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Found 60 results

  1. So i finally pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a new 10gal to update my shrimp tank. Managed to bag some cheap seiryu stone as well so thought id get going on my first proper scape. My aim was to make a scape that didnt need all the bells an whistles and could be made with what was easily and (relatively) cheap and available. Running a basic aquamanta HOB with 2 clip in Animates LED and going to be dosing Excel every other day and trace elements and iron every water change. Currently has about 20 RCS and 2 endlers though going to change the endlers out for some smaller school. Not sure what yet. Its a basic black gravel (wanted to try something other than BDBS) with seiryu stone, some gold vine nano driftwood pieces, java moss, subwassertang, riccia and micranthenum minte carlo. Goong to be filling in the top of the cliff with a bushier plant, still unsure what that will be though. Would love to hear your thoughts! - Fuzzy Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  2. So it's been awhile since I set this tank up still growing out the rainbow cichlids that I got from the last auction they are about 4-6cm now I will be keeping 3 or 4 depending on how they behave and size wise. Will be adding 2 more female swordtails and 4 more corydoras venezuelanus next time I'm at techden. the substrate and rocks are from the local landscape yard and cost me less that 10 bucks. Filter is a eheim 2217 running mr Aqua noodles and eheim sponges Sorry about the potato photos the iPad sucks. I'll have to get the slr out one day and take some half decent shots
  3. Thought I would share the progress on my 90L nano. Between renovating my house and my tank, I'm slowly adding more to it. Iv added more rock I just used base rock as I was over waiting for real reef rock at pet city and I didn't want live rock. Ok ok a list of what I have now Purple goniopora green alveopora Purple tip torch hammer 2 fungias Favia (green and purple) pink tip cataphylia 3 pink mushrooms (look wicked) orange eagle eye zoas (I think) 5 turbo snails ocellaris clown (pair) starfish And a ****load of Copepods and amphipods haha
  4. Ok, I have done a summary of the project. Personally I would like to see these moved from sticky threads as they are pretty dead. see below. I do however think they are a great idea, but perhaps need a bit more thought into the execution & clarity to see future projects survive & prosper. I would be keen to see a new group of projects launched & this also might breath some life into the species specific sections...? I myself would prefer a more varied species list, all the Malawi's were mbuna. Nothing wrong with it just saying, and the Tangs seemed to be out of everybodys reach. or maybe that is the point of the 'rare' project, everybody wants some but few have the $$... What does everybody think? Metraclima sp. 'zebra gold'"Charo" Last post  09-04-2013 Matt A – acquired some, nobody else replied. Fish appears available but not prevalent. [h=2]Cynotilapia zebroides "cobue"[/h] Last post  18-10-2013 Steveandjules had fry available  17-10-2013 Nobody else replied. [h=2]Cynotilapia zebroides "chewere"[/h] Last post  27-11-2013 No body obtained the fish. Appears the fish is lost? [h=2]Metriaclima pulpican[/h] Last post  07-08-2014 No body on the thread obtained the fish. Stated that the fish was prevalent but needed some quality control. [h=2]Neolamprologus kungweensis[/h] Last post  09-04-2015 No body in the thread obtained the fish Stated that the fish were being breed in Sydney, still appears rare. [h=2]Altolamprologus compressiceps "Muzu"[/h] Last post  06-05-2015 Too much reading about the collection location & what is actually available & what fish this ‘project’ was supposed to be targeting. From a quick skim, Waltec breed them, Shon knew a bloke with 2 pairs & Ian had some, I could be wrong, I quickly skimmed through (looked at piccies) [h=2]Cynotilapia sp 'hara'[/h] Last post  29-06-2015  Michael_M had fry available -  28-03-2014 These fish are available interstate (perhaps locally) in small numbers, I cannot speak for quality. [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION]?
  5. they have come a long way from this 20140903-IMG_5921 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr to this (in about 6 months) still trying to decide which one to keep. the one on the right (THUG) has better size, kok and red colour but the one on the left (JAY) has shorter body, full cover pearl and better fins. Your thoughts? Matt
  6. hey guys I got a new camera for xmas and thought I would share some pics of the 240, hope you enjoy cheers
  7. Looking forward to the 22nd - will be a massive event - here is the update - not long now.
  8. Massive project and this gives a small idea of the scale of it. http://www.oceanario.pt/cms/1397/?news=1789 FACTS ABOUT THE EXHIBITION Aquarium with 160 m3, U-shape design, 40m long and 2,5m wide The aquarium's layout includes 4 tons of sand, 25 tons of volcanic rocks from Azores and 78 tree trunks from Scotland and Malaysia 40 species of tropical freshwater fish 46 species of aquatic plants The largest "nature aquarium" in the world ever created by Takashi Amano First aquarium with author's signature, at Oceanário de Lisboa 1.5 million visitors expected in 30 months
  9. This it "thug" from this 20140903-IMG_5918 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr to this (on the right) 20141111-_MG_7023 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr to this today 20150111-_MG_7364 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr This is "jay" from this 20140903-IMG_5915 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr to this (on the left) 20141111-_MG_7028 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr to this today 20150111-_MG_7365 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr your comments are welcomed Matt
  10. .Hi all, Been a while since I've been around, lurked a bit after our trip to Japan, but haven't really had time to do much. Pics of the new additions to the tank (9 Angels and 2 Threadfin Acaras), they are only a few days old for my tank. and some new val as mu last lot dies as a result of the flourish overdosing to get rid of one lot of algae, now I have hair algae that s is driving me crazy.
  11. hi all, i know i havent been on for awhile so i thought i would give you a big update at what iss going on in the world of fish at my place. well i have been breeding b/n i have 2 sets now. its sad that i lost all but one from my first pairing up but it was my mistake, i have changed a few things an hope this time it works. i'm looking into setting up a very large tank in the garage to put both pairs of b/n into an all their fry. at the moment they are split into two tanks an poor old tude hasnt got his tank cause of sonny an middy (male an female longfin) an a pair of blue rams that are possably breeding. the 3f is doin well, i have a pair of kribs that is breeding, thanks to t.p. who gave me a couple of caves for them. they did lay in the skull but she ate them again, however i think it might of been to light for them an i also move the skull a little so i could see into it. i dont think she liked that to much. but anyways they love their new homes. i had a fish that i didnt know what it was only to find out that it was a danio, it was harrasing the onlly guppy so i ended up getting a gold longfin an a leopard danio for it ( did have to take the guppy out for a couple of days for it to leave her alone tho) that same day i picked up two butterfly rams ( got these guys from the guys at rocklea.. awsome shop an great guys). i finnaly have a sailfin (again from rocklea. very good price) its name is spot ( the lovely other halfs idea.. lol) when its big enough it will be going in with tude when he gets his tank back. bit of great news my honey gourami ended up pairing up an breeding. i have ended up with a few fry an they are doing very well (i did take them out of the 3f as soon as i saw that they were breeding) so now i'm trying my hand an breeding betta, i have 2 males an two female (i just wanted bettas an wasnt thinkin bout it till the other half bought home a female). i have a veiltail, an a super delta crown tail (possably, my sister had said) the two girls are combs an one looks to be almost a halfmoon. betty (the first female i got) has breed with the veil tail twice, the first time they didnt many eggs an they wearnt locking properly, the second poduced quite a few but he ended up eating them. so i'm not sure what i'm doing. but will figger it out. i know they are hardish to breed. the other female isnt ready to breed yet. she will be put over dragon (crown tail). as for tude lee an him play together. its really sweet an funny. lee says that tude isnt his fish but really, i just do the water changes now. lee is the one who feeds him. when tude gets moved i think lee will miss him being next to the couch ( as tude is now.) they play hide n seek when lee will put someing up so tude cant see him an tude will slowly creep out to see where lee is. tude will also flare up when lee puts his face up to the tank, so tude is very much lees fish. lol i was going to put tude in the 4f tank when we move but decided not to as tude an lee will be lost without each other. also the way lee feeds him, i think that tude wouldnt do well. so its been decided that tude will be in a tank with a pleco. (when the pleco, spot at this stage, is to big it gets moved to a bigger tank an another one put in its place. when we move i've got a few ideas for the 4f tank. i'm either thinking on a saratoga with oscer, catfish an plecos or going for smaller cichlids simmlar to tude. the brother inlaw has a heap of slate that i can have so that will be part of it. i'm thinking on getting rid of most of my mollies as i need the room for other fish. an still havent done anything with the goldfish except 4 went to lees dads place for a small pond he has. both are healthy an doing well other wise. i did have the yoyo loaches in the 3f to get rid of the apple snails but they didnt do a thing.. grrrr... but the snails have turned into an advantage, ive thrown some into the ICB an also into the betta tanks an a coupple of others. when they get to big outside they go till winter. well that all i can think of for now. i guess if you have questions or ideas you'll post up. lol when i get the chance i'll try to post some pics for you all. anyways got to do water changes now ( 8 tanks, big an small lol, an maybe the ICB will get a small one to, but thats the easiest. ) thanks for reading
  12. SUNSHINE COAST AQUARIUM CLUB Aquaholics Aquarium Products Meetings on the first Wednesday night of the month. Start time is 7:15 100 Sixth Avenue, Maroochydore (QLD health building)
  13. Hi Everybody, Ive been a bit inactive lately due to just plain business of life, full time uni, crazy hours with work and a suprise baby on the way. Anyways the tanks been plugging along quite well lately, very stable, plants growing heaps, cutting them down heaps. Looks quite nice if I say so myself In the tank there was a previous thread about particles in the water and a dead spot in the tank. We ended up adding the 1000lph internal filter and god it has had a great effect. The dead spot is gone and the particles dissapear from the water much quicker. To finish the job off i just need to add some fine filter wool to pick up the last scraps. Now my question about oxygenation. Lately the spray bar has been falling off the tank wall as the suction caps are going bad. Sooo this afternoon I cracked the ****s with it and just pulled it out and left a bare output in the tank pointed slightly at the waters surface. Just wondering if this will airate the tank enough? I assume the CO2 loss will be less than with a spray bar so I'll have to keep an eye on the drop counter to see what happens there. Because I feel photos would be almost useless in trying to descibe how much the water is rippled, heres a video. Is this enough? P.S. This video may take a long time to upload from my home connection so the link may not work right away. Sorry Edit: Sorry about the video not being too clear.. looked much better before youtube. Despite that you can still get a feeling for the surface ripples
  14. Hello everyone, please find the link below if you would like to check out my latest fish pics. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151906401848364.1073741850.566013363&type=1
  15. Finally updated my webpage, please have a look "here" and let me know what you think Weather has warmed so have plenty of fry in the ponds and everything is breeding and plants are growing and lilies are flowering Finally got the 6ft tank outside and planted up with a few fish,(didn't get to look at it much under the house) it is still very green but hopefully the plants will start taking over utilising the extra nutrients and the water will clear, the ponds when first setup go green then just go clear after awhile. This is the only tank I have now, its outside under the shade sail so doesn't get direct sun although definitely enough, very low tech with potting mix under river sand then some gravel on top and my DIY trickle filter as only filtration (thanks for drilling all my holes Betta) and no heating. Currently has ornate rainbowfish, honey blue eyes, empire gudgeons, cherry shrimp, a couple of peppermint bristlenose and now tadpoles. The cane toads cant jump or climb high enough to get in so the frogs are really starting to take over my ponds, very noisy although they dont bother me I do wonder about the neighbours sometimes I have heard 3 distinctively separate calls, identifying green tree and pobblebonk frogs but only seen these little ones so far. Not sure about id but either Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog (Litoria fallax) or Pearsons Tree Frog (Litoria pearsoniana) Anyone know frogs? these I believe are frogs eggs the yellow leaf is about the size of a 10c piece
  16. head still hasnt poped though is soft and irredessent enjoy let me know what you think
  17. Ok we'll things have gone awesome As donny pointed out there has been a lot of mods on this thing but all are worth it for sure Sump altered to allow macro I a chamber with a shallow sand bed with hermit crabs a few snails to turn it over Unfortunately the skimmer is still in the sump as am restricted in height under the Cabnet so can't get te height to put it externally many change it out next year for one I can Skimmer is a deltec tc 1655 works great with self cleaning head The t5 lighting I have taken the 2 back bulbs out and replaced with a 4 foot led system so running 2 t5 white bulbs during the day than switching off and running the led once I get home as there a lot cleaner an make the tank pop The wave malkers in the tank Also changed the pump and am running the lot on a 6800lph pump through a taped bar Resun chiller Tlf 150 phos reactor with roaphos Having Hughes amount of growth in the tank with the dunking that was aprox 70 heads now 85-90 with heels of new baby heads popping out Aprox 10 dif zoa spreading like while and hammers torshes with full extension And manny more corals in there Feeding corals Roids and misis shrimp and finly choped prawns Also dosing cal and Amin acids a and b from read sea There are two fish in there a yellow tang and a perc clown lost a clown early on and traded a orchid dotty back as it ate my shrimp A few pics off the phone it dose not pick up the true colours and glow of the tank but you get the idea
  18. Been ages since I updated on tadpole and I have some pics to share (and I'm stuck in bed sick so might as well do something before I go crazy). Tad was 26 cm when I got him (5 months ago) and he's up to around 35 cm now! No chance to get a super accurate measurement recently but I know he was 35 around 2 weeks ago. =) Got a little 'sister' for him coming on Sunday morning as well!
  19. I got this guy from kasman a couple of months ago and he just keeps getting better by the week. Can't wait to see what he looks like in a scaped tank when his colours "pop". Ill post pics every month or so
  20. My tank has been running for a little while now and thought I would share some photos. It is 10 x 2.5x 2.5 feet. Has a sump and also a black drum (60l I think) full of K1. I aim to have nearly 100l of K1 in the system, I have around 2/3 of that now. The drift wood is still pinned beneath my rocks as I got bored of the floating islands. I am not all that happy with the lighting but not really sure what to do about it. I am hoping to have a hood and cabinet in the not too distant future, but if I want it by the time I'm 90 I might have to get a carpenter Fish are all doing well, no major dramas yet but I am expecting a few as they mature. In the mix are Silver Dollars, Albino Sailfin Pleco, Red Devil, Dovii, Managuense, Festae, Umbriferum, Oscars, Jack Dempseys, Convicts, White and Orange Rivulatus, Polleni, FlowerHorn, Synspillum, Black Belt (I think, they were purchased as Synspillum I think they are Black Belt), Super Green Texas, Red Texas (that look black/greenish now they have started to colour up).
  21. http://youtu.be/SMzk79nxxxY Ok, now 2-3 months old, installed the new Aqua Sphears and a phosphate reactor, got another box or 3 of live coral and rocks, **** load more fish and as below cheers all for the advice and help Ben http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMzk79nxxxY&feature=youtu.be
  22. Have updated my webpage again feel free to have a look click here ---> New Page 1 Any comments suggestions most welcome cheers
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