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Found 12 results

  1. The guys at Pet City today confirmed my phosphate and nitrate are looking good. Now started feeding the corals and gone the Reef Roids. Seems to do what it says on the label. Think I was told to feed twice a week but may have that wrong. How often do people use the roids? Also checked out the red dragonets, showed Mrs Gingerbeer, and decided to be sensible and get the Dwarf Halkfish. Some other real nice fish in the marine section at the moment. Mrs Gingerbeer loves the red dragonets after seeing a small one at Marine Mates.
  2. Hi Guys, Lucky me... I'm on long service leave at the moment so I'm off to visit England, specifically London. Can any former locals or those with travel experience over there recommend any good aquariums be they shops or public aquariums to visit?? Oh... by the way I'm leaving tomorrow :dance::dance:
  3. Hi, To all our Toowoomba bretheren.... I am planning a trip to your fair city on Wednesday to pick up a new puppy..YAY!! Anyway, before I collect her I thought I might take advantage of the visit to check out the local aquariums. If you can make any recommmendations for any to visit or not please advise. An address and/or busines name would be appreciated. cheers as always Gary
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hi guys, Visited a LFS today (no prizes for guessing which one) and saw this little fellow. Probably in the 12cm to 15cm TL realm. Not sure what it is. It's blue and an ugly hybrid. No idea about the price tag on it either. It was scared of the camera, but otherwise acted like a fishy version of a puppy. There is also a tank hidden out the back with another type, after some googling I believe they are juvenile zhen zou.
  6. Went to Underwater world today and took some pictures Some very cool and interesting displays but there was heaps lacking The South American tank only had motoros, no arowana or anything The tunnels just opened on friday and they have been stocked about 10%... 1 shark, 1 ray, 1 turtle - so that was a disappointment Tanganyikan tank was a surprise! but only had frontosa and 1 tropheus ikola actually all the freshwater tanks were stocked poorly Did see the huge RTC, although the lady was telling me you need permits for the red devils, RTC, giant gouramis lol Well here's some pictures:
  7. Heading to the godly this weekend and want to know what fish shops are worth a visit. Cheers
  8. Sarah and I had the chance recently to visit a Fish Farm in Gosford (where her friend runs it) and while we were there we hit the Reptile Park also, where Sarah wanted to steal the Burmese Python, here are a few pics to start off with, some of the Koi were awesome, i was more interested in the behind the scenes stuff, the fish farm used to be an old sewerage farm, and its waters comes from a bore so hence the clayish colouring in some of the pics, and the fact it poured raining for the 2 days we were there didnt help lol enjoy!!!!! we were lucky enough to have a pond drained as they were sorting out Koi, so we got to see some amazing fish, sorry about the fotos, was wet, and soggy lol more pics to come!!!!
  9. Hi guys, I went to hound Ryan (Japes) again today and bought some interesting pieces of melaleuca and also a nice main structure of mangrove which I cannot wait to get them in the tank. I was also finding out a nice schooling fish for my nano which I found. These were some of the pictures after Ryan fixed up my camera for me (I am a total noob at cameras however would like to get more into photography of my tanks and fish). There are lots of water markings on the tanks that I did not clean off when taking the pictures as was too busy chatting away and finding out information instead. And there is lots of background light as you can see in the pictures as there are tanks everywhere haha which make taking pictures hard for a beginner like myself. These pictures are nothing flash so please be kind Photogenic angels
  10. Ok so i'm not going to name names as i do use this LFS a fair bit but they had a few LF common BN in which i was surprised at but the body size was only about 1cm then + tail maybe 3 cm -4cm MAX. 20 bucks REDICULIOUS They also had some awesome grunters one strippy grunter looked awesome going to see them again tomorrow to see if they will take my fish off my hands for some store credit
  11. Tom Barr is coming to Brisbane!! For those that don’t know him, Tom Barr is a world famous planted tank and aquatic plant “guru”. If you haven’t seen his “Barr Report” you can see it here: http://www.barrreport.com/ Tom is a keynote speaker at the upcoming ANGFA Convention (in Sydney 12 – 13 September). Details of the convention can be found at http://convention.angfa.org.au/. If you haven’t booked yet, book now, as it will be an awesome event. And tickets are selling fast so don’t leave it to the last minute and find you have missed out! But as an added incentive for Brisbanites, Tom is coming to Brisbane and this is your chance to hear it directly from the guru himself! Details of his Brisbane appearances are: Friday 18th Sept 7.30pm – planted tank demo. Tom will speak about tank design and demonstrate the techniques he uses for planting a tank. This is your chance to hear directly from Tom and ask him questions. At the end of the evening the tank that Tom builds will be raffled. How cool would it be to say that you owned a tank built personally by Tom Barr!!? This talk is free to members of ANGFA QLD, and $5 for members of the general public. The venue is expected to be the Bar Jai Hall in Clayfield (confirmed). Saturday 19th Sep 11.00am – Q&A session At Fishchick Aquatics. Jodi-Lea Matheson is hosting Tom at Fishchick Aquatics at shop 17, 478 Ipswich Road in Annerley (Tel: 3848-9585). This is a Q&A session, your opportunity to ask all those tricky questions about substrate, lighting, algae, CO2, etc. This will be followed by a BBQ lunch at 12.00pm (gold coin donation) where you can speak to Tom in person. Ring Jodi if you can help out with food for the BBQ. Jodi also stocks aquatic substrates, plants, a wide range of fish, and a fabulous selection of driftwood. Please spread the word, as this is a rare opportunity to hear from a world renowned expert. Graeme :gz
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