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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, i have kept fish for years, but since the passing of my 10 year old red devil, Bruiser, I thought I'd try my hand at tropicals. I have been getting some great help from Hung at red dragon aquatic, but i wont be over that way for a week or so, so i thought i might ask the question here. I had a case of white spot, i lost one hoplo and a cory, the only other fish that showed symptoms was a clown loach. to treat i upped the temp to 29 (From 26-27) and use protzin for the 6 day suggested cycle. The last 2 days my Gold Gourami and Angel did not look to be eating. I did a half water change yesterday (120lts) and all water tests are fine. when i get home from work today, the Gourami is gornski's and the Angel looks not much better. The angel also has a clear worm like poo hanging out. there are no visible signs on any other fish and they all seen healthy and active. they were being fed sera granules (looks like Nescafe abit) and recently changed to hikari micro wafers, to try and get the spiny eel to eat dry food. any thoughts and or help is muchly appreciated. thanks Bryan
  2. Ok so about a year ago I had some mysterious deaths of bristlenose. Never got to the end of it and the two remaining BN had lived on. Until about four months ago when I added a pair of albino BN when all of a sudden I found one of my seemingly healthy BN dead, so four became three. Now its a four foot tank, with over filtration and under feed, out of natural light and always clean. About three weeks ago I found one of my larger Mbamba dead, I had noticed prior to this that it was in fierce competition with my alpha male so put it down to a death fight. Now just today I found another one dead, and this one was slightly smaller but had awesome colouring and was shaping up to be my favourite fish. I did not notice any odd behaviour leading up to this final death, the only change has been the colouring of the fish has been showing a lot more of late specially around feeding time. The tank is a predominantly male tank (two female fish, excluding the cuckoos and the BN) the female fish are fine and not hassled at all. I just completed a range of water test and everything has returned as expected; Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate <5ppm PH: 7.6 GH: 180 Temp: 27 deg Have been slack and the last water change was just over a month ago. I can get my head around explained deaths, but when everything seems fine then BAM fish are dead, it really bums me out. Both fish were excellent looking and all my fish eat like there is no tomorrow. I just don't know what to look for or do next, I am afraid if I loose another fish I will give up on the cichlids all together and just concentrate on my marine tank, which is going great! Bummed out & signing out, Grimace
  3. I had 4 blue rams in a 6ft show tank. So far I have lost 3 with no reason and no wounds. Wake up in the morning and one had died, 2 weeks later the same again, 3 weeks after that the same again etc. The water is clean and perfect, no infections, no over feeding, only 4 rams, 15 platys and 4 guppies in the 6ft tank, no fighting in the tank between rams. So I am stumped as to why they suddenly up and die. Could anyone inlighten me as to a reason why?
  4. Hey Guys and Girls, i've been having problems with my display tank in the past two - three weeks ive had about 5 bns, and a geo died for no apparent reason, first thing i thought it was, was my water so i checked it and got the following readings Ph - 6.0 Kh - 4dH Ammonia - <0.25ppm Nitrites - <0.25ppm Nitrates - 5.0ppm i even took my water to my lfs to check that my test kit was working correctly and they got the same readings. now the tank is home to soft water fish so the PH being so low really isnt a issue. my last readings from my previous 3 tests (i test my tanks once a month) were pretty much all the same. now on this tank i have a 2400lph cannister and a 1200lph HOB which are cleaned alternatively (i never clean both filters at the same time) my HOB was last cleaned last week and my cannister was cleaned about a month ago so i dont think the problem is in the filters. now im getting the water fully tested today (phospates, heavy metals, etc) is there anything i should look out for? also if anyone can suggest whats causing the deaths it would be greatly appriecated Thanks Cav
  5. Why on the 5th day as the eggs are almost ready to hatch, did the male kick all of them out of his log, only to be eaten by other fish. I wasnt quick enough to get the eggs to put into another tank? Marc
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