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Found 11 results

  1. Wanting some cichlids that will live comfortably in a 2ft aquarium. I currently have convicts, blue acara and cockatoo dwarf cichlids(Apistogramma cacatiodies). Let me know what you have or what i should have a look at? Thanks
  2. After a smaller American cichlid? Something that will grow max 25cm, All types will be considerd thanks guys
  3. Just wondering what types of temperature monitors everyone uses and which works best for them?
  4. other than the standard filter wool, sponge/foam, commercial bio balls, ceramic tube, jap mat, shellgrit and gravel. What else do you use? I have used lego blocks and drinking straws cut down to 1cm pieces. Any other cheap options?
  5. Are there any really large catfish you can buy in Australia but as small ones so you can see them grow up but I don't want plecos already got 2 really large ones. I am looking into catfish like the salmon catfish and were can I buy them from. Thanks
  6. Hello peeps, For the newbie (like me) the world of fancy Bettas can be pretty confusing to begin with. There are many tail types, body types and colours types. There are three main types of Bettas; Standard long fin Bettas commonly referred to as Betta Splendens. Plakats which are a short fined version of Betta Splendens. And Giants, which as the name suggests are larger than common Betta Splendens. There are so many colour types available today it's amazing. Not only can you have solid coloured fish (fins and body all the one colour), you can have multi coloured fish, where the colours in the fins appear in bands, you can have multi coloured Bettas where both the body and fins different colours spread over them in no discernible pattern (and these colours can change and shift as the Betta matures), you can have fish with pale coloured bodies and deeply coloured fins, you have Betta with new scale types such as Metallics and Dragons. One thing that makes Bettas interesting is that they have four layers of colour to their scales. It's very complex to explain here, so I'm not even going to try. Metallic Bettas have a higher degree of iridescence on the scales that cover the bodies and spread over the fins. These Bettas are stunning and rarely seen in Australia Dragon Bettas are characterized by an exceptional thick iridescence layer on the body, so that the body scales take on a matt appearance while fins appear normal. It's not easy to describe a Dragon Betta. Red Dragons have a thick layer top layer of white scales over their scales, with what appears a red layer underneath. However yellow, blue and green dragons have a thick top layer on their scales that match their fin colours. Then things get real confusing when people cross and produce Metallic Dragons, or multi coloured dragons. Now we have the tail types. I'm just going to list them, but not provide a description for each. Sorry guys, but I'd be basically copying and pasting from other sources, and most likely infringing on copyright. The Veil Tail - the most commonly seen tail type in LFS. The Spade Tail The Doubletail The Roundtail The Delta Tail The Super Delta Tail The Half Moon The Rosetail The Feather Tail The Crowntail The Combtail To make things confusing here, you can have a double tail Veil Tail, or a double tail Half Moon. Not all tail types or colour forms appear in Plakat or Giant Bettas, but give it time I guess.
  7. Never kept flowerhorns before but wit the new extension coming together i have allowed a tank for a pair of these guys. So what i am wondering is what different types we get here. These are more for the mrs so the male needs to grow a hump and they need to be colourfull. As i know not much about these guy any help would be great. She found a photo of one so an ID would be great and if we can get them or not... Thanks heaps JP.
  8. Hey guys. I am looking on setting up a planted shrimp tank but I am looking for some different types of shrimp than the usual red cherries. I have been trying to find different types 0f crystal shrimp or other colourful varieties. Does anyone know a good fish store/ online store/ breeder? regards, Steve.
  9. Hi All, Just a general question on Frontosa Types in Australia. Are the following species of Blue Zaire Frontosa available in Australia? Frontosa Blue Zaire Mikula Frontosa Blue Zaire Chumbu These fish are available in USA, however are very rare. I have never seen them here offered for sale. Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys Can anyone post pics of marble B/N both short and L/fin I have seen 3 type ? so far 1 x short fin/Dark fish some whitish lines clear belly 2 x short fin/white-ish fish whitish lines clear belly 3 x L/fin white-ish fish smudges of brown/clear brown hope this is clear .. wanting to find out whats out and what we call Marble/calico Cheers Seb
  11. Hi all, i am setting up a new 6x2x2 with a 55 gallon 4 foot sump. I am after some advice on media. I am thinking 1. filter pad on top of drip dray 2. gutter guard / possible bio balls mix. 3. Matrix and or Ceramic noodles? 4. anything else? this is my sump The tank maker forgot to put the glass in to hold the drip tray.. how far down from the top of the the baffle do you think it should be? If you wish to follow my DIY threads on the whole setup please visit (no need to put it on 3 forums!) http://www.cyphos.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23180 or http://frontosa.com.au/index.php?showtopic=1458
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