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Found 31 results

  1. I was wondering whether a Porcelain floor tile would be safe to use within an aquarium. I am building a Turtle dock and I have seen people using tiles as their base. This tile will be hovering above the water level, so it won't be wet 24/7. However, I have been thinking about adding a shallow water section to the dock as well and was hoping to use the same tile (this would be submerged 24/7). Here is a image of the dock I have built so far. Here is a link to the tile that has been purchased and shown within the photos above: Cotto 30 x 30cm Palatino Metal Porcelain Floor Tile I/N 6660458 | Bunnings Warehouse
  2. On a collecting trip some years back, it was a while ago, there was a young turtle caught in fishing line and it seemed to not have much time left when it was cut free. I took it to the surface quickly and watched as it stayed at the surface for ages so that a common local tiger shark or what ever didn’t get it, at that site the weekend before there was a big one hanging around. From there it swam near us for quite while and came and nearly touched a couple of times. That went on for maybe an hour and then we left the site. Back then we had no real camera on trips, this was a cheap rubbish video camera, still the prettiest patterned turtle that I have seen in all my years. Turtle At First Wall Video by aandtsociety | Photobucket
  3. So I am currently collecting fish in Cambodia and went to a pond on the side of the road, I could not believe the number of sparkling gourami's I was able to catch within a 50cm area. I just stood there and kept scooping in the same spot every 30 seconds, each scoop catching 1 - 5 fish. The pond was quite large, approx. 2 meters x 50 meters x possibly 1 meter deep at the deepest point, almost completely covered in plants. Also we were at a market the other night and for sale were some Cantor's Softshell Turtle Hatchlings, these are an incredible species which grow to 2 meters in length but unfortunately are endangered because locals keep collecting and eating them. We managed to save 3 from being eaten, at $1 each, and have the smallest one which we are feeding up to go back with the other 2. They will be raised until they are large enough to go back into the wild in a safe (as safe as can be) area. Here are some pics and a video -
  4. Posted this in the wrong place so just linking to it from the photography lounge - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/freshwater-species-9/wild-caught-sparkling-gouramis-cambodia-plus-cantors-softshell-turtle-99424/
  5. Hey just wondering what would be the best way to stop this guy being such a bully, he smashes my turtle which is massive in comparison to him, fights with female green terror and the native perch I've got, also he tries to go the heater and the magnetic glass cleaner, is he just in breeding mode? He's just a c-arch to be polite, if he keeps it up I'll be getting rid of him ASAP. P.s is the sex that moves gravel around male? Lol otherwise I have one hell of a grumpy female in there Thanks mike
  6. hi guys i noticed this morning that my turtle wasn't swimming around in is tank like he usually does every morning and i when i fed him he didn't want to eat he was just sitting there under the water in the same spot not really moving and when i got home from school he still hasn't eaten the bit of food i had put in the morning and almost looked dead so i pulled him out and he is moving but not like he would before. Any idea on what this is i don't really want him to die! thanks will get pics up really soon
  7. Hi guys just got my turtle back I I've just noticed then that it looks like a decent size crack in his shell don't know too much about turtles could this be him growing or is it just overlapping? Appreciate the help can post pics soon
  8. Hey guys dads bring back my turtle from SA tomorrow and i need to know if him and a adult Oscar will get along without fighting. The turtle as dad has told me is about the size of his palm and needs to move into the 4ft out of the 2ft i also have some convicts in there and im thinking that the turtle will eat them? What should i do no hesitation on selling the convicts and if i have to sell the oscar i guess thats what will have to happen. Cheers
  9. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a58_1356480018 LiveLeak.com - commercial Diver and a Turtle yea it looks cute but thats quite a beak lol
  10. HI, Can anyone advise me if a powerful internal filter such as an Aqua One Maxi Internal Filter 104F will be enough for my turtle tank. its just over 5 foot and I 2/3 fill it. Only have a few danio fish in with the turtle so there is not a huge amount of waste. expect for the turtles number twos. I currently have a canister external filter but due to moving house i may need to look internal option. any advice is appreciated Cheers
  11. ok guys i need your opinion on this, i have this idea for a turtle enclosure and want to know if it would work. i have limited space at home so it would have to go outside. my plan is to join 3 x 1000 lt icb's together each with 500mm pvc pipe. 2 will have water and the 3rd will have soil. i am thinking of cutting off the tops and replacing with some kind of mesh and putting 2 air vents in the side of each container . things i still need to consider its a cover for when it rains and filtration. i am thinking of sumping it. if you have any helpful suggestions please let me know as this has been somthing ive been brainstorming for awhile
  12. A friend contacted me asking what to do with a turtle he found in his back yard ( saved it from his staffy ) he door knocked his area and can't find an owner there's no creeks near by that it might have come from does anybody know what to do with him, he's 15 across 20 long
  13. I have and old reptile license, but will need to renew it. I’m planning setting up a turtle tank and enquired on a few murrays on gumtree and some doesn’t have permits. If I want to get them, is there a loophole on how to legitimize their “off-book” status? Called EPH and they insist on permits by both seller and buyer to move the turtle. I was thinking some of you guys may have encountered these and found a solution.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. hey guys just thought i would share my turtle tank set up its a aqua one cube tank with 2 baby saw shelled hatchlings not really much else to say although would like to thank shanoz for all the help he gave us thanks mate
  17. hey guys so lets just say i know someone who found a turtle on grass after todays flash flooding, and now has said 15cm turtle in a 30cm tank with plants because "its fine for it, its what it had in the wild" now im not sure wether or not to report this to the DPI, as the person has no RRL and collected this turtle without permit. But also dont want to seem like that guy that tells the DPI... quick photo of the turtle
  18. Hey all, Going to start my turtle tank build up. It will house 2 x Macquarie Sawshell Turtles, 2 x Bullrouts (6cm & 15cm), 4-5 Mono's, 3 x Siamease Flying Foxes and 2 x Purple Spotted Gudgen. Here's a few Shot's of The New Tank 5' L x 20" W x 2 1/2' H (mind you have just given this the stainless steel wool clean up but haven't taken pics yet, these were taken just after I got it home) - Thanks to View Profile: Steve Williams - QLDAF - Queensland Aquarium Forum for the "Unbelieveable Deal!!!!" http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-13/sale-5-foot-bowed-front-glass-aquarium-56018/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-13/sale-2400-aqua-one-cannister-filter-56379/ Thanks for looking, will post more over the weekend to come!!
  19. Just about to get a turtle for my daughter and was wondering what i could stick in with them i have some tetras and glass catfish and some bristle nose and a plec i was thinking of transfering to this tank ???? What would you think cheers
  20. So last night I look in the turtle tank and there's only one turtle in there we turned the house up side down trying to find her and had no luck what what can I do? Help please!
  21. Had Dude in a 4foot and due to him growing like he's on a steroid diet, i upgraded. I also got a shot of him sleeping which i rarely see.
  22. This is my short-neck murray river turtle. got a lot more pics but having problems uploading. thanks for looking.
  23. Anything special required to care for a turtle? Other than the right foods, and a ramp out of the water etc? What PH and Temp does a run-of-the-mill turtle like? Water movement - heaps or little? Normal tank maintenance? 20-30% water change, gravel pump etc... anything else? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  24. Just to be different, my recent collection of Jade, my little female turtle. Going out for a sunbake, then noticing me watch does some posing, then stretches each leg, has a scratch....decides to go for a dip....and come back up. Just annoyed I missed the pic where she falls backwards in the water trying to get back on the log I AM QUEEN JADE stretching does my bum look big like this ? wat u lookin at peek a boo i will find a way
  25. This is The Dude. Short-neck Murray River turtle. GOt him in with yabbies and platys.
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