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Found 3 results

  1. Cheers Trev, Very good to deal with. Straight up, great systems, and most of all a pleasure to work with. Got my Rack home safe Thanks again Trevy, Legend.. Steveo
  2. got my fish today shipped from brisbane to rocky, no fuss and easy to deal with these 2 guys, thanks for the quality fish and no hassle transaction, i highly recommend both guys for any fish or shipping needs.
  3. today i went to pick up a blue dolphin colony from mick74 and trk18(ive been waiting ages for mick to sell them)all was good got them in a bucket at trk18s house,and realized i forgot my air pump.i was stressing bad,i got to mick74s house and one was already dead,mick came back and said merry Christmas mate just go grab some batteries from the servo.whoo im saved cheers mick,so then i had to pickup a couple Ls from fish_fulu (only 2 minutes arround the corner)so when i got there i said can i bring my bucket in with the blue dolphins in it and put a airstone in there while we catch the Ls,he said yer yer sweet all good,so i brought them in and put a airstone in there.when i went to leave the big male (nearly 20cm) was belly up:(.i was devastated,fish_ fulu said here put him in here(a 4ft tank),he said i will hold him and if he comes good come grab him(WITH MY AIR PUMP).i didnt really have much hope for him and was gutted all the way home,couple hours later fish_fulu txt me and said he is fine mate come grab him tomorrow with the royal whiptail trio you left here in a bucket when you were stressing ahahah.so in the end it was a good day TRK18 gave me a few extra aswell and so did mick74 and fish_fulu saved my life and gave me and awesome deal.cheers guys.
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