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  1. Found one of my bemba laying on aquarium floor when i got home today He was only juvie not sure his stomach has gone diff colour Rest of fish are fine doing what they normaly do. Any help? thanks ben
  2. Ok so I have started a collection of tropheus currently I have half a dozen moliro ,half a dozen Bemba, and couple of ikola. all only approx 3 to 4 cm. only in a 3 footer atm the plan is (once we move in couple of weeks) is to have a 4x2 and my son is setting up a 4footer as well,so the Bemba will go into my sons tank and the moliro into mine. my question is can I have the ikola (in group of about 9)in with my moliro (hoping to have about 9) or are they better with the Bemba ? not really interested in breeding just display. or is there a better group to put with each of these? thanks in advance Ben
  3. Hi Folks, I am new to keeping Tropheus verities. Just started with a 350L ++ tank about 6 weeks ago... Already have 30 fish ... 3 types, T.Bemba (F1 - bought them from Jim from Liverpool, Sydney ) , T.Annectens (F1-Bought them from Ned from Sydney) and some T.Ikola from a pet shop. All juveniles so residing in one tank... I am in the process of getting them separate tanks in the next few months... One thing I have noticed with Tropheus breeding community is they are very helpful. ... Both Ned and Jim have been a delight to deal with... Quality of fish are secound to none. Above all they are top people ... I would highly recommended them to anyone looking for quality fish... Looking forward to a good chat and sharing knowledge with fellow members here.... Cheers guys... MG PS - If I ask any silly questions, please be nice... Just getting my head around the forum and learning all the tricks of the trade. .
  4. Just thought I would throw up some pics of my colony. I have some f1 juvies coming up at the moment and just seeing wat interest is out thrre
  5. Hey Guys, I am thinkin of introducing some tank mates for my Tropheus... I have Bemba, Kariza, Lufubu and Annectens ... They are in different tanks just to keep things interesting, I would like to add some other chichlids with them... Any suggestions ? I have seen people keeping Electric Yellows etc in the same tanks.. If I can find other Tangs, that would be better.. However an Africa would do...Thanks guys...
  6. Hi all I'm new to this forum but was hoping to ask a question. I'm about to purchase a colony of F1 Tropheus Ilangi and I've been advised that my gh and kh should be over 200 ppm this seems high compared to other things I have read. My tap water is ph 8 and kh 80 ppm and gh 150ppm. What is everyone else keeping their levels at? I was hoping not to use buffers just to keep things simple and stable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. On a side note I was also hoping to chuck some l numbers in with them any idea on what ones meet the same food and water parameters. Thanks again in advance
  7. Hey guys i need some advice on a tropheus tank im setting up, have it cycled ready to go. Its a 6ftx18x18 and im going to put 17 red moliros in there. Whats the best serup for them for long term ease of breeding and general wellbeing for the fish. What im asking is lots of rocks, a little bit or none at all or just a couple of flat rocks?
  8. Experiences with tropheus guys. Rocks or no rocks for brreding or flat rocks?
  9. Hey guys just got a tropheus colony of 17 re moliros a few days back. the have been doing well, tabk fully cycled, they are eating. They are still skittish which is too be expected. What i thought i might try today is turning on the 2 foot led in the middle of the 6 foot they are in, they didnt seem to like the light much and they are huddled in one corner. Anybody with experience on this? whats the best way to get them used to the light? reason i want a light on the tank is to make sure their ok. i.e. not being bullied and also dont have bloat or other diseases etc, cant really see much without the light on and just normal light in the room. Any help would be appreciated .
  10. .Hey guys, I'm currently stocking my cichlid tank and am curious as to whether I can possibly keep t. ikola with peacocks? I've done research which says obviously I should keep peacocks with only peacocks or yellow labs but there is mixed opinions on the aggressiveness of tropheus ikola, does anyone knows how they might be? thanks for your replies
  11. I bought a tropheus Bemba red juvenile a couple of weeks ago, but it look like he is turning more orange than red can anyone help? Are they more orange when young or have I been sold a Bemba orange instead of a red? Sorry about the photo but he won't stay still quick little bugger.
  12. Hi I'm new to tropheus and Africans in general, just setting up a tank before I add a colony, and am after any advice on water conditions and what not
  13. Hi all. I'm looking to setup a tropheus tank and I'm keen for all the advice and tips I can get. Tank is a 5 x 2 x 2. I've got nothing in it do far so advice on substrate would also be appreciated. Cheers Andrew
  14. I wanted to put this up to show what Tropheus ilangi look like. I have seen to many so call "ilangi" advertised that are not real ilangi. This is one variant where there is not many left around, and adding either poor quality to existing stock or just not even ilangi is sad. If you see what actual ilangi look like (as per the below pics) you can see how different they are. Ilangi should have a dark purple head, red dorsal and yellow body. Im not trying to start an argument or damage peoples sales, i think people just need to see what a quality ilangi looks like. These pictures are taken from google.
  15. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone on here is keeping Tropheus Chilanga at all or if they know of any LFS that has some as I would like to add a few more to the three I already have. **** not my fish but they look exactly the same as this pic **** Cheers, Shanoz
  16. What are peoples thoughts on tropheus kongwe. Ill put a pic up tonight of them. Quite the rare variant aswell.
  17. Hi, I bought 6 of these as fry and the band on them is yellow and they are now 4-4.5cm. Does it change to orange or was I sold Ikola maybe? Thanks
  18. Deal of the Day - Tropheus in their Natural Habitat. The latest book from Ad Konings. Today only at the incredibly low price of only $25.00. Here is a rundown, A Major New book on Tropheus by Ad Konings. Cichlids of the genus Tropheus have fascinated aquarists since they were first exported from Lake Tanganyika in the late 1950s. It may have been their "unconventional" shape, or the fact that females brood their offspring to a relatively large size inside their mouths, that initially appealed to hobbyists. They are still some of the most popular cichlids kept in aquaria. Over the years much has been said about their incredible diversity of coloration, with almost any new area collected in the lake resulting in new variants, and the emphasis in the aquarium literature has almost always been on the number of variants, morphs, or species that exist in the lake. Behaviorists have, however, discovered that Tropheus species exhibit unique breeding behavior not recorded from any other group of cichlids. Their behavior in the wild, as you will read in this book, is ruled by ecological factors that cannot realistically be duplicated in the aquarium, and for this reason these fish behave rather differently in captivity. The information in this book is based on observations in the wild and almost all photographs were taken in the lake and show the fishes in their natural habitat. Contents: Introduction, Lake Tanganyika, Maps, The Genus, The Species, Geographical Variation, Territory, Feeding, Breeding, Classification, In the Aquarium, References, Index. 160 pages, 300 color photos, hardcover, and size: 7" x 9.5" (17.5 x 24.5 cm). Link - Age of Aquariums - Tropheus in their Natural Habitat Ben
  19. Im a big fan of these guys and Im currently working on having a nice variety of groups as for me personally I don't like keeping groups that are too similar in appearance....Ive currently got mpulungu and red moliro and have cherry spots due any day now so hopefully the cool variations keep coming...just want to hear others thoughts on some of the variations out there...Im not really too concerned about the man made variants that stem mainly from Asia..I can appreciate a pretty fish and understand the principle but I enjoy all the beautiful wild varieties that are out there..especially when we can bring them in to the country...so guess this is a thread to discuss and show off your tropheus..what do you enjoy about them?..what do you think of the man made variants?....Im also pretty keen on the lime spots...and the canary cheeks...2 variants I hope to add to the collection asap...nothing beats a colourful aggressive vegetarian :dance::dance:
  20. I am getting some Duboisi fry and would like to hear from anyone who's had them and any habits good or bad they may have. I plan to put them with Kingsizei's and Mpanga's(elong) which are not too angry. Ph is normaly in the high 7's.
  21. HEy all as the title states I am trying to get a snap shot of what is available in Australia at this time. To do so I have constructed a Poll on Tropheus Fanatics forum.. I wont link directly to it, as I am not allowed to. But if you keep A breeding colony of Tropheus and are not a member of Tropheus Fanantics, It would be great if you could participate in my poll. Thanks, all ADMIN if this is a problem then I understand.. I just want to get the most accurate results I can..
  22. Hi guys, I am after some advice please. Both my tropheus tanks are getting very quickly overrun by brown algae, I have led lights, use buffers and salts, prime and both tanks are fairly heavily stocked. I have tried 6 peps in one of the tanks but they don't seam to be helping. Any advice would be great, thanks
  23. Happy to say The Tech Den will be one of the first to have the awaited book by Ad Konings - Tropheus in their Natural Habitat. You can now place your order with stock due to arrive to us early next week. For pricing and more information for those Tropheus peps... Back to Nature Tropheus in their Natural Habitat
  24. a nice young colony of 30 fish, starting to come alive with colour now, gonna look pretty awesome
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