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Found 7 results

  1. Thought I'd do an update with pics of my 80l nano as Iv been slack and haven't put any pics up yet. Let me no what use all think
  2. Just so you know... It turned out very well. I named her "Baby" and she is living with 3 other large GPGs in a 10ft swimming pool (approx. 4,000 litres). The last time I moved her (from an 8ft swimming pool to the bigger one) she was about 50+cm, so she's still growing :-) Thanx for the interest.
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  6. well its sunday, supposably rest day lol! when you have fish, theres no such pleasure. half my waterchanges last night, some more today...hopefully get my 600 litre rain storage tanks finished today! sitting here enjoying my 3rd contemplation coffee for the morning and figured might throw some pics up... this is one of my smaller tanks setup recently. its an aquaone aquastart 500...around 50 ltrs or so. nice simple unit, undergravel filter, powerhead and spraybar. roughly 50mm fine black gravel with generous layer of 26mm bioballs buried in it and it certainly settled in quickly and appears to be cycling beutifully. some nice bits of driftwood with tunnels which they love. the live plants have established beautifully too. added a sponge air filter plus extra airstone. originally transferred my pair of marble SF BN into it and added another girl to make it a trio. added a couple nice marble longtail BN last night (thanks Mark, settling in well...couple minor spiffs lol) They get a healthy varied diet of bloodworms, protien pellets, kelp pellets, trop flakes, algea disks and lots fresh veg. also included some bubble bee gobys...cute lil fish with attitudes plus a handfull of cherry shrimp and golden snails. the marble sf have bred twice, once in this new tank, but sadly the norty boy booted his eggs...maybe third time lucky. lots of other projects on the go...more updates soon. establishing perhaps the smallest fishroom on the forum...discovered i had one last avenue of space left...the small storage room under the stairs, so this will become the harry potter fishroom lol. looking at setting up a breeding tank system in there. also have developed a very nice egg tumbler, more to come on this, maybe get extras done for sale dependant on interest. had great feedback on it so far. couple pics showing the AS500 and my male marble sf bn. time to get into the tasks for the day...that to do list is never ending!
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to give a huge thankyou to everyone who helped me out, listened to me freak out and sent PM's. You guys are awesome and it really really helps to have people around that know just how hard it can be losing members of your 'fishy' family. Apologies to craigo who came into redlands today and had to deal with me almost start crying when he mentioned his natives. Woo! Thinking happy thoughts! Butterflies, puppies! As for updates, I did lose the last of the baby bristlenose, but the adults seem fine, water is testing perfect. Thank god! I've had my big breeder boy since he was less than 3cm long so it'd be another devastating loss if he went. His girls seem happy and he's fanning in the tunnel so here's hoping that they give me some new babies to fill the holes soon. And the best part! No more deaths in the big tank! Hoorah! My tandanus is eating and finally came out of hiding and he looks perfect. My bass is the same hidey pansy thing he's always been (when will he realise he's bigger than the rainbows???) but he ate a massivore pellet this afternoon and the snakeheads are perking up. The male has a spot of fungus but I'll be upping the salt again in the tank when everything is looking better so he'll be fine. And the water on the big tank tested prettymuch perfect this afternoon. *GIANT sigh of relief* I'm hoping this means my filter isn't as dead as I thought. I'll still be waiting two weeks and testing prettymuch everyday to keep an eye on things and if all is still good I'll move my little bass and JP's over to help the tank not look so empty. So huge thankyous again to everyone for you help and well wishes, it means more than you know. :grin:
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