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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, Thought I'd share my shrimp tanks 2foot red cherry tank(feeders mostly) has around 20ish red cherrys Nano one with chocolate cherrys x4 which are too small to take pics of lol Before shrimp lol will get pics of these guys once they get slightly bigger Nano 2 with Crystal Blacks x5 and 1 Snow White Before Shrimp too The CBS big female Snow White All of these awesome shrimpys come from [MENTION=885]smicko[/MENTION] Will keep updating this topic as they grow and breed thanks for viewing guys Regards, Nathan
  2. Hey everyone. I'm looking at setting up an aquaponics system one a turtle tank I'm building, now just a quick question for anyone running an indoor aquaponics setup, what lights are you using? just a T5 HO fixture? I'm just going to be growing herbs. Thanks, Skinnnyman.
  3. I don't no if i have put this in the right section so mods if i am mistaken please me Ok so i still live at home and have a small room in which my fish stuff can occupie and am restricted to a certain number of tanks I have cray tank, another tank in my room these tanks are not moving. I have atm 3 spare tanks 2 4ft and 2 2ft tanks although i can get rid of these and upgrade as it is just hte number of tanks that i am restricted to not the size What would you recommend I would prefer to keep it to 3 tanks and turn another into a display tank for the living room for discus or angels. So what do people recommend me do i only have 1 breeding colony of pindani's (2m, 16f) it is my 1st try at something like this so not looking at something outrageous just something small and reasonable. Advice on tanks, what i should get or what i should do, filtration?? sump or just canisters i already have a canister running on a 4fter with the colony in it that have started breeding for me already. Money is somewhat of a restriction but am willing to spend a decent amount on it as it is my hobby and i live at home so my main expense is car and fish any advice would be great guys thanks heaps
  4. Gday all, Well I just snaged a nice 6 x 1.6 x 2 tank and stand and I also snaged a 2.2 x 1.5 x 1.5 tank that will be my new sump for 6ft'r. I will be using the 6 for my new grow tank and i would like to build my own sump as there will be at least 2-300 B/N fry soon to enter as well as some larger fish from my community tanks. What I'm exactly looking for are the following I wanted to know how to set up sump (as is a bare tank) would be great to get some diagrams/pics - Would like to set up 2 intakes one low the other a skimmer style- What type of after market/ DIY plumbing do I need - How do you drill holes in back of tank/ is this just over kill?- Before anyone says why dont you just go into past forums or check out the net I have done this but I am not getting all the answers I wanted. I am looking for someone who doesnt mind sharing there knowledge. Look forward to hearing from anyone with positive feed back and insight. Thank you in advance Johno
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. A couple of pics of my new fish. Red Humps 1 x male 3 x female redhump4.JPG[/attachment:clbw0pee] redhump5.JPG[/attachment:clbw0pee] redhump.JPG[/attachment:clbw0pee] redhump2.JPG[/attachment:clbw0pee] Leucos x 5 leuco 1.JPG[/attachment:clbw0pee] leuco6.JPG[/attachment:clbw0pee] leuco2.JPG[/attachment:clbw0pee] Dave
  7. Had a very mixed week. we are still loosing small fire blue and some cuckoos while adult fire blue are breading in the same tank . We have 1, 6 bar fronny fry starting to swim and two lots of 7 bar eggs tumbling We have 2 lots of fire blue head and tale but no cuckoos
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