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Found 33 results

  1. Has anyone ever had trouble recharging macropore no matter what you do? This is my first attempt at trying to recharge macropore with bleach, mixed bleach 50/50 with water (normal white king) for required time rinsed thoroughly then soaked in water and fraction mix to "remove bleach smell" this is the step I'm having trouble with no matter how much I rinse with water then soak with fraction I can still smell bleach even tryed a saltwater mix anything I'm doing wrong? Or is it just fecked.
  2. Hi peeps My cod tank the water keeps going low towards acid if there anything i can do to keep it right, all other levels are good. someone told me its the wood but i have drift wood in my american tank more than is in his tank and no problem Cheers Tracey
  3. Hi all, newbie here but been in fish keeping for a year or three. Started with goldfish on the misguided assumption that they were easy, now that I know how big they grow I re-homed them and went tropical. Anyway, I have a 4' tank with a couple of beacon tetras, some cherry barbs, a bristlenose and I managed to trap some Crimson Spot Rainbows locally (after paying $11 each for some store bought ones that died quite soon after). I'm having trouble with the crimson spots (everything else is very healthy, to the point the cherries are breeding in the community tank). They grow for a while start developing nice colour, but then a little pink spot (looks a bit like fairy floss) appears on the flanks, it grows over a couple of months, then they get thin and die. I also have a couple that have no sign of infection but are extremely thin (noticeable because their heads are massive in comparison). I don't seem to have any water parameter issues (ammonia and nitrite always zero, nitrate kept below 40ppm with fortnightly water changes). Temperature kept at 25 degrees They seem to eat happily, some tiny pellets, some defrosted frozen bloodworm, some flakes and some frozen brine shrimp on a bit of a rotational basis. I've tried quarantining them and adding medication but that doesn't seem to help. I don't know if they're diseased, underfed (or fed the wrong things), or not happy with the water. Also not sure if there's something sharp in the tank they nick themselves on and get infected, but that's a bit of a reach, I doubt it (I checked when I assembled the tank). I can't seem to find out what's going wrong and would appreciate some advice. I haven't had a fish loss (other than the rainbows) for over two years now, so I think I take good care of the tanks. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, as the title says, I am having trouble keeping the plants in the sand substrate. I put sand in so that I didn't have to use pots, so if anyone has some good ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. On a collecting trip some years back, it was a while ago, there was a young turtle caught in fishing line and it seemed to not have much time left when it was cut free. I took it to the surface quickly and watched as it stayed at the surface for ages so that a common local tiger shark or what ever didn’t get it, at that site the weekend before there was a big one hanging around. From there it swam near us for quite while and came and nearly touched a couple of times. That went on for maybe an hour and then we left the site. Back then we had no real camera on trips, this was a cheap rubbish video camera, still the prettiest patterned turtle that I have seen in all my years. Turtle At First Wall Video by aandtsociety | Photobucket
  7. Hi all, I set up a 4 x 2 x 2 tank at my school last year. Everything's been going quite well, but the last few months I've some serious aggression issues. Three of the Pindani I had in there were killed by a very aggressive Albino Eureka red male. I removed him from the tank and things settled. Now unfortunately, the female Eureka Reds I have in the tank are all showing severe fin damage. They show aggression to each other as well as being targeted by the last albino female I have the tank (soon to be relocated). I only have three Eureka females and one pure Eureka male. Other tank mates are 6x Black Acei (from butch on these forums. One is ready to spawn.) 4 x Electric Yellows (I think 2 male and 2 female but I haven't sexed them yet) 2 x remaining Pindani from a batch of 5 1 x Chinese algae eater (recently bought to control alage on back of tank) So, I'm wondering if I need to throw a few more females of the Eureka's in the tank to spread the aggression. Currently one is in my little iso cube so she can rest and recover. That only leaves two in the main tank and today I noticed serious tail fin damage to both of them. If I throw in another three females, will that help? The other option is to scrap the Eureka's completely and go for something else in the tank. I stocked it based roughly off a guide from the Cichlid Forum site (American site, really helpful. I discovered it before I found out about this place). I could swap the Red's for another colony of Aulanocaras. Apparently the Eurekas are fairly aggressive for their type. I know Butch is selling breeding colonies of other Aulanocaras and I could happily purchase from him again, since his fish are quality. The only problem with that option is I don't have anywhere to put the Eureka's if I do that. No room in my home tanks and none in either my brothers or brother in laws tanks. Any advice welcome. Cheers
  8. I bought a titan 1500watt heater from age of aquariums about 3 weeks ago. all has been good until tonight it has come up with EE on the digital reading and lights flashing and not heating, guessing it means error. Does anyone know whats wrong with it? Ive tried turning it off and leaving it for a while but does not work
  9. we have 2 males and 4 female firemouths in a tank, 1 of the males the biggest fish in the tank has just been put in 2 days ago the large female is chasing him to the point he is hiding... why is she doing this she is a pink, he is red, we have 1 other red and rest pink..
  10. ok so my tank came with 2 13w t5 14000k white lights and i want to plant the tank and iv been doing research and it said, I need 3 watts per gallon, meaning i need at least 100 watts, since my tank is about 37 gallon. So my question is, how can i get the light i need if my aquarium hood will only let me put in no bigger than a 20" tub. can you get tubs that size that are over 40w each? tank is a 140l blue planet with hood and stand
  11. Hi needing advice on breeding crabro i have a breeding colony but cant get them to breed anyone have any tips to help Thanks
  12. Hey guys, My house mate asked me to post this up because she's had trouble registering for the foruym something about no recieving any email for confirmation. Anyone had similar trouble? Just so you know she's tried with 3 different emails to Cheers Guys
  13. Hey everyone i clean my fx5 today.. And when i hooked it back up it sounded like it was sucking in air.. so i checked everything over and its sealed properly.. but now it will run for a little over a minute then just turn off so i unplug it from the wall and plugged it back in and it runs for a minute then turns of again.. ?????? Can anyone help me please... Cheers Shaun..
  14. Hi all, I have having trouble with my E. tenellus. I have about 10 individual little pieces of it and it's not doing well. It's so small and whispy I am finding it hard to just bury the roots and not half the plant with it. It becomes dislodged from the sand substrate it's buried in and even the few plants that have remained rooted in the sand don't seem to have made any progress. It has dino dung as a fertiliser and gets 8-10 hrs of light every day (the tank is 3x18x15 with 2 x 18w 6800k daylight lamps - NEC tri-phophor). So just after tips on how to get it to thrive as I'm hoping to have a dwarf chain sword carpet in the foreground of the tank like i've seen in so many pics on the net. Thanks in advance, Beau.
  15. So I decided to get myself back into the ryukins..and after grabbing one nice male I have gotten the final members of the gang... an extra male and a female...so lets see how long it takes to get them into trouble(makin babies!)...Im really liking the colours and body shapes of the males..strong reds and whites...the female is nice as far as bodyshape goes but only has the basic red/orange colouring....either way..if all goes right...should have some nice ryukin babies in the not too distant future Cheers Brent
  16. I have noticed alot of people on here say they have trouble uploading pics... Is there a way we can make the pic uploader allow lager pics to be uploaded??? just to make it big enough so pics taken on an iphone can be uploaded?... If not... maybe can someone tell me the best way to decrease the size of my photos so i/other people can upload?
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Ihave a 6x2x2 geo setup and Im losing a lot of fish at the moment 12 smaller fish in the last week I have checked for ammonia spike and nothing came up and my ph is still good it has not changed I have done a 30% water change left it for two days and still dead fish so I did a 50% change and no change in tank condition Ihave on the tank internal and external filters running I thought the external may have gone septic but there is no reason for that and Ihave been double dosing my water with neautralizer every change the signs on the fish are rapid breathing sitting in one spot on the bottom of the tank as if their gills have been burnt but no problems with the larger fish any info would be a great help hopefully I can save the rest before I lose the lot thanks!
  20. It seems a few members still haven't got into this new forum format. Heres what to do: 1) Try logging in with your username and old password 2) It will come up with your password is incorrect and you have used 1 of 5 attempts. Now READ THE FINE PRINT It says if you need a new password (something like that) you can request one here. Hold your cursor over the "here" part. Its not bold, not highlighted and not in a different color (GRUM!) 3) Click the here and a new password will be sent to you via email. If your email has changed in the last few years, the passwords going to be sent to the old email you originally registered with.
  21. Has anybody else had problems with a certain aquarium shop - tank builder in browns plains (that has a womans name) , i ordered two 2.5x2x15 tanks on the 2nd of august,from this shop,ive paid for them in full, i was told they would take two weeks to make, ive been back three times since then and they are still not ready, each time there is a poor excuse, twice now ive been told that they are going to make them that day, should i get my money back and can anyone suggest a tank builder that will actually make them.
  22. i have a colony of white calvus, trio of black calvus and a trio of gold comps but none of them are breeding. all are breeding age. all live in 3 ft tanks or larger. i feed them- frozen brines new life spectrium cichlid formula spirilina flake
  23. Didnt know just posting a photo of plant and possession will cause a problem for myself. This post will be deleted immediately. Requested to moderator for removal of this post. Sorry.
  24. I have just purchased a 6 foot tank and I thought it would be nice to have a cool background so I picked up a latex background (olgas) and was going to silicon it in. However I have come across 2 issues, the first being I can't get it in because of the support braces and the second is that its about 5cm to long and to high. So my question is, will it be safe to cut the silicon on the braces, take them off and re-silicon them back in place when we silicon the background in. And has anyone cut a latex background? If so what did you use and how did you make sure it was straight and flush with the side of the tank? Thanks heaps, any help will be appreciated
  25. Hi, ok I have a breeding pair of angels, well at least I think they are??? They have laid eggs twice now but both times about half had turned white & they all got eaten The first time was in a community tank & was their first time so I'm not to worried about that but the second time I put them in a 2ft tank by themselves, eggs were laid & within 2 days they were all gone I am sure it is a male & female as now they are :kiss: "lip locking" :kiss: and I have watched the spawning process but I would like to now what is going wrong?? Is it because they are still a bit young & new to it or should I be looking at trying to hatch the eggs myself? They are both around 8cm from mouth to tail... I am unsure of the ages??? Any advice would great & very soon if possible my female looks quite fat again & the cleaning process has begun! Thanks
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