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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, Considering setting up a tank with a Kasanga location 'theme' are there any shell dwellers for kasanga? Cheers Trav
  2. hears a question if i line breed my own color variant shrimp can i name it whateva i like would love some thauts on this
  3. Just wondering if anybody could clear this up for me it sort of ties in with the hybird discussions but For example a Frontosa (I dont know much about frontosas though so im going to use made up variants) 1. Say a Frontosa from B and a Frontosa from C were to interbreed would the frontosa BC be a hybrid?, where the only difference was where in the lake they are found and their colours which is what them distinguishable in the wild they wouldn't breed I assume since they would be in different parts of the lake; they are the same species though...so thats where I'm confused 2. And if a fish like a Frontosa from B is from one part of a lake and has different colouration to a Frontosa from C, is the only difference that they are from a different lake and have different colour? how do people classify species from different parts of the same place if colouration is the only difference? like all the different types of cyprichromis leptosoma or tropheus unless theres other things that depict the naming of a species... depending on the answer to this question, I might have another question If that didnt make sense then um heres a shorter version I'm trying to find out how and why one species of fish is named slightly different (extra bit in their normal species name) and is it only due to where they are found and the colouration differences? and secondly, is it considered a hyrbid if the same species mixes but they are different variants (different colours) since in the wild it wouldn't happen and also for example with Tropheus, they can interbreed, they are considered the same species (sp. Tropheus?) but have varients like moorii and bemba, is it purely because of colour and region differences again? (their colours are very different to different species, just like discus fish come in many colours)
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