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  1. Springfield tap water after being aerated in a bucket for a day is measured@ pH - 8 - 8.2 gH - 143.2 ( kH - 125.3 (7) I have two nano tanks which keep, neon tetras, guppies and a better are currently at 7.2-7.4 Can I slowly raise the pH up to 8 - 8.2 and the fish will acclimatise, or is the pH too high? Any help would be great!
  2. Hi, I have a small tank set up as a tropical tank. Are there any dealers in SEQ selling fish that have been genetically engineered. I am a huge science fan and skeptic and would love to be able to own a GMO pet fish. Thanks
  3. We had the Eheim range of foods arrive on Friday and have a good selection of green foods for herbivores and also something for the omnivores. Eheim Professional Fish Food - for Freshwater, Marine Fish and Shrimp Eheim Professional Fish Food - has been made mainly of natural and fresh ingredients. It is more digestible, less pollutants, less waste and contains proteins, fatty acids and vitamins to make your fish look their best. Eheim food come in both pellets and flake with their range catering for all types of fish including Tropical, Native, Cichlids, Catfish and Shrimp as well as Marine fish as well. Here is a link to click on and check out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Fish_Food_s/2321.htm
  4. Deal of the Day - TetraMin Tropical Tablets 48gm ( 160 tabs ). Don't pay $14.95 elsewhere. Today only $4.95 per tin !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - TetraMin Tropical Tablets 48gm ( 160 tabs ) Ben
  5. Ok so i have 2 gold fish 2 plattys 2 guppies 1 beta 1 clownloach 2 bristle nose i've been feeding all my fish goldfish flakes, i feed betta fish food to the betta evan no he still nibles on goldfish flakes occasionaly blood worm for every 1 who eats it apprently the bristle nose eat it to... i feed them alage wafers or cucumber I want to know what the difference in Tropical fish flakes & gold fish flakes ive had a look on aqua one goldfish flakes - tropical fish flakes says egsact same % of foods & should i actualy buy tropical fish food ??
  6. Tetra Colour Tropical Granules 30gm. Normally $9.95. Today only $2.20 !!!. We are overstocked on this size so we are selling way below cost to make room for several containers of stock arriving in the next few weeks. The ever popular 300gm size sells for $23.95 so why not buy ten tins @ $22.00 and save a few dollars while enjoying the benefit of individual 30gm tins to retain freshness !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Colour Tropical Granules 30gm Ben :dance:
  7. So i just did a clean of my tank and installed my new external filter. My tank is 122x36x48cm roughly and 182lt the filter i got filters 2200ltrs per hour so is more then enough for my tank. I currently have 10 neon, 3 black widow tetras, 5 silver tips and 2 angel fish. Everyone gets along great but I wanted to add maybe 2 more species but I can't decide what! Please help!
  8. Hi all, I was browsing my local aquarium store a few days ago and spotted an absolutely gorgeous blue butterfly halfmoon plakat MALE betta. I have a 4ft 180L tropical tank at home containing 4 angels (1 is in a hospital tank recovering from popeye), 3 plecos (each 10cm), about 25 tetras (colombians, black widow, white skirt, penguin, + 6 large rummynose the size of a female betta), and 5 female bettas. I was wondering, in such a big tank with lots and lots of hollow pots and rocks for shelter and tonnes of silk plants, would it be alright to put the plakat male betta in this tank? I already have 3 other male bettas (1 pink butterfly HM, 1 super delta dragon, 1 red butterfly rosetail) all in tanks of their own, so if he has to go in on his own it's not a problem. But I would love to see if he could coexist with this lot first. Please keep in mind that I did NOT buy the plakat male when I saw him and he may have already been sold by now but I would love to know what you all think. Thanks in advance!
  9. Amazing Price for a Quality Tropical Fish Flake - Age of Aquariums - Prodac Tropical Fish Flake 2kg Bucket
  10. .So I just received my API master test kit from AOA and tested my 4 foot 200 litre tank for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and ph. These results were after a 50% water change. ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 160ppm (as high as it would read). ph7.4 After seeing the nitrates being so high I did another 75% water change adding water ager as I filled the tank back up retested the nitrates and they are around 100ppm, (still too high). The nitrates of the water straight out of the tap are 5ppm. I didn't gravel vac either time just did a straight water change though I normally do a gravel vac at least once a fortnight. My my tank is fairly heavily stocked at the moment because I came into possession of some fish I wasn't expecting and I have a 30cm silver shark that thrashes around like a lunatic when I gravel vac so I'm worried he will hurt himself. So my question is do you think these results are safe? I also thought doing a 50% then a 75% would have dropped my nitrates a lot more than they did. Do you think this is normal? Should I do another water change in the morning? Should I gravel vac when I do the water change? I have 2 anubias and a large clump of java moss and 2 small amazon swords in the tank aswell if that makes any difference. I've got an under gravel filter aswell as a 1500l/h internal filter aswell as 2 large sponge filters in the tank. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  11. We have received in a few shipments in, in the last week or two and have a good range of Sera happening. After a long delay we have been able to get back in the Sera San Colour Tropical Flake in the 10l tub. Anyway here is the link to check out all their food and pricing. You will probably notice a few label changes / name changes too. Sera <---click here for pricing and info
  12. Hi guys just wondering if you have any good ideas for what i should put in my 4ft tropical tank. All i got in there are pep bn at the moment.
  13. Fluval have a new range of foods and not only do they have top ingredients the inclusion rates make it a ideal food. This is just a couple of the foods available in their range that we are now stocking. Take a closer look at our site at the range we have. Fluval Fish Foods Colour Enhanced Pellets:- Krill 25%, Herring Meal 22%, Shrimp Meal 15%, Potato meal, wheat, dried garlic, fish oil, soy flour, dried yeast, crushed insects. Fluval Colour Enhanced Small Sinking Pellets 750ml/340g are a 3mm sinking pellets, ultra palatable fish food specifically formulated to help keep cichlids active and vibrant. The Cichlid Pellets:- Herring Meal 21%, Krill 18%, Shrimp Meal 15%, Potato meal, wheat, earthwormmeal, dried garlic, mussel meal 3%, fish oil, soy flour, dried yeast. Fluval Cichlid Medium Sinking Pellets 750ml/340g are a 3mm sinking pellets, ultra palatable fish food specifically formulated to help keep cichlids active and vibrant. The Vegetable Flakes:- Dried Spirulina Algae 24%, Herring Meal 15%, Potato meal, Krill 9%, wheat flour, wheat bran, dehydrated alfalfa meal, dried broccoli, dried cabbage, dried carrot, dried garlic, dried kelp 3%, shrimp meal 3% dired spinach, fish oil, flax seed oil, wheat germ meal. Fluval Vegetable Flake 750ml/125g, they are a highly nutritious fish food containing spirulina, four types of vegetables, and kelp that is specifically formulated to support the overall well-being of fish.
  14. Hi all, I've just had a 7 x 2 x 2 tank built and I'd like to set up a planted tank. At the moment I'm thinking 6 x discus 4 x neon blue rams 4 x gold rams 1 x flagtail 20 x rummynose 20 x cardinals 6 x whiptail catfish 8 x corydoras What do you think? I'm not 100% sure about keeping discus either so welcome to different stocking ideas!
  15. I seem to have fallen into breeding gourami's for a hobbie and these are my tanks. Green as grass as I've been at this for a month. My largest tads are 1 inch. Yes they ate the mosquito larvae hatchlings.
  16. Okay so this is going to be the first of my journy from the tropical to cichlid tank I have already got some fish, 6 venustus, 6 electric yellow, 2 electric blue, 2 mpanga and 2 damosi. Which are in with my rainbow shark and 5 common bristlenose. I have 3 more bristlenose comming tomorrow, and and hoping to get some red malawi cichlids in the next week (Got anything for sale, pm me!). My tanks is a 4x2x2 with a 3ft sump. atm the tank is being run on powerheads because i am replaceing all parts of the sump and re-siliconing it. Today i bought some sand, i have extremely thoroughly washed it and i also got some terracotta pots and rocks to redo my tank. i will be taking photos and adding them so if anyone has questions or advice, please ask or tell Thanks Carlina These are my Before pictures.. Ill take more as i go!
  17. Hi All, Just wondering whats peoples thoughts are on TetraColor Tropical Granules for African Cichlids? One of the site sponsors sells it and comes in a decent size container. They would be for display tank and breeding colonys. Any feedback would be great. Cheers
  18. Because I am sick of the misery of my Reef Tank and the grief it is still causing me, I thought I would share my tropical tank with you guys. This tank brings me enormous pleasure and satisfaction. I can hand feed these guys as they don't seem to be as skittish as my reef fish. This tank is 900w x 450d x 550h and is in the ball park of 220Lt. I have an Aquamanta efx 1000u, a 18w UV, some sort of air pump to make pretty bubbles and a Aqualina blue/white light rated at 17000k. This set up was born in October 2012 with 2 plants, 10 Neons, 2 Angels and 2 red fin sharks. Since then I have added 4 plants which have been pruned by 50% 4 times since November. The tank as it stand now has 11 male guppies (4 females in another tank), 20 Neon's, 6 Congo's, 6 Angel's (2 of whom has paired, but buggered if I know how to breed them yet), 2 redfin sharkes, 4 Blue gourami, 2 red gourami, 3 red eyes, 4 Serpae, 2 sword tails and 8 Mollies/Platy's...last but not least is my pride and joy, a Ghost Knife Fish.
  19. so when ever i do a water change all i add to the water now days is water conditioner & a teaspoon of salt for every 10L. My fish seem to be doing well & my levels always seem to be fine. Does anyone see an advantage to use conditioning salts for tropical tanks? If so why? & what product do you use? cheers
  20. Hi everyone I am in the process of setting up a planted tank (4x18x20), I just don't know what type of substrate to use for a planted tank to give the best result. Please point me to the right direction if you you had experience with aquatic plants. Thank you in advance cheers Toan
  21. Well my planted display has settled down since I rescaped it. Thought I would share a few pics of the setup and its occupants. Enjoy.
  22. Hi there, finally decided to upload some pics of my tank =] It currently has: 4x BN (1 big male, 1 small female I think, 2x small BNS) 2x Clown Loaches 3x Gouramis (1xM 2xF) 3x Guppies (3xF, had a male but he randomly died :S) Male and Female BN Feeding time Front view No idea what kinda plant this is :S Cave under driftwood Do I have enough caves for my male BN to hide and hopefully breed in once the female grows a bit bigger?
  23. nothing special just thought i'd throw some pics up Terry
  24. My dad has a pond with these oxygenating plants. Just wondering if i can put them into my tropical tank? He says they grow like crazy. Im not sure of the exact type, but apparently there's only a coulpe of types? It would be going into a tank full of gourami...
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