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  1. Looking to get a tank build Who builds them Have spoken to dennision just wana see if anyone else does them
  2. the bits that cover the glass joins on a hexagon tank . I think 135 degree? prefer black if possible - urgent please . tried Bunnings they don't sell it.
  3. I'm looking at going into breeding guppies. I currently have black moscows. If you have any other colours I'm keen on some photos and prices. I'm ideally after other moscow varietys. Thanks Steve
  4. Hi all, We've been putting the feelers out for participants for a documentary and people keep telling me to post it on here. So here I am! Details below. Project summary: A short (<7 min) documentary about the aquarium hobby. This is a student film. The producers are both fish enthusiasts, hence our choice of subject. We want to show a world most people would not have seen before, and portrait the varied and passionate individuals that make our fine hobby go around. Requirements: We need 5-6 people to represent varying sub-sections of the hobby, including but not limited to: - reef keeping - planted aquaria - natives - cichlids - monster fish - breeders - collectors If you wish to take part, we'd need to be able to film you at your premises with your fish. We'll be running a minimal and respectful crew. Would require 4-6hrs of your time, plus talks before shooting. You need to be located Brisbane or surrounds. Applications: Please email me with a bit about yourself and your focus within the hobby. See note below. Note that we aren't expecting David Attenboroughs. We want to showcase the people of this hobby just as they are. NOTE: It seems this project has raised a bit of suspicion from people on social media, which I actually think is fair. I'm a hobbyist too, and I used to be pretty paranoid about scammers when I had a shed full of fish. On that basis, I'm offering my student email address as proof that I'm a legitimate student. Whoever ends up in this project will be shown all relevant duty of care: addresses won't be revealed in any way and we don't have to show the full extent of your collection if you'd prefer. Apply by emailing 1004087 -at symbol - student.sae.edu.au
  5. Hi I've decided to try planting some glossostigma elatinoides I bought on eBay. I'm not sure if I've done anything right? Please let me know if you've had success doing this. I've tried a few different ways to see what works any input would be greatly appreciated. Planted tub outside Seed pot in window I noticed the seeds get sticky when wet so I wet some and put them in some mesh and buried it the fish are eating eat though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello. I am after a flam hawkfish and some blue chromis. Not green blue just all blue if anyonehas them for sale would be great. Also any interesting starfish
  7. [iAPLC] Online Application is now open. Are you ready for IAPLC 2016?! The online application is now open for you. Come visit the contest official website to proceed your entry. The closing date of submission is May 31, 2016. Please take your time as much as you need to prepare; however, the line would be extremely busy on the very last day of application and it may take extra time to upload your photos etc. Thus it would be safe to apply earlier. We’re very much looking forward to seeing your masterpiece! IAPLC official website: EN: http://en.iaplc.com/ CH: https://www.iaplc.com/cn/ There you have it, just one upload of your planted tank away from becoming a star maybe... Go for it, would be awesome to see another qldaf-er in the next book.
  8. G'day all, Within a few months we are intending to become a minor supplier to "Pet People" in our area and so far we have not got a fish and aquarium Guru or a worm farm Guru Shed 100 uses Gurus (experts and or enthusiasts) and they are not bosses but they keep an eye on what is happening in their area of expertise and order materials and are pivotal in making their shed activity a success and enjoyable for everyone who chooses to participate. Shed life should be a journey for anyone who wants to try different activities and likewise our Gurus do not have to be "stuck" with their area of expertise. Some Shed 100 activities with Gurus are Our committee, set-up expert for small production runs, welding including stainless steel and aluminium, wood working using machines, metal working using a lathe and some milling, leather work, clocks, coin jewelry, casting small objects in resins and low melting point metals, art (painting and etc) wood turning pens (gift quality in exotic wood) wood turning general. We have equipment for but no gurus for: sheet metal rolling, shaping and spot welding, recycling non ferrous metals into small sheets and wires for things like belt buckles and trophies, nickel plating, knife and tool sharpening, glass lead-light. We get a lot of donated materials and goods so some things can be made or refurbished for zero $s. We do workshop stuff for free for local not for profit organizations and the Mount Ommaney Special School and we would like to continue to do that. If you are interested in fish but have not got the space or the tick of approval from your domestic manager then why not join our shed, We have long "smokos" and talk about whatever. Please comment or contact me. FYI (There are more registered Men's Sheds in Australia then there are McDonalds) Men's sheds are attributed with saving male suicides and the concept has gone from Oz across the world. Every shed is different, some are more like drop in centres, others are very workshop oriented, some do music, some do bus trips, and cooking courses for those who want it and anything really if you have some expertise to lead the way anything that interests the men will be successful.
  9. I'm looking for a Betta racks (used or new) like 6-12+ divisions. It's hard to find here in Brissie.
  10. Had a disease and need to re-populate. The disease is gone now but my guppy numbers are low and all of my males, and most of my females died so i can not breed anymore. Does anyone have guppies for sale.
  11. So the time has come to move my eight foot from the floor up to its stand. I have a scissor lift, so the lift will involve lifting the tank up by a couple of truck straps 40cm up to the lowest point the scissor lift goes to, holding it steady as the lift moves it up, then sliding the tank across onto its stand. Also if we have time, moving another tank that's outside about 3 meters so it's undercover. The catch is, I live on Russell island. I'm happy to pay the ferry fee though. The ferry leaves from Redland bay and takes approximately half an hour to get to the island. Travel between the other islands is free, so bring a fishing rod and use it as an excuse to explore the southern Moreton bay islands. This move is planned for Saturday the 19th around 10am, a week from today. Please let me know if you are able to attend
  12. Hi. I am new to the group and I am searching for a male L066 pleco. I am located in the northern rivers area of nsw but and willing to travel a fair distance or perhaps get posted to me. Also keen to find and give a home to hybrid L number plecos for my mini tropical display tank. In due time i will be looking for other L number plecos, corydoras and shrimp. I am unsure how this works yet but will learn in time. Thanks. Have a good day.
  13. Hi all, Starting to get excited to start my tanks once I'm back home. Will be doing it properly this time. So I'm in need of a quality plumber local to the bay side or happy to come out to the bay side to do a cashie for me. Simple job, I could probably do it myself but working on the island these days means I have limited tooling & time at home & it has to be done neatly. So I am willing to pay a pro to get it done quickly. If you know anybody or can recommend anybody please shoot me the details or post here. Thanks guys.
  14. Large plecos. albino, gold spot, commons, sailfins. Must be 30cm plus. Can also swap for smaller plecos, or other fish. Let me know what you are after? I might have it!
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Keen to get a couple of these. Anyone prepared to part with one? I'm in western suburbs of Brisbane - happy to travel in general area to pick up.
  17. I have 3 JDs in my 6ft community tank, 2 of which breed nearly every 3 weeks. They are sharing with (amongst other things) a 30cm gold spot Pleco, so I am not sure if they have been eating the eggs or the Pleco gets to them at night. They have managed to hatch them on one occasion but after they moved them they disappeared. They will be getting a tank of their own shortly so that should fix that problem anyway. What I am after is info on JDs, specifically spits, EBs etc. What does this mean? And about culling the "ugly" ones from the fry. Tried to find info in the forums but didn't have much luck. I've included a couple of pics of mine, sorry about the quality but they are in the corner of the tank and hard to get at.
  18. Hey anyone giving any java moss away brisbane area closer to ipswich the better i know its a long shot but never know
  19. Hello All, Just wondering what you think are the most common and most highly demanded African cichlids
  20. I'd like to buy shrimp for my tank. No preference on type. I live on the Sunshine Coast and can't find anyone close to me to buy from. Any help appreciated. also, if you have Singapore moss for sale, I'll happily purchase. Thanks
  21. Looking for adult(4 years or older) leis/jars that are deceased. If you have one in the freezer(this is not as strange as it sounds) or your adult fish meets an untimely end could you put it in the fridge and pm me. Will replace your deceased fish with a lei juvie next season for your trouble.
  22. Looking for adult(4 years or older) leis/jars that are deceased. If you have one in the freezer(this is not as strange as it sounds) or your adult fish meets an untimely end could you put it in the fridge and pm me. Will replace your deceased fish with a lei juvie next season for your trouble. Yes I posted this in another section but I have just been told that some members don't look there
  23. Pretty excited lately to start this little project. After keeping cichlids for almost all my life, thought i would have a go at at keeping a marine/reef tank. Engaged the help of a builder to get it done right ...... I am the first to admit i know didley squat about marine life though, but i have started learning/reading and listening..... This is a small room off the hallway leading to the bedroom, a cool place to just chill out. Tank is 5x2x2.5 Step 1 [/img] Step 3 [/img] Looking from inside chill out room [/img] [/img] [/img]
  24. Gday one and all. My name is Daniel and I live on the Gold Coast. I have a couple of discus in one tank and have just purchased a fluval edge that I plan to use for plants and shrimp. The fluval has only just started its cycle so the shrimp are still a little way of yet. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from this as there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here. Thanks in advance. Daniel
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