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Found 3 results

  1. hello everyone, this morning i found 4 very sick green terrors, last night everything was very normal, eating fine etc. Only today they've got a blanket of white spots all over them, it also seems to eat their fins.I dont get this as last night they were all good and now they look completly out of it. temp is 29, and water quality is normal, could it be velvet? and where does that come from. i did their last waterchange last friday, water comes out the tap. i've got some science aqua-cure tablets here, will that work? thanks heaps
  2. Hi all - need a little advice. A week ago, I noticed my large boy pepp had a gold shimmer running down the edge of the top caudal fin, a small patch on the rear of dorsal fin, and his body looked "dusty" He was also breathing quite rapidly. Thinking it was velvet got some Waterlife Protozin. As I have some juvie corys, and some cory wrigglers,I was advised to use 1/2 recommended dose for twice the dosage period I have just finished Day 6 - and "its" still there, although he is no longer breathing rapidly. I have yet to find it on the other three pepps, 11 cories,50 wrigglers, 18 tetras and one lonely apisto -although sterbai colouring makes it tricky to see. Was advised to treat in main tank, keeping all occupants in, as velvet is a parasite with three stage life cycle. Should I continue the dosage for another 6 days? Should I up it to 3/4 dose? Is there a better treatment? Could it be something else? I've scoured the net and can't find anything that resembles it, other than velvet.. Or have I just caught him on the way out to the disco? Water parameters all 0 for nitrite/ammonia, 5 for nitrate. PH @6.8 Tank up and running for 9 months. No recent aquisitions - other than cory spawns. Last death was around a month ago - rummy nose went tail up over night - no visable symptoms of illness. Temp steady at 26.5 Water changes weekly of 30% with aged and treated water. Same day, very week, piped out, pumped in. 4 fter planted 280 litres filtered by Eheim 2217 & 2213 with powerhead and sponge filter. Any help would be appreciated 'cos I'm a bit :boggle: :worry: :perplex: Please help me help Stan.
  3. Am I annoying yet??? Ok just need to know if Promethyasul will treat velvet disease. The fish are getting sicker. One is really bad and it's fins are rotting, it's eyes are sunken, and it's skin seems to be peeling off. I did the good old google thing and the symptoms line up with velvet disease more that ick. I am so sorry to the people that have given us these fish. I should have listen my gut and not got any more. I just don't understand what I am doing wrong. Should I move these fish to another tank or change all the water or doing anything else. They have been getting water changes with aged water. Water test are good. Varied diets. There has to be something. These guys are different to the ones from our system yet they are dying too, from different things. I am going to take the Pleco out and put him on his own. He is looking good with no signs. Should I add some salt to his new tank just in case? It will only be a little 18in for the moment but I will look into getting a bigger tank cleaned up for him soon. thanks Jenny
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