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Found 17 results

  1. Hello - are there any forum members in brisbane/ipswich/gold coast area able to bend hollow aluminium rod neatly into rectangular net shape using 10mm or 12mm rod? I'd like to make some custom dip nets. 60cm x 45 cm rectangular. I'm able to do this with a hand bender but not very well. I just need the rod shaped. I can do my own netting. Would like 4 or 5 of these. If you know someone who could help, please post or PM. Happy to pay off course. Winston
  2. Hi All Was just after some information on the Aqua One T8 Led Tubes Upgrading my Aqua One AR980 from fluro's to Leds, saw these on line, but can't find any info on the Kelvin ratings, I want to be able to grow moderate hard plants, On a budget, and can get these locally Thanks
  3. My 3ft light tube has stuffed up and I was just wondering what is the best tube to grow plants with?
  4. This form of sabellidae can attain an emmense colony easily. They are only extremely common at two sites in SEQ and a few at other sites, though not so many and one site has 7 patches of them and where the local leopard shark for that site has its rest time, it’s a massive area of them. Maybe they are nice to lay on,lol. Quite often over many years from the early 80s on club or individual collecting/field trips, I see literaly millions of them. Under standard led lights they take on a beautiful blue ting.
  5. I somehow ended up with a fish tank that uses light bulbs that are specifically only used in these Juwel fish tanks. I need to find replacement bulbs and have had no luck. Tried a online Melbourne fish shop but at checkout it said the seller details are not correct so the place must be shutdown. Preferably someone on the sunshine coast that sells them or else anyone that could post these bulbs would be great. If anyone can tell me how I can get hold of:Juwel T5 High Lite Tube 54w 1047mm Please help.:confused:
  6. Just one more example of how interesting it can get when the combination of recreational collecting/field trips are combined with your part of the reef kept at home. What follows is a pic I took ages ago of the eggs that are laid on the tube of tube worms and when they hatch they go in to the tube and devour the tubeworm from below. This I found out by accident many years ago, like most things that I do. I knew I had the original pic somewhere, but could only find the processed one till the other day. Usually you buy the tube worm and they may already have one of these predators in there with them ready to multiply and spread through your tank if food is available. The egg blisters did not look like they should be a problem to tube worms, not that I would have had any idea back then, until just before lights out one night years ago, around the late 90s I think it was that I observed the hatching of some of them and into that tube some went. I took the tube worm out and sliced it open and to see if these things live with tube worms, there were two in there and not much tube worm left of the actual feather duster worm and one was attached to the tube worm where there was damage. Makes you think, hey!
  7. Just getting some feedback on how i can improve the design. Ive got an acrylic tube 10cm diameter 70cm high. Capped it off with a drain type round cap from bunnings drilled with airholes on both ends of the caps. Added about 4lts of k1 leaving a space of about 15cm for the k1 to tumble. It sits under water by 2-3cm on the waterline. My problem now is the top section is still not tumbling. Is there a designe flaw? Too tall? Should be lowered to the water level? Air is good so i cant fault it.
  8. These pics are just a couple of nice colour variations we have seen of late on collecting trips. They multiply at best A sexually, though they use sexual means as well in that one of the sexes will send out either eggs or sperm and the other senses this release and ads to it with that sexes additions to make new life. This beautiful feather duster is at the end of one very daggy looking brownish worm safe in its tube. Some places of collection we go to we find these in the millions almost. One a few of may favourite marine creatures.
  9. looking T5 Light tube 525mm can only find 550mm T5 tube need a 525mm 13 W 10000K tube anyone help Ben 0438860370
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. The larger sponges i'm running don't fit under the waterline of my q tank. I was thinking i could either tank the top tube off or cut it in half. Would that work or will it effect how the filter works?
  13. Hi Guys, I recently just purchased a Aqua One Nautilus 1400 to go on a new 2x2x2 tank built by Dennison. The tank is what I think they call ero braced, ie the top lip is overlapping all the way around. This issue is the canister filters right angled hard plastic tube that goes over the lip into the tank doen't isn't wide enough to fit over the lip. (hope this makes sense) Anyone know where I can get some right angled tubing to fit or any other suggestions. cheers Ben
  14. I have been wearing out the soles on my shoes trying to track down the suction cup clips that hold the spray bar and suction tubes to glass. As most are aware the suction cups get hard after about 12 months in the water. Most of the aquariums that I have been to acknowledge their knowledge of the part but do not hold stock nor advise when in or available. I run Ehiem 2226 and 2228, both have the same size tubes. In the mean time my tubes are hanging in the breeze (or should I say current) Can anyone point me in the direction of an on line seller. Thanks GS
  15. I'm looking for some bent rigid tube - the kind that goes over the aquarium wall for the feed and return lines for external filters... Have seen some in shops but I'm looking for 25mm tube and what they had was about 12mm any pointers would be appreciated.
  16. Just found some very cool movies on you tube for those interested in tangs
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