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  1. Angelfish laid eggs in 55 gallon community tank first time, any input as to what I should do would be great. Have an extra tank with cherry shrimp Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. I have been concerned about this fish for awhile, however after the water change today it's just sitting in the bottom. Previously it was sitting in the back corner but did come for food and eat. I took a water sample a week ago and the ammonia was high so from advice from the aquarium have used amguard and stability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey guys and gals, Went to sleep last night and everything about my tank was fine and I woke up this morning to find the water level had dropped by about 20L overnight. There doesnt appear to be any cracks or leaks that are visible from the tank. So I'm leaning towards it being a problem with my canister filter as that's where the bulk of the missing water was. I haven't had the filter for very long at all probably only 5 months at the very most. What should I be looking for if it was a problem with the filter. Thanks, Adam
  5. Hey everyone. so my parents are looking after my brothers tank while he is away and have taken too much water out during a water change. So the Eheim 2213 has lost its syphon. I am about to go over there to look at it and was hoping someone could give me a quick fix for this as I am not familiar with this filter. Should I just empty the canister, put the intake hose in and suck on the outtake to get the water flowing into the cannister? Or is there another solution that is easier? Cheers for the help!
  6. Ok so upon my several hundred daily inspections of my tank I noticed this on one of my Amazon Sword leaves.... This is only the second time I've ever had angels spawn on me and this has happened over night. I'm assuming it's this pair of angels as they won't leave the leaf alone and chase all other angels, neons and silver sharks away from it. What do I do??? Remove the leaf? Which isn't really an option as the only empty tank I have is ingested and cycling, do I remove all the fish that could attack/eat including parents?? Or do I cut the leaf out and put it into an in tank fry basket type thing? Or just leave them to their own devices?!?! Help ASAP!! I'd love to actually get some babies out of this!! I don't even know what to feed them?!? Luke
  7. Hey everyone i have a problem i have noticed on my black sharks finns, she is my pride and joy so i keep a very close eye on her and i went out today to do some photoshoots and when i got home i noticed this, it has come up within the last 12 hours, her tank is a uv filtered 5 foot and her tank mates are about 200 baby bn's, two baby electric yellows, 2 clown loaches and an adult longfin albino bn. i am pretty sure its white spot but have never seen it this hectic so any help would be very appreciated. thanks dan.
  8. Urgent has any one got a spare tank I could buy or borrow around greenbank area tank sprung a leak last night and don't have a spare
  9. HELP - I have taken today off work to set up my new tank but the #!@@ Coral Sand hasnt arrived in the post yet. Does it matter if I fill the tank with water, get the canister started and put the gravel in later? Or would that just be a messy disaster? Im on a time limit as they purchaser of my other tank is picking it up on Friday so really need to get this done today if at all possible. Gravel will be here tomorrow by the latest so it will still give it a day or so to settle down and I am using the water and part of the media from my old tank to start the new tank up. Im just worried about the gravel damaging the filter if I put it in later.
  10. Daharkazangel lost power early yesterday and has been told it won't be back on until sometime tomorrow, would anyone close to the Caloundra area have battery operated air pump they could lend her or even a small generator. Fish are suffering and will die before power is returned. Please contact Angle on 0458783690
  11. Due to storm damage at St Joseph's the super auction has been relocated to the BAR Jai Hall Alexandra Road Clayfield. Start time will be delayed till 5.00pm. Graeme
  12. Just cleaning/ rearranging bn tank and found eggs will the father go back to them after I have disturbed them ??
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. need a sump set up right away on a tank that has a nitrite blowout and in it is some very expensive fish, just set the sump up a couple hours ago and need to know if its safe to run in now after the pvc cement glue has dried, the stuff smells super potent and toxic so not sure if its safe to run now,any help would be great as ive never used this stuff before, cheers
  15. I noticed one of my sterbai corys swimming around upside down pretty erratically and in circles. I've just noticed two of my jubilee Ebjds doing the same thing. I have no idea what to do or why this has happened. The only thing that's changed is that I got a new plant. The Ebjds have been in the tank for about 4 months and the Cory's only for about two weeks. I'm working on getting them outta there.. But of course I don't have a hospital tank right now.. Any suggestions? I'm so worried. I've also got tapajos in there, pepp bns and an l066
  16. hey guys, real urgent, added a small dovii with myn black belt and fene, overnight they have picked on him. and i have just found him bitten at the bas of where his tail was, and found his whole tail on the bottom of my tank! i do not have any melafix but added salt, what else should i do? he is seperated in a breeder net
  17. Hey guys, I need some help... In posted this a few days ago common b/n with red/infected sucker, b/n with a badly cut/infected sucker. I added salt yesterday (1g per litre), then some melafix just then (5m to 40L)... and immediately the b/n thrashed around in the tank. then rolled over and layed on its back as if dead. I took him out straight away into some fresh water. what do you think?? I did some research and it looked like melafix should have been ok with scaleless species... but my observations tell me otherwise.
  18. ok, lately I have heard something smash into the lid of the tank 2 times. I just relised its my female heckelii, she is dieing. I can put her in a quarrenteen tank? I have mythel blue, stress guard, should I use. She has a cloudy pat on her tail as well as a rip. and a little red blood spot on her eye. what can I do?
  19. I have just got home from work and my Aulonacara Maylandi has been beaten to within an inch of his life whilst I was out for the day. he was in a 3ft tank with a Kigoma fronny a gold comp and a eureka red jacobfriebergi and something has gone wrong because he has suffered extensive fin damage some scale damage and is now floating upside down. I don't know of anything I can do except put him in a divider and hope he pulls through since he is upside down. If anyone knows any tricks or tips to help him pull through I would be so thankful. I fear he hasn't got long and I HATE losing a fish and am prepared to do anything to help his dire situation
  20. Morning, I have a male JD that was beat by antoher, I have seperated them but this morning his injuries are worse, there is no skin or scales where he was attacked, they have come off, only pink flesh showing will he recover, can I do something, is there a treatment, should I put him down Ben Thanks
  21. hi all i've been called into work for some ot, does anyone have fisjy_names number? need to let him know i wont be home today
  22. Hi - I have just brought an Eheim Classic 2213 and I am having trouble understanding how to put it all together. Is anyone able to help? I understand that the tubing needs to be cut to size ect but I am confused about how the spray bar goes ... If anyone has one set up could they please post a couple of pictures?
  23. hi i hvae purchased yesterday e vening 2 20cm tiger oscars and 4 footer tank but unfortunately the tank needs to be repaired and painted so i put them in a 2 footer which seem they doesnt like. they are just on the ground next to each other and not moving only time when they move is when i give them frozen brine shrimp they than move little to eat otherwise they just lay on the ground and look. they seem to be in good healt condition so i need help in tank i have heater and airstone and pump and blue, orange and red gravel mostly blue also i put in there 2 ornaments one looks like driftwood other just like stairas help me guys i dont want them to die or shouldnt i worry??? r they just scared??? or upset??? help please
  24. My Alpha WC Kipili has developed a white growth coming out of one of his gills. He is acting perfectly normal and the water conditions are perfect. Anyone know what it might be? Or even better.. how to cure it? I have attached some pictures. 3rd one just to show you how sad he is.
  25. hey guys, just wanting to see if i can get some help here ive got a breeding pair of geophagus proximus' and the male has been a bit weird last few days, normally they are both swimming around or staying hidden, but the male is currently out in the open on the bottom of the tank and just today he has dug out a small area where he is, he looks normal and healthy by appearance. also when he swims he seems to struggle to get up higher for food. what could be the cause? (and yes i know the tank is a bit green atm, just did a big clean on my filter and algae has come up)
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