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Found 30 results

  1. Was wondering whether anyone could help me in purchasing some different sorts of African cichlids. Due to my location, Im not too sure whether the delivery would be an issue.I am in Biloela Central Queensland. Is this possible?
  2. I have a Texas that is about 250mm, Male 6 bar about 250mm, Female 6 bar about 150mm, electric yellow 150mm and a Pleco about 350mm. All the fish are roughly 3 1/2 - 4 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Howdy all , just like some thoughts/opinions from other fisho's on using marinepure media and macropore water conditioner, instead charcoal and ceramic noodles . cheers
  4. .hey guys, pretty new around here. im after a young dovii. if any one has one there willing to sell please let me know.
  5. I bought an almost breeding size pair of Parachromis friedrichsthalii xanthic but I have little or no information on there general care and breeding I love these guys and want to set up there tank properly any help would be great
  6. [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION], [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] Hey AOA, Wanting something different for my Shrimp 2 foot tank, wanting a sand, but not white or black. Was looking through the reptile products and have fallen in love with the desert rose sand CaribSea Reptilite - Desert Rose 4.5kg Is there a reason why I cannot use this in a shrimp tank? I believe the stark colour difference would really POP the colour of my GB/SW shrimp Cheers in advance, Regards, Nathan
  7. you know how this works. Missus wants pretty for starters lol and rare is they only way to go which I try to tend to buy. I have a spare 6x2x2 for something but what. I do like the look of the Lichnochromis acuticeps but don't think the missus is a big fan. thoughts? Keep in mind......rare and pretty lol
  8. Morning guys I am just enquiring on how to buy some fish they are: Blue Dolphin cichlids, Africa catfish...We have a convict in a freshwater 5 ft tank and don't know wot sex it is so need to know if these fish are compatible with him....please email me Cheers
  9. Hey all. I will be down in a few weeks. and i am interested in picking up a few pieces of glass, to replace the fronts on 3 second hand 4 footers i am rebuilding. The fronts are about 122 x 50 cm currently its 6mm, but happy to get some 8 mm.. Who or where should I go, or is anyone here happy to help me out. Cheers.
  10. hey guys, i'm hopefully getting a 6x2x2 tank soonish and i'm thinkin of turning my 4x2x2 into an american tank. i've never owned americans but herd they are pretty aggressive buggers. i'm not sure what types can live together and are alright for a 4x2x2 but i'm interested in there types. may sound stupid but: Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Jaguar Super Green & Red Texas Green Terror any other awesome types? i'm guessing most of them wouldn't be able to go together in this tank, but let me know your thoughts and anything else
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. ive been looking for months im after a coldwater fish 2 cm 3 cm max adult size 23-25 dc ,,7.6-7.8 ph and some color but havent found anny thing i like ,, prefer vegan /plant eater aswell i kno long shot thanks for your time and thauts
  13. Anyone wanted to sell all different types of corys. Interested in all types. Can pm me on digaroo.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Just wondering what a good time and size would be to start selling my red devil fry I have 53 from there first batch they are about 1.5cm now (I know they are not ready yet) and 2nd batch was about 500 they are still just little dots swimming around. In ur opinions what is a good time to sell them??? Thanks alot
  17. Hi all! I'm new to the tropical world but quickly addicted! i have a 2.5ft tank setup with some tetra's and barbs that are dispite what i've been told getting along fine as a little school. I've also a pair of black angels, some peppermints and my favourite blue mini gourami. I would like to get some discus and another gourami or two as i love their personality =) I want to only get fish that get along fine but also want to add some colour- any suggestions would be much appreciated! Also looking at adding a fighter, although have been told to steer clear of fan tailed one's incase they can't handle swimming to the top of the tank- any oppions on this? looks like an awesome forum! look forward to being part of it =) Rach
  18. Hey there, Im saving and planning at the moment to construct my own proper fish room but havent done anything like this before, what im offering is a general hand in assitance for anyone who needs an extra set of hands with constructing theres so i can get some ideas,learn what not to do, see problems and solutions as they pop up so i can prepare myself for my own room aswell as get some good ideas for filtration and regulating temp. I would be asking alot questions to help build my knowledge also... i work 8:30am - 5pm 5 days a week and do not drive, i live in camira near goodna. so if any1 needs a hand feel free to hit me up Chris.
  19. Hey guys, I'm looking to setup my first saltwater tank later on in the year, using my 3x3x2 for a reef/fish tank. I've never kept salt before, and know very little about it, but am wanting a reef with fish. My only must-haves are a pair of picasso clowns with a host anenome (might be a bit difficult to source over here). Right now I'm just enjoying the idea of the tank, I know setting it up will be a long process and certain fish will have to be reserved for down the line due to special feeding needs. Could people suggest for me some reef safe fish for a 3x3x2? I have been a bit put off with fish selection as the tank is only 3 long but I feel it has adequate space for some larger-than-nano fish. I know they require work (doesn't everything) but I would love a dwarf angel. Might be a case of trial and error but I don't mind. What would you guys suggest?
  20. There were only 2 bidders and I was one of them. I think you were in Ipswich or near abouts. Anyhow... If you happen to read this post, please PM me as I still want them. I lost your contact details from this site crashing. Cheers
  21. Hi Looking at building my own display tank. Have made a few small ones (30cm cubes) but looking at building a tank around 600mm long x 450mm x 450mm. Was going to order 10mm float glass and have the top and edges bevelled. Not going to use braces or have any plastic edging. Also not going to have a lid. My first question is siliconing up the edges. I want to keep a nice neat silicone edge and wondering where most of the strength comes from? Is it where the two edges meet or is it on the inside? I wanted to keep this inside silicone as minimal as possible. Any info would be helpful. My second question is how much do people leave for the silicone when making a tank. If i order the pieces to size for example the bottom. If the total length is 600mm. Take away 2 x 10mm for the sides leaves 580mm. Now do people leave like 1mm for silicone so that would make the total length 578mm. Is this right or do people leave more or less for silicone? Hope all that makes sense. Thanks for reading. Dane
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  23. Gday all, Well I never thought the day would come when my interest in discus,cichlids would be so great that I would now concider setting up a tank dedicated to these breeds... However due to looking through all of the amazing tank set ups and brilliant colours I am strongly concidering doing a tank myself. I currently keep the following and wanted to know is there much difference in keeping either fish compared to - Sharks (silver, rainbow, red fin and albino) - Gourami's - Loaches - Angels - B/N's - Tetras - Barbs -ect I would like to know the following with either breed - What other fish can they live with (community style) - What is the best features for the fish (make them content) - How many can be kept in a 4ft x 1 x 1.5 - What types of food is needed - Ph and temps Any advice would be appreciated Regards Johno
  24. Hi my name is Tamie I have had a tank for a while but am now looking at getting into the breeding side of things. My 6footer comes home wednesday afternoon so Give it a couple weeks n it will be ready to put fish in. At the moment I have a 4x2x2 tank set up n cycled (i think thats what you call it) and I want to put a colony of electric blues in it. Want to get some nice ones (good quality) but can't afford to buy them from the petshops. Have looked around and want to know if anyone knows where to get the styro rocks for the tanks from, want my fishies to be as happy as possible. Also have a 4x2x1 foot tank to set up too want to get electric yellows for that. And I'm getting some conv ict juvies shortly too . Want to know if I could put the convicts in with either of these? Looking on the forum the last few days there seems to be a lot of different fish that breed together and I don't want to be doing that. :upsidedown:
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