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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys am still trying to sex my gt. This vent has me stumped. What do you think?
  2. Just wondering if anyone in Toowoomba knows how to vent sex african cichlids mainly Acei
  3. Ok so I have tried a couple times with no luck, just seeing if anyone would be able to pop over and have a look for me? Or if you give me your number or something I can send you some pics, don't have the net in here so can't upload any pics
  4. What the hell is with people demanding fish at ridiculously low prices? Facebook seems to be the worse for it. I offered a 15-20cm clown loach for $20 bucks, pretty reasonable, and the potential buyer said it was ridiculously expensive. Rubbish! Been into a LFS lately, twat?
  5. Who on here is really good at vent sexing frontosa? If you are and have some free time in the next month or 2 please let me know. I have 18 to be sexed ranging from 12cm to 25cm. I've tried and just a bit unsure and thinking of selling off an excess male or 2 but see what I have first. Cheers James
  6. Post your links, pictures and experience here. Its a tricky thing to learn to do, unless you actually do it...... and then it becomes less tricky. Anyway thought would be good to gather resources. Male or Female?
  7. Evening guys. Latly I have been collecting some extremely nice PURE Synspilum's in hope to establish a nice pair & bring back some pure beautifull fish to the market. However, The 'boy' I thought I had layed eggs & so has the second one which I purchased as a girl anyways. I now have a third fish who at a educated guess looked to be a boy, but I just dunno. He & the largest girl have been at each other hardcore, lip locking & smashing each other big time, but I dunno if it is serious courting or territory issues. Any help appriciated guys. I will attach pics of each fish & their vents & a comparison of the largest girl & the new addition. Will add each fish in a new post. Cheers guys, any other info I can give you to help just ask away.
  8. hey guys, i know the general rule of thumb is 00 is male and 0o is female but was jus wondering if this was a definite???? only reason is that i have a couple of 15cm fronnies that i was almost sure were males, they also have quite more of a pronounced bump on their head but wen i pulled them out 2 put them aside sure enough 1 was 00 but the other 2 were 0o...any ideas are appreciated cheers jeremy
  9. can anyone tell by these pics what the sex is.
  10. Hey ppl, anyone know any good websites showin clear ways to vent sex african cichlids? Cheers Guys
  11. Came across this today: http://www.fishhead.com/articles/ventsex.htm interesting stuff
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