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Found 8 results

  1. WTB - Male SVR any colour
  2. All the talk about bloodlines and breeding,etc has got me keen to share a goldfish variety that has a deep history of bloodlines and is known in the goldfish world as the "king" of goldfish.....the TVR or topview ranchu.....It is a product of japanese breeding efforts and came from the lionhead goldfish (China back in the 1800s)...it is pretty much the "true" ranchu and it has deep established bloodlines that are not easily "bought" as they have cultural significance which is viewed as more important than the commercial value(something nice to see in the aquarium hobby if you ask me)...this might also be the reason why people in general are unaware of these guys..they havent been pushed around the world with profits in mind..it is hard to get the bloodlines and not cheap either...and yet some true breeders give the fry or baby black ranchu(called this due to their dark colour before they begin to "colour" up) away for free to young students of the "game". ...so heres some examples of the topview ranchu....
  3. Everyone loves seeing pics right? You've all seen the side view shots of these fish, here are some top view shots I took this morning Female interesting extended nostril features Male Still young fish and here's a pic to show their size Feel free to comment/critique these fish Cheers, John
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  5. Personally I think it's fairly disgusting! I see it being very similar to teacup pigs and dogs. I don't see it as being a healthy mutation at all and think that the hobby is in a pretty sad state if these fish take off. Especially amongst the hard core keepers. Just my opinion guys but curious to see what you all think. Cheers, Sam
  6. So about a 2 weeks ago i brought home a lovely Marble Fenny, who needed a female, so i went hunting for a girl. Found a lovely fish at a pet shop and brought it home with me. I introduced them together in the same tank. Of course they started fighting, so i added a divider into the tank. I left for the week end, to come home with the divider destroyed and the other fish pretty much dead. He is a complete mess, i was planning on selling him, but now i doubt i will. When i came home he was up side down, not moving and just breathing, the other fen had not one scratch. I only have photos of him from today, but i can get ones of him from the day i found him like this. At this point of time i am amazed with him still being alive, i thought for sure he wouldn't make one night, let alone over a week. Now im after some advise as to how i should treat this situation? What medication etc should i use to keep him going, or is it not worth it? I do have bacterial medication standing by ready, and ive been keeping the water clean and air rated for him, adding in some salt after every clean. I ask for you to only look at the photos if you don't mind looking at mutilated fish.
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  8. what is everyones view of pet barn nerang?
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