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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I setup a 40x40x30d marine tank for my wife around 7 years ago with the view to upgrading if i could keep it alive. Well the time has come albeit a bit late but it going to be done slowly so hints and tips are greatly appreciated. The tank is 80lx40wx60d. Lighting is an 18w green element from AOA It has some base rock and texas holey rock at the moment that will be added too. Filtration is an 800lph Otto internal at the moment as I'm only cycling slowly Ok so question time I was looking at overhead filters, thoughts? Or cannister filter, do I need uv? I am only having morphs and whatever comes on the liverock I buy and transfer from the other tank. Do I need a protein skimmer?, i really don't want one. Can I use K1 in a marine tank and is it setup the same. I don't want to spend a fortune so budget ideas would be good but nothing from eBay. Cheers mick
  2. thought id share a few pic of my new fish room build. friday befor xmas the slab was poured. thread stared here. ...http://www.qldaf.com/forums/ado_84-breeder-registry-collingwood-park-african-cichlids-frontosa-catfish-162/my-garage-fish-haven-91613/ week or so later [ATTACH=CONFIG]59743[/ATTACH] tanks for 2/3 of the first rack. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59853[/ATTACH
  3. Hello just bought a larger tank (300ltrs) and wondering if I have to cycle this or can I move everything from existing (130ltr) tank straight into new tank?
  4. . Best layout i could come up with given the space available to me. I think its a good plan for 9 square meters, I have never built a sumped system before, so please feel free to comment in case i have not thought of something. Black arrows indicate drainage flow. i will be running a tank outlet on the collection tank that drains outside just in case power fails.
  5. In order to keep our members safe from cybercrime we are planing a backup and upgrade of the forum later this week. I know with every upgrade comes change and some people don't like change. However to ensure we have the safest platform this is a necessity. One of the biggest hurdles we will encounter along the way is with a pre installed software VBSEO. Since the last upgrade VBSEO had a big downturn and conflict within its company and it no longer exists. VBSEO was a piece of software that was installed on the forum (most likely when it was first built) it is responsible for all URL rewrites to make the site more friendly for Google. Turning off VBSEO is not as easy as flicking a switch or deleting a file but must be done as it is now considered a security risk. We may experience some or all the following * A temporary downtime on the site * Loss of some threads/posts * Loss of some/all private PM's * Deletion of some Accounts * Redirects of old threads to "error 404 page not exists" It is recommended that you take a copy of any information you require on the forum including important posts, PM's or contact details. we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause along the way
  6. Ok guys so my jack is currently in a 5x2x2, and upgrading is not an urgent matter, but I'm interested to know what you think is better for monster fish. Length? Width? Height? I'm asking because I'm going to start planning which size tank I should buy when he outgrows his current tank. I've got 2 in mind. Either a 6x3x2 or a 7x2.5x2. I personally am more worried about width than anything. But I want know opinions because I want to provide him the best possible living quarters. No monster suggestions like 10ft tanks because that is not possible for me. Thanks
  7. I currently have a 4ft planted tank (230L) with 5 7-8 month old discus, 4 bristle nose, 4 ottos, 10 corys, 2 appistos and 12 purple harlequin rasboras. I am planning on upgrading to a 6ft (680L) tank so my discus can grow out as they are growing larger every week! The issues I face have to do with the cycling period in the new tank. I am currently running two internal filters one fluval and a uv filter plus a 1200 cannister aquaone filter in my 4 foot. I was planning on moving all the fish into a 3 ft spare tank with no gravel running the canister filter I currently have and using a new 800L cannister on the 6ft tank with some of the filter material from the 4 footer. HOw long do you think it would take for the new tank to cycle properly using the fishless cycle with seeded filter material from my 4 ft? I am also wondering how I can clean the substrate (gravel and aquasoil) from debris before I move it to the new 6fter without killing off and disrupting the good bacteria that is in it? I am planning on using most of the old water in the 4 ft to fill the 3ft so as not to cause too much stress on my fish with the move. So I wont have enough left over water to clean the gravel. Anyone had a similar experience before upgrading a tank? Any tips you can give me on how to make the cycling faster etc so the fish don't stay squished in the 3fter for a month and a half would be absolutely wonderful! (the time period it took my four foot to cycle). PS: I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone with a ute that could carry a 195cm tank length and 135 wide. I have a landrover and doubt it'll fit! IF anyone is keen to do a pickup and drop off I am willing to pay for the time/petrol Thankyou!
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  11. Has anyone ever upgraded the measly 11w lights on an aquaone AR380 to something suitable for plants? As the ballast only suits aqua ones 11w lights, a new ballast would have to be installed. Looking for ideas on how to do it best.
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