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Found 20 results

  1. .Hey guys, does anyone one know what pet shops on the Northside would consider buying my venustus?
  2. Hey fish mates.. I have been going to my local creek catching 1000's of guppies.. I have been feeding these to my 12 Venustus.. Is there anything bad about them eating these fish or is it a good idea.. I feed them pelets as well..
  3. Hey fish mates.. I have been going to my local creek catching 1000's of guppies.. I have been feeding these to my 12 Venustus.. Is there anything bad about them eating these fish or is it a good idea.. I feed them pelets as well..
  4. Hey all.. What size do Venustus start breeding..
  5. Hey Guys and Girls.. In my 4x2.5x2 ft tank i have 5 Dragon Blood Peacocks and 5 Venustus.. They are both breeding at the same time in the tank.. What should I do.. Do I seperate them or let them just go at it.. they are breeding with their own species..
  6. Hey can these 3 fish live in the same tank without interbreding.. I have looked over the net and they said they would bred together to create a hybrid.. But woulod the Venustus bred with a livingstonii
  7. Hey fish friends.. I have Venustus and Dragon Blood Peacock's in the same tank.. I have 1 male DBP and 2 females I have 1 male Ven and 4 females.. Now i have been noticing that my DBP male is 'dancing' with my female venustus.. What should i do as I dont really want a cross hybrid but i only have the one tank and want to keep both colonies.. Please help..
  8. Hey fish friends.. I have just bought a new 4x2x2 for my Venustus x 5 and my dragon blood peacocks x 4.. I was wondering how i should set my tank up.. I heard rocks are good but i dont no how high to go or how it should look.. Can anyone post pictures of there tanks that are for africans so i have a picture of how i want mine to look like pleaseeeee..
  9. is it safe to say that this is a female ? it is 11cm from tip to tail
  10. Hi all I have a colony of venustus (1 m and 3 f) and the male is attacking the females after they are holding. He has already killed 2. I am thinking I should take the holding females out or the male out when the females are holding. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  11. hey guys just thought i'd show you all my male venustus that has stared colouring up nicely.. he had a really nice blue shimmer through his whole body (although the video didn't pick it up to well). i bought 3 of them hoping to get at least 1 male, and 1 male is all i got haha. the other 2 i'm pretty sure are female. he's only about 12cm at the moment so still alot of growing and colouring to go. well this is the video, let me know what you all think . Edit: put on youtube now.
  12. Hi In my cichlid community tank my fav venustus has one milky eye that is bulging. Can anyone tell me how to help fish or what to do. I also have a smaller blue peacock that has the start of milky eye. Please help!!!!
  13. i have 4 venustus in a tank with several other species & most have bred except these venustus . can some one tell me if the one in the centre of pic is male & what do u think the other venustus are ? centre one looks male to me ? the fish in question is about 13/14 cm including tail fin .thankyou .
  14. Hey guys just a quickie, Venustus roughly what age/size do they breed at, i have 2 and i think i got lucky with the male and female pick, the male seems to be digging around making a laying area and they seem to what looks like be pairing up but i thought they would be too young to be doing this allready as i have only owned them for 1-2 months and bought them from the shop he would be roughly 4 inch's she would be allmost 3-4 he is getting his blue on his fins, thanks in advance Tom.
  15. I recently acquired a colony of 6 mature venustus, the largest of them is the male (about 15 cm) he has colored up and is clearly the alpha male and the other five are all typical female colors and patterns, I was told the 2 largest are male and the other 4 smaller fish are female, the 2nd largest is only slightly smaller than the male but is not colored up like a male...yet, will the smaller male not color up while there is a dominant male present? I have read on a few sites that the males will kill each other... If this is the case these 2 males seem to get on, although 1 does not have any male coloring and appears to be female colors...Has anyone got experience with these fish can tell me if maybe I have 5 females or not.
  16. I am having trouble sexing my venustus and its starting to annoy me I currently have a colony of venutus that range from approx 15 - 20cm and I am not sure how to sex them. All the websites say they get blue on their face if they are male, well all of them have blue on their face. Some have blue faces, yellow bodies, a yellow strip that follows their top fin down to the middle of their eyes and on their tail they have yellow at the top and black on the bottom. Others are pretty much entirely blue, some just have a blue face and yellow body. They are so big that I am worried about venting them, so I'm trying to work out just by their markings. I will try and get some pictures of them later tonight Thanks in advance Regards Ryan
  17. my female venustus seems to be going to around 6 days and spitting the eggs, not only that when she spits them only 20% seem fertile, the rest are a pale tan colour. any advice on fixing this issue???? i have put her in isolation when she starts holding so she isnt getting harrassed, a few more females around the 15cm mark would be great but not many people are willing to part. any help would be appreciated, cheers ryan
  18. i had a female with a mouthful that was getting harrassed so i put her in isolation in the tank. now she has let some go. my question is do i get the fry completely away from her or leave them all in together????
  19. I have 4 large venustus 1 male 3 female normaly very active but in the last 2 days iv noticed that theres not much eating going on and they are rubbing up against objects in the tank and actuly taking scales off themselves its like they may have a bug or somehting i also have 3 cuckoo cats in there too and they are rubbing themselves on things too if anybody know what it maybe and how to treat it that would be great cheers luke
  20. just a quick question it seems that my crimsontide has crossed with my venustus is this possible
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