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Found 8 results

  1. hey guys, i'm not thinking of doing this at the moment, but theoretically, could i turn my pool into a pond, and has anyone else thought of or has, changed their pool to a pond?
  2. About 6 months ago i got a sailfin pleco of kev and it has grown about 15cm since then. a couple of weeks ago i noticed that he was getting a red tint on the top of his tail fin. i didnt pay much attention but now all of his fins are Orange and his body is starting to turn as well. Is this normal? Should i be concerned? Regards harrison
  3. Hi all, Just after a bit of input to see what my options are here. After adding 2 x 3ft tanks and a 4ft I noticed quiet a large jump in the power bill. So what I was wondering, especially coming into winter, would it be safe enough for the fish to turn the pumps for sumps and canisters off for a few hours during the day. If I put them on a timer could run all through the off peak hours, then only come on for a few hours during the day to keep cycling water. Any input appreciated, especially from those who are doing something similar. Tanks that would be getting turned off are a sumped 3x3x3 cichlid tank, and a canister filtered 4ft community tank. Everything else runs off air and I don't think that pulls much power. Cheers, Keats.
  4. Hey, I have what I believe is a Chain Sword in my nano tank of which lately the leaves have been turning Yellow and then Brown then finally have holes in them and some are going transparent I read this is a deficiency in iron, however I am trying to work out best way to remedy this. I have also seen this can happen with new plants as parts of the plant may not have been submerged. I fertilise once a week with my water changes. In a 25L tank should I be fertilising more often? I have no CO2 injection My filter has Carbon in it (aquaclear 20) could this be taking the fertiliser out of the tank? Any are there any consequences to the fish (Lampeyes and Mystery Snail) if i were to add more Iron? Should i also be cutting this plant back and removing all of the leaves with the brown tips/yellow leaves etc? Light is a 3.5W 6500K LED from Aquatopia, left on for 8 Hours a day. My other plants, Val and the likes appear to be going alright, but I would say arent 100% healthy. Any ideas would be great! Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a bit of a problem, I've noticed some of my shrimp have started to turn a milky colour inside instead of the clear they are normally, I have since lost some I read somewhere this could be due to water quality. I'm going to do an ammonia, nitrate and nitrites test soon. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. This concerns the peacock I asked for ID on earlier. I had 5 peacocks in my tank as well as one Pseudotropheus socolofi (pindani). The problem arose a couple of days ago when I noticed the peacock mentioned earlier had a damaged pectoral fin and a few busted up scales. I noticed the pindani was giving him a hard time so yesterday donated the pindani to fellow member 028NVD to solve the issue but have now created an even bigger one. Amongst the peacocks is a female and yep you guessed it the more mature male mentioned earlier has taken a liking to her now the pindani is no longer inhabiting the large piece of driftwood and they've decided to make this their home. That in itself is not a big drama but the male is now chasing everything else all over the tank, the others are hiding anywhere they can to stay out of his way. So do I remove the other peacocks or just remove the female?
  7. i have some black widows in my 3ft and the are turning kinda pink, would it have anything to do with the water? it weird and have ever seen this before . i hope someone can help or point me in the right place , they are all well and healthy
  8. Dear members. I had this letter from a friend of mine. I was wondering if you could offer advice / course of action. Given the recent continual rain we've had, I thought it may be applicable to a number of our members. Regards Peter
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