariums from the wreck. A cute little anemone crab (Neopetrollisthes ohshimai) A bannana wrasse (halichoeres chrysus) Another cute little clown trigger(Balistoides conspicillum)this one stays in my tank!There seems to be one next to every rock this season. This lat was on it's own in the large bubble anemone at the wreck(amphiprion latezonatus)the anemone crab was under this anemone. A nice little heraldi caught,top fish to have.
  11. These March collecting trips have been very popular with our new members in particular. Some had next to no fish in there tanks and some have started more tanks and others have lost most of the tank life because of power failures. So we have all been very busy going on our collecting trips, not just for our own aquarium marine life, but because we also share some of what we get with each other. One trip was just for tangs mainly, as one of the members wanted some variations of tangs, mainly some types of bristle tooth tangs and now he is amazed at the others he has seen, his wife is very keen now as well, as she had her first go at catching for there tank and has seen some of the species they would like to get,hopefully next time. The pictures that follow are of four trips and the fish and inverts from those trips all together. The BBQ boat trip was the main trip with quite a few clubbies on board for that one and even though the water wasn’t very clear, we all had a ball and got plenty of life to share for all our tanks. One or two spots we had been beaten to by the commercial guys there and some were areas were very bare as we were to late for them,who cares we still have fun and get something. The BBQ boat trip was a little strange as we arrived around the time the juveniles were trying to set their territories and there were quite few nipped fins, plus they are now big enough to come out and have a look around and predators that before had not noticed them, do now!! This happens every year at this time and never changes, but it settles down by around late May. Than we will see who is the most predominant species for the year. It looks a lot like the lion fish’s year and that is bad, the last time that happened there were very few other shrimp and fish around after a while as the lion fish grew, come on commercial guys get rid of most them before the balance is completely disrupted. These are our Mach trips. There are videos from our trips at the end. Firstly these are the spots we visited. These are some of the species we collected over the month. Videos for March. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... gleray.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... mipair.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... CT0001.flv A very good month!!!!! Here is a link to the regs for the ares we went to on these trips. http://brisbaneaquariumsoci.aforumfree. ... nd-t88.htm
  12. The amount of photos is very extensive in this one so this is the link to our thread on it. http://brisbaneaquariumsoci.aforumfree. ... 97.htm#295
  13. Hi all you marine keepers, just a little more showing off our club trips. Firstly some photos of some of the species we caught in these February trips, four trips all up. One was a boat trip and three were to different spots down the gold coast. There are one or two videos the spearo’s among us will drool about. On one trip we got nothing as no one wanted any thing, than when we had the last club meeting and the clubbies saw what was there on the video, that was it, everyone said what they wanted and we had several car loads of clubbies ready to have a ball. The boat trip had only three on board which was a shame as Dave’s boat takes seven legally and conditions were very good, the video of the medium sized semi angel fish was in 12 metres as was the tube worms and the whaler shark was at nearly 18 metres, from this trip and there are more from this trip and the others but just have a look if you want. There is a pic of the smooth water at the back of the boat as we go along, than a couple of semi angelfish and some lion fishes, etc, from other trips in feb. We all got heaps, mainly for Marks swimming pool tank and his new five foot tanks that have just been put on the same system as the swimming pool, it’s huge! The banner fish should look great as they are all going in the same tank at Marks, similar to Danny’s school of banners in his 6 foot tank. We hope you enjoy the pics and videos. http://s678.photobucket.com/albums/vv14 ... g%20trips/ http://s678.photobucket.com/albums/vv14 ... %20videos/
  14. Just thought i would share some of the amazing spots for your own salt or freshwater aquarium species collection that we go to and couple of catches we had a little while back. We have three trips planned these holidays,but there may end up being more,depending on the weather. I will show you some more soon.
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