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Found 12 results

  1. Anyone able to tell what type of fish this is? It came with a tank I got on the weekend and it was an unwanted extra which I'd like to get rid of. He's currently in a tank with africans, I know it's not ideal but I guess it's better then him sitting in a bucket where he was.
  2. Could anyone please identify this plant? I found it in a creek which was flowing a little and was about a foot deep. The plant has a weird leaf coming from the main plant which made me unsure of what it is. The plants vary in size from 5cm tall to 20cm tall. I thought it could be vallesneria, saggitaria or pygmy chain sword but i am not sure, any ideas would be great, Thanks. i attached photos of the plant in a 4 litre ice cream container.
  3. I am having a little trouble identifying my fish i got from a friend. He says its a Melanochosmic and then someone else has said its an electric yellow, if these are one of the same, Im not sure since I'm stlll learning or if its something completely different. If someone can help that would be awesome. thanks.
  4. Hi team over the last couple of years i have read i bunch of gumtree 'horror stories' BUT personally i have only have positive experiances.. I find most my sales (2/3's) go thru gumtree and i get little, to no 'gin' around from buyers, unlike here (qldaf) where i find heaps of tyre kickers/time wasting shats. what your opinion....
  5. Hey everyone, I brought these dwarf american cichlids off a guy down the coast. he wasnt to sure what type they were and i wouldnt have a clue. Im guessing there all juvies aswell. Could someone please help me identify this cichlids. Thanks heaps
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Found this little 'sprout' while water changing the 75gal today. I have anubius, java fern, crypts and amazon sword in this tank, but this sprout seems odd, any ideas what it is?
  8. hey guys, i have a 3000L system that i mainly use for african cichlid fry however, i ended up throwing some fish in i got from random fish shops. Soon the fry started dropping off, some would lie listless on the bottom before dieing and most would loose a bit of colour too, within 24hrs of these symptoms the fish is dead and now normally has both its eye's popping out (not noticed pre death). seems to only affact certain species of fish and at sizes, from 10mm-50mm. fry would drop off at rate of 1-4 fish per day depending on species and then slowly stabilize with about 20-30% of the original batch surviving. (whilst the fish are dieing at a rate of 1-4 the rest of the batch seem to be in perfect health.) this system i ended up bombing with chlorine which quickly fixed the problem however it has now popped up in a 5x2 fry tank. im pretty sure this is not a water quality issue it may play a part but there is something else there that I would love some help identifying... any input much appreciated have tried treating with full and half doses of formalin and multi purpose but no change
  9. Hi, I have a fish, it was sold to me as a "various cichlid", it looks like my male johanni, but it is yellow where the johanni are blue. When we first bought it, we had two, but the other one dissapeared. Do female johanni have black on them or just gold/yellow?
  10. I have 4 fish we bought a year ago when they were tiny, they have bred once but none survived at we had carnivorous fish o\in the tank, anyway we were told they were braziliance or braziliamus or something, I am trying to find more information on breeding them but this is hard as I do not even know what they are called... Any ideas.... Thanks!!!
  11. i definantly know the fish have white spot and im treating them for that but over night they have developed different symptoms like blood in their fins . also their fins seem to be splitting apart not sure if this is from rubbing though. ill get a photo and post it when i can. does anyone know if tetracycline does for aquarium fish and can it be used at the same time as Machite green. i have also bumped the temp to 29 and added 15L of naturla salt water to the tank to increase salinity. i will add more soon just letting them adjust at the moment. thanks in advance Mattt
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