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Found 75 results

  1. Hey guys Picked up this little fella the other day. He was in a tank with some other hillstreams but they were all Spotted Sewellias. He was the smallest out of the lot. Just wondering if anyone else has one that looks like him? Thought maybe his pattern was due to him being smaller/younger and perhaps he would go completely spotted like the rest? Cheers, Sophie
  2. Hi all, Hope this finds you well. We just bought another 4 foot fish tank that came with some fish. Some I can't seem to find what breed they are or tell their sex. The ones in question are these catfish/sucker fish that are 4-5" long and there seems to be both male and females of them (2 females, 2 males) from different patterns/colours etc. The is also a type of Angel fish that I am not sure of breed. There was supposed to be a breeding pair but when we went to pick up the tank, she said one of them had died due to being picked on by the cichlids that were in there (they passed on last night thanks to big bad Barry the 250mm Oscar (we have decided to trade him in at the LFS as we are sick of loosing expensive fish due to his bad attitude.)) Anyway, here are some photos of the fish in question that I'm trying to find out what they are; Thanks for the help and advice in advance!
  3. Not sure how good the photo is, but this is my flowerhorn. Just got it the other day, and I'm curious what type it is and also what sex it is.
  4. Does anybody know of someone around building display quality timber stands ! I know about Gary Maher - he does not deal with the public so I do not deal with him ! Then there is Aquariums'r'us - cheap and cheerful , will last for years but I am hoping for something a bit prettier . After a pair of identical 24x18 stands 700mm or 800 mm high ! At this stage it is looking like I will buy from 'r'us unless I can find something better .
  5. In my efforts to breed a sailfin lyretail green molly from original stock of a sailfin male and many lyretail females, about 5 generations in I have produced this guy (below). Pay particular attention to his excessively long pelvic fins: Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  6. Can anyone tell me where to get these type of plastic handles? ~
  7. What type of flowerhorn is my girl thanks
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hi all. Can anyone tell me what type of cichlid this is? He has become a bit aggressive in my tank and I need to get rid of him. He is 12cm (I am only assuming it is a he) Thanks
  10. . Just wondering if anyone can ID what type of snail these are and what the best way to get rid of them as I've noticed some of them moving around lately
  11. Hey all, My daughter spotted this little tacker at the lfs today & wanted me to get it for her. The other 2 BN we have are really dark. This one seems to me a yellowish / green colour Can anyone tell me what type of BN it is. Sorry about the crap photo Thanks
  12. I had two female Rosie Barbs pregnant but they have not laid eggs. One haemorrhaged and died, the other is on it's way there. Any information on what type of plants they MUST have to lay their eggs would be appreciated
  13. Hi all, I was just wanting to know what type of discus this is. My mates friend was getting rid of it and I got for free. he had not idea what it was only had it for about 2 weeks. Cheers breno
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone new if you can import or buy the wild type livebearers
  15. Just wanting to no what type of comp this is
  16. As the title says I'm going to change our planted tank over to LED lights around Christmas. For the lower power usage, lower heat, potentially better growth, consistent light output and probably one of the most important; not having to buy replacement bulbs every year! At this stage I don't really want to find myself in another year looking at redoing a job because I did a less than ideal job the second time. At this stage I have narrowed my options down to: a) Building a DIY light fixture with heaps of bells and whistles (Built in Electronic Timers, Moon Lights) using LED flood lights as the emitters Plus - Cheaper - I know the Flood I am thinking about using work well (plants like them, at least when new) Con - Not guaranteed to last (light output/spectrum) - High Light Spread from light (not focused into the tank) Buying a nice setup that works well for other people with warranties and etc Plus - Almost guaranteed to work - If properly selected and researched - Light Focused well into the tank Con - More expensive I am looking for opinions, experience (especially as how LED flood lights last over a year or more) and recommendations as to what works for people.
  17. I bought these guys at a action and needing to know sex and type. Was sold as L397's but the one on the right I don't think it is?
  18. does any one know if its possible to get wild type endlers in brisbane and what they are worth?
  19. Has anyone done a diy yeast co2 like in my link? I have a 2×1x1 planted tank and wanted to give it a go.. DIY Yeast-Generated CO2 System http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=151103715427
  20. Hi all, Does anyone know what type of Algae this is and if so, what to do about it. I've bought a little Bristlenose catfish (about 3cm) but not sure yet if he/she will eat it.. still in QT tank. Tank parameters are: PH: 7.2 - 7.6 (never too sure with this API kit's colours!) Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 (usually is.. can't seem to get that lower?) 3ft tank 15Dx18H with Hydor Prime 20 canister filter (600l/hr) and 200w Eheim Jager heater Approximately 9 hours of light per day (less some days) - 30 watt T8 broard spectrum/plant tube .. the light has a dual switch with a normal/non-plant fluro tube on other side which I hardly ever use .. but when I do, I turn the other tube off. Don't think that is too much light? Recently, I was letting some sunlight on the tank - about half hour per time, maybe twice a week (thinking a small amount of natural light would be healthy for fish and plants) but stopped that a few weeks ago after noticing the Algae. Could that small amount of sunlight have caused it? Any advice appreciated. Oh.. when it first started, the algae seemed long and stringy, that seems to have gone with reduced lighting? and manual removal, but now the little "tuffy" stuff in the pic is spreading??? It's short compared to the previous one. Thanks
  21. Hey everyone I ripped down a big tank of cichlids yesterday and noticed these guys looked a little bit different. There eyes seems to be "bigger" then the others. As you know im no cichlid fan so i dont know if im seeing things or not. I know they are peacocks btw. The tank had about 60 mixed cichlids but only a few had colours. Iv moved these guys to their own tank and seem like they have colour overnight. Any ideas
  22. Restarting my 4ft tank in my room. I'm going to stock it with some Chinese Hillstream Loaches. Not exactly sure what else but that's my main interest at the moment. Here are some photos. It's not 100% finished yet but will be tomorrow and I'll have a video up.
  23. Hey just wanted to confirm what type of pleco i have.
  24. hi i had ciclids but have died looking for hardy colourful fish as work away abit and cant clean tank every fortnight thanks any ideas would be great
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