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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys so I'm turning a calcium reactor (came with my co2 cylinder) in to a fluid bed filter for a tank I'm setting up for shrimp breeding, ill eventually add a chiller to the system as well:ballchain:. Just seeing what sand people would recommend to use in a fbf. I'm thinking pool filter sand but there is few types so I thought I'd see what people use and like. The first filter will be made from the main reactor and ill be blanking off the holes I don't need and ill put some corse filter foam At the bottom to keep the sand running in to the base. Ill be running the water though a little (11/12 L/min) iwaki magnetic pump. It crossed my mind to not use sand and use k1 or something similar, if someone with more experience with fbf wants to chime in and give some hints and advise that would be great.
  2. As the title suggests I will be turning off my FX5 for around 24hrs to refurbish my tank, including painting the rear wall. Question is; will the bacteria in the filter survive this long without water flow? Cheers, Muzz
  3. Don't know if anyone rembers the convosation but here is the oscar I bought last year, was told he was a bad quality tiger with a poor head shape. He was very yellow in colour back then....He still looks odd but turned out ok imo, let me know what you guys think :-) Above pics taken today, pics below when i got em :-) http://www.qldaf.com/forums/attachments/photography-video-lounge-23/13792d1319505493-new-baby-oscar-2011-10-25-11-09-33-jpg Hope that worked ok :-)
  4. ok first a bit of informatin about my setup. i have a 4x2x2ft tank with a no name canister 2000l/h. filled the tank with rain water and added sand(pool sand). at this stage the water was a bit milky as it is normal. then i added 4 almond leaves, stability and some discus trace to bring the ec up to 100µs. then i added some plants and went to bed. this morning the water was black. have never seen this before. maybe someone can tell me what might be the cause of this. thanks sebastian
  5. hey guys, i have a little project ive been thinking for about 1-2weeks now im thinking about going to target or big W or such store, and getting one of those kids pools for $20-$30 Currently one for sale at target thats about 3000ltrs(< i think) for $40 and its 20% off aswell. does anyone here know of someone or they have done something like this them selves? it will be under a patio, and its going to be full of bristlenose. if anyone knows how i could filter and heat it aswell this would help alot:) thinking about 3-4ft sump? and a pond heater? thanks, shervin
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